Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 723 - Borrowing money (1)

Chapter 723: Borrowing money (1)

“Why are you asking this?” Lin Tianwan looked at Gu nianshen warily.

His reaction had already given Gu nianshen the answer.

Gu nianshen did not say anything else as he quickly walked away.


“What’s going on?”

The person who had been sent out to look for Lin Yiqian had returned. Gu nianshen stood up excitedly to welcome her.

However, when he saw the person’s expression, he knew that there was definitely no news that would satisfy him.

He was a young man around 25 years old, wearing a black and white striped shirt and black-rimmed glasses. Like moon, he was a member of Mega’s network intelligence Department.

“It’s so strange. We’ve searched all the hotels in City B, but there’s no news of Madam.”

“We’ve also confirmed that you don’t have any other properties in City B, and there are no records of you taking a plane or a train. We’ve looked through all the people you might know, and we didn’t let any of them go. You didn’t even go to them.”

“Little CEO song hasn’t had any contact with Madam either. We’re still looking for her.”

After hearing this, Gu nianshen did not blame her. He knew that it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack if he were to look for someone who was trying to hide from everyone.

Lin Yiqian would send Gu nianjia a voice message every day.

She wanted to tell him that she was safe, and also to tell him not to look for her.

As the young man stared at Gu nianshen, he seemed to have thought of something.””There’s also news from Country M. ”

When Gu nianshen heard this, he raised his eyes and frowned.

The young man said,”in the past five years, Madam has never communicated with her classmates in private. She’s very mysterious. Sometimes, she doesn’t go to school for a long time. She doesn’t know where to stay either.”

“The longest time I’ve been away was four months,”

Four months …

Then where had she been for the past four months? What was he doing?

Gu nianshen squinted his eyes as his heart ached for what Lin Yiqian had gone through in country M for the past five years.

The young man continued,”and she would have someone to help her clock in every day at school.”

Every day, someone would help her open it …

Gu nianshen recalled that the moon had told him that song Changlin’s situation at school was the same. Someone would open the box for him every day.

He had successfully graduated.

He squinted his eyes, and a sharp glint flashed in them. He turned around to get his car keys.


For the past two days, Lin Yiqian had been sleeping in a daze. She had already signed a contract for the theme song of a movie and was now writing the lyrics.

It was a little taxing on her brain and she was tired, so she laid down to take a nap.

However, he did not expect to find na wa sitting on the sofa when he woke up. Na WA’s clothes were still as exaggerated as before.

“You’re awake?”

Na wa smiled as she stood up to greet Lin Yiqian.

“Did Bai se call you?” Lin Yiqian asked.

His tone was certain.

Na wa nodded.”Yes, he said that you’ve been heartbroken. I’m here from the film set.”

Look at how well I treat you.

Although Lin Yiqian was touched, she did not show it on her face. Instead, she walked over to the sofa and sat down with na wa.

“I might need to borrow some money from you,” he said to na wa.

Na wa furrowed her brows.”So, I’ve traveled thousands of miles just to give you money?”

Lin Yiqian shrugged.”I was going to call you. However, since you’re here, I’ll just borrow it from you face to face.”

“How much?” na wa asked.

He didn’t ask why she wanted to borrow money.

He trusted her.

” 50 million,” Lin Yiqian suggested after some thought.

The current house should be worth this price in that location.


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