Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1705 - Abandoned?

In the distance, Davis and Isabella could see thousands of people flying away, heading towards another Territory Gate. There were only elderly people left in the city, looking at them from the window of their homes or hiding in a corner as they revealed or hid their pitiful selves.

However, Davis and Isabella didn’t move away but stayed above the city, looking for the Grand Elders.

Their soul sense scoured all over the land and even the skies, but they still couldn’t find those two Grand Elders even after some time.

“What cowards… They don’t even have the guts to sacrifice themselves and plead for their family to be excused…!”

Isabella’s hands were clenched into a fist while her indifferent expression appeared as if it was going to crack into an enraged one..

“Maybe I should not have made that challenge to those cowards?”

Davis spoke in an inquisitive manner, to which Isabella shook her head.

“They dared to send their beloved Dragon Queen as a sacrifice, so why could they not sacrifice themselves? I won’t lie. My anger towards the Zlatan Family had considerably lessened after I saw you kill Hazen Zlatan, but what fell increased again at this moment. They will die by my hands sooner or later.”

Davis couldn’t help but smile imperceptibly. On their way, she asked him to let her kill those two Grand Elders.

His Isabella was a character who placed value on honor and integrity. If those Zlatan Family Grand Elders didn’t even have the courage to face what they started, he could sense that she concluded that there was no need for them or for the Zlatan Family to be alive anymore.


“Isabella, are you absolutely sure you want to slaughter the people of the Zlatan Family? I personally want to kill their powerhouses and experts who escaped, but if you so wish, I’ll decimate their entire family.”

Davis was unabashed by karmic sin. He couldn’t care less as he knew that mystical thing wouldn’t affect him. Therefore, not only was he going to teach the world a painful lesson, he was willing to take the burden for her. However, killing thousands of people wasn’t a simple matter. For a woman like Isabella, whose soul was pure of heart than his, such slaughter would stain her heart in darkness, and he didn’t want to see that happen.

As he asked that question, he could see Isabella’s hand tremble, but it was for a different reason.

“Were you hoping that they would actually plead for the lives of their family, and then, you can let them go after beheading the Grand Elders?”

Isabella considerably shook before she clenched her teeth.

“I can’t… I can’t forgive the Zlatan Family for making me unable to protect you that day… If only their Patriarch didn’t exist, I would’ve been able to sacrifice my blood essence more in order to battle with that old hag, but because I was caught up… caught up in dealing with Zlatan Family’s Patriarch, I was unable to help you…”

Davis became taken aback as his eyes were wide.

All this time, he thought that she was taking revenge for herself, but it appeared like she was concerned for him and couldn’t forgive the Zlatan Family for making her unable to protect him.

In truth, he couldn’t be blamed for thinking this way because Isabella never forgave her enemies but mercilessly killed them, as she did with Arashi Family’s Head. However, she didn’t go far as to target their family but left them alone. From this change, he felt that he should’ve known that it was because she cared about him that she was fixated on slaughtering the entire Zlatan Family.

It was for his sake.

“I feel a bit embarrassed now that I feel like…” Davis couldn’t help but wryly smile, “… you’re going to make me fall for you all over again.”

“I’m not kidding~”

Isabella appeared angered and embarrassed, wondering why he was flirting while she was pouring out her emotions of that ominous day.

“I know.”

Davis nodded, causing Isabella to look at him with bewilderment.

The killing intent in her heart considerably fell, but she shook her head as she didn’t want to lose this feeling of vengeance.

Otherwise, how could she hold the Zlatan Family accountable?

“Well, what are you going to do killing those poor souls who are already at death’s door? Here, kill these people instead…”

Deathly soul force surged from Davis’s palm as he waved it like a whip towards the city. It whipped back before it was unleashed, whipping the city with force as if it was going to sever it when it abruptly disappeared, his soul force dispersing as it didn’t touch anything before.

“An Illusion Formation…!?”

Isabella’s black eyes went wide.

“That’s a Beguilement Formation, established with an Illusion Formation and Killing Formation. All three of them are likely at Peak-Level Emperor Grade, almost able to fool even my soul sense.”

Davis calmly answered, smirking ever so lightly. He possessed no information on these formations but was able to perceive it with his new studies as his avatar continued to study while he was in bed with Evelynn and Isabella.

“I figure that the people who left were just a distraction while everyone, even their Grand Elders, is probably still here.”

“No wonder…”

Isabella was wondering how fast the Zlatan Family could’ve been to evacuate with ten minutes or so, but the illusion appeared extremely real, the streets and buildings littered with cracks and infighting, stores vandalized, not to mention that those grannies and grandpas were living people, sacrifices for them to be appeased and leave.

But realizing all this, her clenched fists couldn’t help but start shaking again.


Isabella pulled her fist back as a golden light shone in her eyes and right fist. The brownish-golden light that was beginning to form on her fist grew in density before space began to crack around her, making it brittle.

She now knew that if she had flown into the city without thinking much, she would’ve been trapped in an illusion formation while the beguilement formation would’ve clouded her mind and judgment and cast an additional layer of barrier, sealing her inside.

Isabella swung her arm towards the city, unleashing her power at this moment. A terrifying wave emerged from her hands as it cracked the space all the way from her location till the altitude where Davis’s deathly whip disappeared and abruptly exploded.


Space cracked with even more intensity and shattered the void. Stormy winds shook the space as they were sucked into the void before the silhouette of the formation’s barrier became visible. Surprisingly, the formation even withstood the void’s pull.

Looking at the formation still hold strong, Isabella came to know that her prowess was equal to the formation’s defensive prowess. However, if she was trapped in it, it wouldn’t be long before it makes her waste her energy in order to protect herself from the Killing Formation before the Killing Formation would take her life when her energy runs out.

“How clever and ingenious… No wonder the Dragon Families stood strong for generations…”

She raised her hand as her lips curved.

“But, this is not a Defensive Formation… right?”

“Yes.” Davis nodded, “Frankly, they choose the wrong formation to use against us…”

Brownish-golden light shone in the skies, covering the moon of the midnight sky, making her appear as though she was the sun. Isabella threw her fist and unleashed the Earth Dragon’s Destructive Fist.

It transformed into a brownish-gold dragon as it whirled in the skies, its maws gaping into a devouring mouth before it shut its jaws tight right on the formation!


At the same time, greyish-black soul force pushed through the overwhelming dragon before it too started to devour on the formation. It wasn’t even two seconds before the formation cracked many times and collapsed completely, abruptly clearing the area as it revealed thousands of people looking at them in shock and dull eyes, their expressions looking ghastly pale.

At the same moment, Isabella could feel that the group that was leaving was actually returning, but she paid no heed to it as she saw the Zlatan Family people. Her soul sense ran rampant in the city, trying to find two specific people, but she narrowed her eyes, feeling incredulous.

“Those Grand Elders are still not here…”

Not only Isabella but Davis also furrowed their brows in confusion.

So they really did escape? But then, who could’ve set up and controlled this formation in order to kill them?

While they were thinking, they suddenly saw a golden-robed figure appear in front of them. To be accurate, they quickly realized that it was a soul body. To be precise, one that lacked the life aura of soul bodies as though it was a specter.

“A remnant soul?” Davis raised his brows, “So you’re the Ancestor of the Zlatan Family…”

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