Demons Beside You

Chapter 6 - Another New Helper

Chapter 6: Another New Helper

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Chen Zhao wasn’t very surprised. To be honest, he had guessed most of it when he first entered and saw the looks on their faces.

Putting on gloves, he picked up the entire flaccid manshaft. “Any feeling?”


“Did you take anything before?”


“Any habit of taking medicine? Allergies to any?”

“No… *sshole, can you hurry up?”

“It’s pretty easy if you only need me to make you hard, but are you sure you don’t need me to ensure its regular use in the future?”

“Okay, fine. Is there something wrong with me?”

“Tell me how often do you have sexual intercourse recently.”

“I’ve been partying here since yesterday… Probably five times or more. One time it was just hands.”

Chen Zhao listened to the man’s heartbeat while asking, “You called for me because you were flirting earlier but couldn’t get hard?”

“Yeah. I feel like I’m turned on, but I just can’t get hard.”

“I’ll need to use some needles.” Actually, this man already had a renal deficiency. Even Chen Zhao could only make him get hard temporarily. It wouldn’t last long unless he changed his current living habits.


“No, acupuncture.”

“Will it hurt?”

“No. You’re very weak now. If you continue this way of life, in half a year, you’ll be forever… impotent.”

“I see. Help me fix this problem first.”

Chen Zhao opened his case but was shocked the instant it opened. There was actually a snake curled up inside.

“A snake…how come you have a snake?” The man was scared too. He jumped away hurriedly.

Hiss, hiss.

“Human, why am I here? Did you summon me?”

“Don’t be afraid. This is my pet. Just a second, please.”

Chen Zhao wasn’t quite sure what was happening, either. Picking up the colorful snake, he walked out of the room.

“Who are you?”

“I am Raymond Gellar, subordinate of the King of Lust.”

“Okay, I don’t know how I summoned you, but since you’re the subordinate of the King of Lust, you should know how to turn someone on, right?”

“Seems like you’re quite familiar with demons. I can indeed do it, but you need to give me a sacrifice.”

“What do you need?”

“Give me ten snakes similar to me.”

“You like eating snakes?”

“No. I want to f*ck them.”

“Okay, no problem, but can I use this instead?” Chen Zhao took out a demonic crystal from his pocket. Raymond immediately wrapped around Chen Zhao’s arm.

“Of course, of course. Thank you for your kindness. You are the mightiest, most generous and selfless human I’ve ever met. It is my honor to meet you. You are a good person.”

“Wait…I’ll accept the praises in the beginning, but let’s forget about the ‘good person’ part.”

“Why? Don’t humans all say they’re good people?”

“Have you met many humans before?”

“No, you’re the only living human I’ve met. I have enslaved a few human souls though.”

“And yet you say that I’m the mightiest, most generous and selfless human you’ve ever met?”

“Is there a problem? You’re the only one, so you’re naturally the mightiest, most generous, and selfless human.”

“That makes sense.” Chen Zhao nodded. He guessed that the things he’d seen along the way had produced a sexual urge, allowing him to summon Raymond.

“If you can cast your power on him, how long will he last?”

“That depends on your wishes. I can make him die from exhaustion in seven days if you want, or I can strengthen his abilities.”

“No, no. Just keep him in a normal state and have sexual urges when appropriate.”

Chen Zhao was clear about his position. He was a doctor and not a killer.

“It won’t last too long. Half a year at most.”

“It doesn’t need to be that long,” Chen Zhao said. “I plan on having a long-term business.”

“Then there’s no problem.”

Chen Zhao thought that his acupuncture could relieve the client for a few months. Raymond could also relieve him for a few months. When the time was up, the man would come find him again. It would be worth the $300 too.

A few minutes, Chen Zhao returned to the room.

“Where’s your snake?”

A snakehead poked out of Chen Zhao’s collar. The man was a bit afraid. “It won’t bite you?”

“Raymond, say hi to my friend.”

Raymond slithered out of his collar and down Chen Zhao’s arm to the man’s hand. The man was still afraid. “It won’t bite anyone? It looks like a really poisonous snake.”

Raymond rubbed his head against the man’s palm. Then he slithered along Chen Zhao’s arm and crawled back into the pocket.

“Ha…Interesting little thing. I’m considering getting one too.”

“Dell, if you dare get one, we’re breaking up!” the woman yelled immediately.

The man named Dell surrendered immediately. “Okay, dear. I was just kidding.”

“I advise you not to raise snakes. Snakes don’t actually have high intelligence and are very hard to train. Don’t think about raising one just because you see someone else raising one. Poisonous snakes are especially dangerous.”

“How did you train it? It looks really obedient.”

“For your happiness, let’s get back on topic.”

“Done,” Chen Zhao said, standing up.

“Done? But I don’t feel anything.” Dell looked down and saw that there were needles sticking out of his thigh and dick. “Ah…when did you put them in?”

“I’ll also prescribe two sets of traditional Chinese medicine. Go get the medicine from a traditional Chinese pharmacy.”

“When will it come into effect?”

“This time, you should be able to get your soldier back up in less than ten minutes, but you better listen to my advice. After all, this will only last for six to eight months.”

“I feel it. I’m hard, hard!” Dell yelped excitedly. “Okay, Tsura, come on.”

“Wait…should we take care of the bill first?”

“You wait. Tsura, let’s get started.”

“Mr. Dell!” Chen Zhao looked at Dell, annoyed.

“This is my country. I’m telling you to wait, Ching Chong.”

Chen Zhao narrowed his eyes and pet Raymond in his pocket. “Are you sure you want me to wait?”

“You…what’s going on?”

“Three hundred dollars. Thank you for your patronage. If you need me again, you better prepare $3,000. Cash.”

“Okay, I’ll pay. Make it hard again right now.”

Chen Zhao patted Dell’s shoulder. Dell’s lower body felt motivated once again.

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