Demons Beside You

Chapter 684 - Wealth

Chapter 684: Wealth

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It was not the first time Fali was harassed like this.

There were all kinds of tourists on the beach.

Nobody could guarantee that everyone was upright.

“Miss, my father is the second-largest shareholder of PLM Film. With your look, I can definitely turn you into a superstar.” Tony stared at Fali, his eyes glowing.

Of course, his words could only deceive an inexperienced woman.

Even his father could not ensure that someone would become a star.

Every year, there were always a dozen blockbusters, half of which had newcomers as their leads.

But only a handful would become famous.

Nevertheless, Tony’s trick had been very successful.

In LA, 90% of women had the dream of becoming a star.

He believed that the woman before him would take the bait easily, like those in the past.

“Sorry, not interested.” Fali turned to leave.

“Wait…” Tony grabbed Fali’s shoulder.

Immediately, Fali was enraged. She bent Tony’s wrist, turned around, and kicked his face.

“Ah… F**king bi*ch… I’m gonna kill you… I’ll send you into the dirtiest brothel and make sure you get AIDS…”

Fali was probably even stronger than the male lifeguards here.

Her combo broke Tony’s wrist and fractured his nose.

“F**k you.” Fali gave him the middle finger.

Tony collapsed on the ground and screamed wildly, spitting out a few teeth in the meantime.

Fali had injured him greatly.

Standing on the lifeguard tower, Chen Zhao saw everything.

Chen Zhao walked forward and hugged Fali. “What happened?”

“Nothing, just a rich man’s kid.” Fali briefly described the incident.

Squinting, Chen Zhao watched as Tony was carried away by his companions.

“Master, do you want to kill the person who offended Madam?” Chen Zhao realized that Black-Ma was beside him.

He lowered his head and glanced at Black-Ma. Is it that obvious?

“Master, you’ve never used my power.”

“Your power?”

“Master, have you forgotten? White-Ma represents wealth, while I can demand the price.”

Chen Zhao remembered Black-Ma’s ability, but he had never asked him to use it.

At the start, Chen Zhao had indeed earned some wealth with White-Ma’s ability.

But he had been paying the price with demonic crystals.

Therefore, Black-Ma had never displayed his ability.

“What’s the use of your ability?”

“I can make a person lose wealth,” Black-Ma said.

“Any amount of money?” Chen Zhao asked, surprised.

He had never tried to understand Black-Ma’s ability.

“It’s not directly, but rather acts over a duration. The person’s wealth doesn’t actually disappear. White-Ma will give it to someone else.”

Chen Zhao raised his eyebrows. “Which means White-Ma and you can transfer anyone’s wealth to another person, like me?”

“No, everyone’s wealth and luck are limited. Maybe your limit is to suddenly receive a million dollars. Anything more will bring you a disaster.”

“How do you calculate the limit?” Chen Zhao asked, disappointed.

“About 10% of your current wealth. If you receive anything more, you will encounter sudden misfortune, like tripping over. If it’s a lot more, you might encounter bigger problems, even losing your friends and relatives.”

Chen Zhao shivered. Black-Ma’s ability was too dangerous.

It would hurt both his enemy and himself. Forget it.

Let’s take revenge in another way.

“Master, we can transfer the wealth to someone who’s rich enough, or a few people. Don’t you know a lot of rich people?”

Chen Zhao had an idea. “You mean anyone who’s at least ten times as rich as him can take his wealth without risk, right?”

“The less the wealth received, the safer it is. 10% is a safety line, but you can spread it out more.”

“Can you use this ability indefinitely?”

“We can always transfer wealth, but you cannot keep accepting wealth.”


“The first wealth you receive with this method is the purest. After that, your personal wealth will be intertwined with this wealth. The more wealth you receive in this way, you more things you will lose.”

“Is there no way to avoid it?”

“Nope, even White-Ma and I cannot avoid it.”

“Is the first time perfectly safe?”

“As long as there are enough people and they are rich enough, they will be able to take the windfall.”

Although the possibility of getting rich with their abilities was gone, it was good to have a bonanza anyway.

“Let’s try it out on him.”

On their way back in the evening, Chen Zhao kept silent.

On the other hand, Fali was not affected by the incident in the day.

It was not the first time, and would not be the last.

“Chen, are you still mad at what happened?”

“No.” Chen Zhao shook his head with a smile.

Alyss was sitting in the back seat, pretending to be transparent.

She watched as Chen Zhao and Fali displayed their affections toward each other.

When they reached home, Alyss was still shocked by their house.

The mansion leaned against Mirror Lake like an unreal piece of artwork.

Mirror Lake was like an azure gem. Even the breeze was filled with a sweet scent.

Of course, Chen Zhao would not keep a third wheel at home.

When he was free, he would send Alyss to the Supernatural Organization HQ.

Just as they reached home, they had a guest.

However, it was an uninvited guest.

Talist alighted from his car. He thought that the woman who had injured his son was from an ordinary family.

It surprised him that she lived in such a luxurious house.

“Who are you?” Chen Zhao and Fali walked out of the house.

Talist continued to enjoy the scenery before him, as though he did not see them.

“Who is Fali Jonson?” the lawyer beside Talist asked.

“Me. Why?”

“You’re involved in personal injury for severely injuring a victim. I’m here to give you the demand letter.”

Fali’s face paled. Chen Zhao hugged her shoulder and then took the letter. After glancing through it, he rolled it into a ball and threw it at the lawyer’s face.


“Demand letter only? Why don’t you send me a summons? Also, have I allowed you to enter my territory?” Chen Zhao sneered.

Just then, Talist turned to look at Chen Zhao. “Young man, don’t be that impulsive. That won’t be good for you.”

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