Demons Beside You

Chapter 682 - Eyes

Chapter 682: Eyes

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Norma stood up, but she did not look at Louis.

“Uncle, who’s the person beside you?”

“My friend. He’s a doctor.”

“Uncle, I’m not ill,” Norma said, turning her head away.

Chen Zhao realized that Norma had not been looking at them.

Blind? Chen Zhao looked at Louis in surprise.

Feeling Chen Zhao’s stare, Louis nodded gently.

“Ms. Norma, nice to meet you.”

“Hello, sir, thank you for coming here, but I don’t need a doctor.” It was clear that Norma was well-educated.

Chen Zhao realized that Norma’s eyes were abnormal.

A normal person’s pupils are surrounded by the iris sphincter muscle and the iris dilator muscle.

The pupil is the dark hole at the center of the eye. The iris sphincter muscle is a circular muscle around the pupil whose function is to narrow the pupil.

On the other hand, the iris dilator muscle runs radially to the pupil and can enlarge the pupil.

However, Chen Zhao did not notice any sphincter or dilator muscles in Norma’s eyes. Her eyes looked like green gems.

That was probably why she was blind.

“Norma, stop being stubborn.”

“Uncle, do you think I’m mentally ill?”

“Chen is not a psychiatrist.”

“He doesn’t really smell of medicine. Only a psychiatrist would have such a faint smell. If he’s from any other specialty, the smell of medicine would be much stronger,” Norma said.

“What else do you smell apart from medicine?”

“Blood. Have you just done a surgery?”

“Do you know any psychiatrist who performs surgery?”

“You’re really not a psychiatrist?”

“I know many specialties, but not psychiatry. If you need a psychiatrist, I actually know a professional one.”

“Fine. Sorry, Doctor.”

Norma asked Louis, “Uncle, why did you bring a doctor here?”

Chen Zhao looked at Norma. She obviously disliked doctors.

After recognizing that Chen Zhao was not a psychiatrist, Norma’s attitude only bettered slightly.

“Norma, Mr. Chen is here to confirm if you’ve really been seeing things.”

“Uncle, I don’t understand.”

“I know you don’t like this, but all I hope is that you can recover.”

“Uncle, I know what I saw. I know what’s real and what’s fake.”

Long-term darkness had given her more time to think.

It also made her calmer and more rational than the average person.

Of course, she had also become more sensitive.

That was why she sounded unfriendly when Louis brought Chen Zhao in.

Just then, a man walked in from outside.

“Mr. Louis.”

Louis glanced at him and nodded slightly.

“He is?”

“He’s my friend, Chen Zhao, a doctor,” Louis said. Then, he pointed at the man. “Brague, Norma’s fiance.”

“Hello.” Chen Zhao shook hands with Brague.

“Brague, help me to walk Uncle and Mr. Chen out.”


Since Norma was chasing them out, there was no reason for them to stay longer.

“Stay here with Norma. We’ll leave ourselves,” Louis said.

The two left the manor. Louis did not speak on the way.

He was also somewhat angry at Norma’s attitude.

Nevertheless, she was his niece, after all.

After boarding the car, Louis finally asked, “Chen, is Norma ill?”

“No. Such a rational person cannot be ill,” Chen Zhao said. “Hysteria usually occurs in people who are lonely or aggressive, not an absolutely rational person.”

“Which means she really saw ghosts?” Louis asked again.

Chen Zhao shook his head. “I brought an evil spirit with me, but she didn’t see it.”

In fact, Chen Zhao had brought Blackie, who had released an evil spirit just now.

But Norma did not see the spirit.

“You had an evil spirit? I didn’t see it either.”

“With your magical power, you can at most see it at night.”

“But I can see George in the day.”

“What do you mean? You’ve been staying with him all the time. You’re already covered in his scent.” Chen Zhao rolled his eyes.

“You said that Norma can’t see spirits, but she did see them. What’s happening? I don’t get it.”

“She can’t see things, but someone can make her see things.”


“Someone has been casting illusion spells on her, making her think that she saw people. In fact, she didn’t see any spirits or delusions. It’s an image created by magic,” Chen Zhao said.


“Watch that Brague closely. When I shook his hands, I smelled magical phosphor. It’s a common magic material.”

“You mean Brague is a sorcerer and he cast spells on Norma?”

“Dunno. I was just analyzing using logic. Don’t ask me why. I don’t even know the two of them.”

“Norma’s property? But even after they marry, he won’t receive any of her property,” Louis muttered to himself, making guesses.

“When can you lend me your plane?”

“Err… Chen, when are you going back to LA?”

“Tomorrow,” Chen Zhao said.

“That soon?”

“I’ve been here for a while already. It’s time to go back.”

Louis clearly did not want Chen Zhao to return so soon.

He already believed Chen Zhao’s words.

According to his speculation, Brague was the most suspicious person.

But Louis had no idea how to solve the problem.

“Chen, what should I do?”

“Beat him up. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll find out about his aim.”

“But you said he’s a sorcerer, right?”

“He’s probably only strong enough to fight normal people. A gun is enough to deal with him.”

“That simple?”

“What were you thinking?”

In the past, Chen Zhao was scared of witches and sorcerers.

He felt that they were mysterious beings.

But after contacting them for such a long time, he realized that they were only mysterious.

They were not necessarily more threatening than a gun.

Brague was probably as strong as West from the Supernatural Organization.

Maybe he knew some spells, but he might be weaker than a gun in combat.


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