Demons Beside You

Chapter 34 - Druid Chen

Chapter 34: Druid Chen

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Reidra was asked to leave in anger.

Of course, Paul was still respectful to her. After all, Reidra had been Rasfa’s private doctor and health consultant for five years. Her contributions couldn’t be overlooked.

However, she also knew that she could only talk.

After all, Rasfa or other “victims” of Chen Zhao had to be willing to be a witness to sue him. It would be difficult or even impossible to find anyone as a witness.

These people all went to Chen Zhao because of reasons they couldn’t publicize. Why would they help be a witness for her?

She could only wait for Rasfa’s health to deteriorate again. She believed that it would dawn on Rasfa then.

Chen Zhao ate happily in the restaurant. All the food in Rasfa’s manor was of top quality. They weren’t bought from supermarkets; they were supplied by special sources.

Caviar from the Capsian Sea, French foie gras, beef… All of them were fine products.

The manor also had a top chef, so ever bite was top enjoyment. Chen Zhao also had Paul serving him and pouring wine for him.

“Mr. Chen, will you take a walk on the beach?”


When he arrived at the beach, he saw a group of teenagers fooling around. There were also couples and some people kissing under parasols.

Wasn’t this beach private property? How did these youngsters get in?

“That’s Mr. Rasfa’s grandson and his friends,” Paul said.

Just then, a Doberman rushed over at Chen Zhao. No, more accurately, it was running toward the Shar Pei Beelzebub at Chen Zhao’s feet.

“F*ck, that’s Wolf…” Paul was about to chase the Doberman away, but it was too late. Beelzebub had already charged.

This clearly wasn’t a friendly meeting because they repelled each other.

Dobermans were large dogs and very menacing. In the past, they were mostly used as hunting dogs.

Now, people didn’t really hunt anymore, but the aggressive and aloof genes of a Doberman hadn’t changed. In recent times, they were mostly used as fighting dogs and faced off similar dogs in the cruel and bloody ring.

They had a clear understanding of their companions and strangers. It was very difficult for them to become friends with unfamiliar dogs. They weren’t friendly with everyone like huskies.

If another male dog appeared in their territory, the dog would become their target.

A Shar Pei’s combat ability was only half of a Doberman’s. Shar Peis were only one-third of a Doberman’s weight and half of their height.

After all, one was a mid-sized dog while the other was large-sized.

It wasn’t hard for Paul to imagine what would happen.

The youngsters also realized then that their Doberman and Chen Zhao’s Shar Pei seemed to have some conflict. The two dogs barked madly at each other. Instead of stopping the Doberman, the teens started yelling excitedly.

“Wolf, tear that guy up!”

“Come on, hurry up.”

“I bet $100 that the little guy will get ripped up in a minute.”

“I bet $100 it’ll only take 30 seconds. Wolf is a warrior from the rings.”

“I’m guessing ten seconds!” Chen Zhao called out. “I don’t like gambling, but I like winning. In ten seconds, my Beelzebub will defeat that idiot.”

“Hey, Asian, how much are you betting?”

“I’ll also bet $100.”

“Are you sure you want to throw away a hundred? It’s just a Shar Pei.”

“Beelzebub, don’t kill him.”


Beelzebub was furious. How could a human’s toy dare to provoke him? This was an utter insult!

Wolf instantly felt danger. It wanted to retreat, but it was too late. Beelzebub had already tackled Wolf, biting Wolf’s neck at the same time. If he applied a bit more pressure, Wolf would die.

Wolf couldn’t move anymore. It had been domesticated, but as a beast, it was still sensitive to danger. It could sense that Beelzebub’s danger was completely different from any other dog.


“How is this possible? When did Wolf become so weak?”

“Paul, please bring my medical kit over.”

“Yes, Mr. Chen.”

Shortly, Paul brought Chen Zhao’s kit over.

Chen Zhao walked to Beelzebub and Wolf. He kicked Beelzebub aside and patched up Wolf’s injury.

Wolf wouldn’t attack humans. This was the result of domestication. It had already lost most of its wildness. Plus, it could sense Chen Zhao’s friendliness.

Chen Zhao patted Wolf. “Go back to your master.”

Just then, Rasfa’s grandson walked out. Wolf returned to him and wagged its tail, but it seemed to be sad.

“I’m Daniel. What’s your name?”



“Just call me Chen.”

“Let’s hang out. Your Shar Pei is powerful. Will you sell it?”

“Sorry, I’m afraid he won’t accept a second master.”

“Alright. Tell me how you train it. Or are all Shar Peis so powerful?”

“Only he’s a bit more powerful. I didn’t purposely train him. Maybe it’s because he was on the streets and fought with the other strays before I found him.”

“I see. So are strays more powerful? Seems like I should go adopt one.”

“Ah! Snake…snake…”

Hiss, hiss.

Since Chen Zhao was talking to Daniel, a girl went to open Chen Zhao’s medical kit and saw a snake curled up inside.

“That’s Raymond, my other snake.”

Raymond climbed out of the kit. Seeing how Chen Zhao didn’t seem to mind, Daniel asked, “Are you sure it won’t get lost? Reptiles aren’t as smart as dogs.”

Raymond had been slithering around, but it suddenly turned around and darted toward Daniel.

“Ah…It’s coming…”

“You better run. You angered it.”

“What? Snakes can’t understand us talking. No, they can’t even hear… It’s impossible…”

Seeing Raymond rushing over, Daniel immediately ran away. Raymond chased after him without stop.

“D*mmit, guys, help me… Save me… That snake’s attacking me…”

Paul stood beside Chen Zhao. “Mr. Chen, are you sure it’s okay?”

“Don’t worry. My Raymond is very obedient. It won’t bite anyone without my command.”

Paul knew that Chen Zhao brought his two pets wherever he went. He’d even released them when he went to Rasfa’s hospital room.

“Chen, save me… Hurry and save me…”

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