Demons Beside You

Chapter 681 - Sleep His Fill

Chapter 681: Sleep His Fill

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Fali had never seen Chen Zhao sleep for two days in a row.

If he didn’t turn occasionally, Fali would suspect that he was in a coma.

They couldn’t go anywhere these two days either.

If it wasn’t for Haus’s arrangement, they might not even have a place to stay.

All the hotels were packed. The entirety of New York City was covered in mud.

Of course, Haus’s abilities showed now.

Even when all of the hotels were packed, he could still get Chen Zhao and Fali into the best hotel.

When Chen Zhao woke up, New York had recovered too.

New York City was the world’s busiest city and had an annual GDP of one trillion dollars.

When a city like this stopped operating for a day, billions of dollars would be lost.

Even though tragedy floated over every corner of the city, things went back to normal in only two days.

Chen Zhao stretched in bed. Sleeping was the best enjoyment for humans.

All of his pain and weakness had disappeared.

“Fali, how long did I sleep for?”

Fali brought him breakfast and looked at the time. “Fifty-one hours in total.”

“Fifty-one hours?” Chen Zhao was shocked. “What date is it?”

“The 20th.”

“Is Rufford’s race today?”

“He called yesterday,” Fali said. “The New York leg is canceled.”

Chen Zhao thought about it and didn’t find it unexpected.

“What about Zola’s fashion show?”

“It was held yesterday.”

“In times like this, people would still attend a fashion show?”

“You underestimate the wealthy’s resistance toward a disaster. For them, this is just a special experience.”

Chen Zhao didn’t know how to reply. He pulled Fali into his arms and said, “Do you dislike rich people?”

“How can I? You’re a rich person now too.”

Chen Zhao’s hand started straying but Fali stopped him quickly. “Wait…”

“What’s wrong? You can’t today?”

Cough, cough—

Alyss coughed awkwardly.

Chen Zhao finally realized that there was another person in the room.

“Alyss, how come you’re still here?”

Alyss’s expression was awkward.

“Where do you think she should be?” Fali rolled her eyes.

Chen Zhao had a blank face. “What else? The problem is solved and no one will keep trying to kill her. Shouldn’t she disappear from my eyes now?”

“She’s just a child.”

“She’s 18, right?”


“Okay, 16 is an adult in some states, I think, so I believe she knows where she should go now.”

“Mr. Chen, I want to join the Supernatural Organization.”

Chen Zhao was speechless.

Was the Supernatural Organization something you could join whenever you wanted?

“Mr. Chen, my teacher Michelle is known as the Wikipedia of Magic.”

“And now, not a bit of that Wikipedia is left, right?”

Fali pinched Chen Zhao. Why did he have to make it sound so bad?

The little girl just lost her family. Couldn’t he be nicer?

Chen Zhao couldn’t help it. He didn’t want to hurt Alyss, but he really didn’t want the Supernatural Organization to become a trash collection.

Right now, the only one who could fight was Gaia.

The ratio was already low enough. If he added another failure, then it would lower the average of the group again.

“Half of the Witch Society’s books are recorded in my blood. I can contribute them all to the Supernatural Organization.”

Chen Zhao’s eyebrow arched. “Welcome to the Supernatural Organization.”

Fali and Alyss were speechless.

Just then, Chen Zhao’s phone rang.

“Chen, it’s me, Louis.”

“Oh, Louis, what’s wrong?”

“Did you forget something?”

“Huh?” Chen Zhao thought about it.

Then he suddenly remembered that he might’ve agreed to help treat Louis’s friend.

“Oh, I remember. Your friend’s condition, right?”

“Yes. When are you free?”

“I’m free now, but if I have to give your friend a check-up, then can you lend me your private jet?”

Fali and Alyss were speechless.

“Just tell me when you want to use the plane. It’s ready for you at any time.”

“Sure. Where’s your friend? I’ll go over now.”

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

“Fali, where are we now?”

“Hilda Hotel.”

“This is the Hilda Hotel?” Chen Zhao was somewhat shocked.

He would never forget the Hilda Hotel or what had happened there.

“What’s wrong? Is this some strange place?”

Fali didn’t know what had happened, but Alyss did.

She didn’t participate in that battle, but it didn’t stop her from knowing about it or how Chen Zhao had performed during it.

A while later, Louis was here.

“Chen, have you been living here these days?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?”

“After the rain stopped, I went to your neighborhood to look for you, but you’d already left.”

“No sh*t. How can anyone still live there?”

“I used all my connections but couldn’t find you. You didn’t register with the hotel?”

“My friend helped me,” Chen Zhao said. “It’s that urgent?”

“It’s urgent for my friend,” Louis said.

“What exactly is wrong with him?”

“It’s hard to say.”

“What’s hard to say? Are there no symptoms?”

“She keeps saying there’s someone in front of her, but the others in her house don’t see anyone.”

Chen Zhao considered it. “Hysteria?”

“She says her mind is normal. I suspect that she’s seeing ghosts.”

“You have magic inside of you now. Can you see the people that she’s seeing?”

“No.” Louis shook his head.

“What about George? Can he see his own people?”


“Have you checked a psychologist?”

“Do you think it’s hysteria?”

“I hope not,” Chen Zhao said helplessly. “That’s the only condition I can’t help with.”

“Whatever it is, please go take a look.”

Chen Zhao nodded. Louis’s friend was rich too.

There were a dozen servants just in the garden, but they kept cleaning up the garden.

The rainstorm from a few days ago had affected this place too.

Louis led Chen Zhao to the front yard. There was a woman sitting under a parasol in the distance with a butler in a black uniform beside her.

“Norma, Uncle is here.”

Chen Zhao glanced at Louis. Didn’t he say it was a friend? How come it’s his niece?

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