Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let’s Get Married

Chapter 955 - Uncle, My Boyfriend Is Coming Today

Chapter 955: Uncle, My Boyfriend Is Coming Today

“Tell us.”

Yan Qingsi put down her chopsticks and said, “My boyfriend is here in Rong City. He said he’ll come visit me today. When do you think is the best time for him to come?”

Xia Anlan and the old man were stunned. The both of them stopped eating simultaneously.

Boyfriend… Ah!

Xia Anlan was thinking that she…raised that subject a bit too soon!

The old man was wondering if the boyfriend was reliable. He hoped the man would not be a scumbag, as naïve young girls would easily be swayed by sweet words. The old man could help his granddaughter get some clarity.

The old man was first to speak up. “Qingsi, what is your boyfriend doing? Where is he from, and what’s his name?”

Yan Qingsi said immediately, “My boyfriend is Yue Tingfeng. His grandfather is Su City’s Old Mr. Su. You know him. His lives in Luo City.”

The old man’s mood suddenly improved tremendously. Thank goodness. At least it was someone whom they knew their background of, and if there were any questions, he could just go back and ask Old Su first.

“Oh, Old Su’s grandson. That…sounds okay. Call him over for dinner tonight. He’s not a stranger.”

Xia Anlan did not speak but his expression was rather serious.

Yan Qingsi asked, “Uncle, what do you…think?”

Xia Anlan sighed. “Well, since he’s here, he has to come over for a meal, of course. Tell him to come over in the evening.”

“Okay, I’ll call him and tell him soon.”

The old man pressed on, “Qingsi, how long have you been together. Do you know him well?”

“It’s been a few months, but I’ve actually known him from way before that. I think I understand him well. When we’re together, I’m the one who bullies him most of the time. He listens to me.”

The old man said, “Although he is Old Su’s grandson, I don’t fully trust men nowadays. We’ll help you determine if he’s being naughty.”

Yan Qingsi nodded and said with a smile, “When we met, I had nothing except a bad reputation, and you can say that there was nothing good about me…so he wouldn’t have had any bad intentions with me. If he was plotting against me, it would probably be because of my good looks.”

However, people like Yue Tingfeng had all kinds of beauties around him. He had seen everything.

The old man nodded in secret. From that perspective, the guy might…really be a good person, but he could only say for certain when he met the man later.

After breakfast, Yan Qingsi gave Yue Tingfeng a call and told him to come in the evening.

She would be visiting the hospital soon while her uncle would be busy working in the afternoon. The evening was the only time the entire family would be completely present.

Yue Tingfeng breathed a sigh of relief. Evening was a perfect time, as he would then have several hours to prepare. That way, he could plan things better.

When they came to the hospital, the doctor happily told them that the old lady had safely weathered over her critical period. Her body was too weak however, and it would take a bit more time before she could wake up.

The old lady was already transferred to an ordinary VIP ward.

The old man burst into tears with excitement and grabbed Yan Qingsi’s hand. He exclaimed, “Qingsi, your grandmother must have heard your voice… She must have heard you. You’re a good kid. Wait a while longer and you can talk more to your grandmother.”

Yan Qingsi nodded, “Okay, I understand.”

When they came to the ward and pushed the door open, they saw Mrs. You sleeping soundly by the bedside. The old lady was still under the IV drip and the oxygen mask was not yet removed.

The old man saw Mrs. You, sighed, then walked over to pat her lightly.

Mrs. You opened her eyes and stood up the instant she saw the old man. She got up a bit too eagerly and got dizzy. She quickly held the edge of the bed after standing up. “Uncle, you’re here.”

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