Demons Beside You

Chapter 683 - Return

Chapter 683: Return

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Louis wasn’t very familiar with the supernatural circle.

Before, he’d been like Chen Zhao and thought that all of them were super-cool.

Now, he counted as a member too.

If supernatural people really were so almighty, then there wouldn’t be so much poverty in the world.

Take Sienna as an example.

She wasn’t a top witch, but she was quite experienced. However, she merely had a stable job now. That was it.

They spent another day in New York City and bought some gifts for their friends in L.A.

“Chen, you’re having Princess and the others carry so much. If PETA sees, they’ll definitely sue you.”

“Let them sue me,” Chen Zhao said lazily.

Princess carried a backpack while pulling a large suitcase.

With a group of animals behind her, the sight was very powerful.

Everyone in the lobby retreated after seeing this.

Chen Zhao and Fali strolled past and went straight to the airport.

Because they went through the special passage, the security check went quickly.

The entire process was very smooth. This was the special right for rich people.

It showed in all aspects of society.

After a four-hour flight, Chen Zhao’s family finally arrived in L.A.

Chen Zhao and Fali were both exhausted. They were finally home.

Alyss was also exhausted. She’d left the New York that she’d grown up in and came to this unfamiliar city.

On the way home, Fali received Robio’s call. “Fali, are you back? Don’t you know that you’ve ditched work for a day?”

Chen Zhao took Fali’s phone. “Hey, Robio. Don’t you know that all flights from New York stopped these past days? They only started again today. It’s force majeure.”

“Hi, Chen. You’re back?”

“We just got off the plane. We brought you a gift too and we’re planning on going to the beach now.”

“Okay, I take back what I said earlier.”

Robio and Chen Zhao were already very familiar with each other, so he didn’t say anything offensive.

He’d called Fali out of his own duties.

Chen Zhao and Fali parked the RV on the seaside road and the family got out.

Princess and the others already recovered and ran around energetically.

They loved beaches, especially Angel Beach.

Everything here was familiar, including the visitors.

“Mom, look, it’s Black-Ma and White-Ma. I wanna go play with them.”

“No, there’s a bear over there.”

“But look, there are so many people there. I wanna go, I wanna go…”

These animals were too popular at Angel Beach.

Black-Ma, White-Ma, and Walter were practically celebrities.

Chen Zhao and Fali went into the Coastal Rescue Team’s office, each with bags in their hands.

“Fali, you’re back?”

“Chen, you’re here too.”

The members of the Coastal Rescue Team all came over to greet Chen Zhao and Fali.

Fali’s gifts for her female colleagues were all high-class makeup products worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The colleagues accepted the gifts with complicated feelings, both hating and loving Fali.

Chen Zhao went into Robio’s office and tossed a gift box onto the table.

“For you.”

Robio opened the box. It was a $10,000 watch.

He accepted the gift with a smile. “I heard about New York. How was it? Did you and Fali get hurt?”

“We were okay. We were in the hotel, so it was relatively safe.”

“Thousands of people died from the sudden rainstorm. I really didn’t think that something like this could happen in a city like New York. I think the mayor even stepped down from his position.”

Chen Zhao didn’t care while Robio cared more.

“I saw in the news that a group of animals and a couple saved a bus of kids.” Robio looked at him meaningfully.

“Fine, I don’t get anything out of telling you about this.”

“I know one of the kids,” Robio said. “I want to thank you for her and her parents.”

Chen Zhao was surprised. He didn’t think that Robio would know one of the kids he’d saved.

“I think it was my best decision to let Fali take a break.”

“So, would you be faster at giving Fali vacation next time?”

“Don’t even think about it. Fali used up all her PTO for this year. She won’t have any days off after this.”

“Give the watch back to me.”

New York’s rainstorm didn’t only affect this one city.

Even a city like L.A. in the southwest had to readjust to avoid ending up like New York if something similar happened.

After all, New York’s rainstorm was a supernatural phenomenon.

Fali went to the beach, so she didn’t plan on going home immediately. She put on her lifeguard clothing and started working.

Chen Zhao stayed to chat with the other lifeguards.

“Offshore area, 150 meters, two kids fell in the water.”

Instantly, a few lifeguards in red uniforms ran out.

Fali quickly carried one kid to land.

Chen Zhao stood in the office, gazing at Fali.

This was the job that Fali did every day.

This was also why Chen Zhao never stopped Fali from coming to work.

This was her attitude toward life. She had her own pursuit.

Just like with doctors, they all started with a heart that wanted to save the world.

Later, Chen Zhao changed slowly, becoming power-hungry, greedy, and realistic.

But this didn’t mean that he had to deny someone else’s ideals.

It was like someone who’d been molded by society laughing at someone else’s naïve dream.

Just then, a young man walked over to Fali.

“Hello, miss.”

“How may I help you?” She turned toward him, thinking that he needed help.

“Miss, are you interested in acting in a movie?” The man looked at Fali with greed and desire.

She was an exquisite woman who was healthy and filled with spirit.

“I can help you get into many movies and become a big star.” The man reached out to pat Fali’s shoulder.

But she dodged him and stared with furrowed brows. “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

“Miss, perhaps you don’t know me, but I’m sure you won’t reject this card.” The man took out a black card.

“I’m not interested in either you or your card.”

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