Demons Beside You

Chapter 30 - I’m Also Someone Who Has Once Died

Chapter 30: I’m Also Someone Who Has Once Died

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Finally, Chen Zhao bought some substitute coins from the green-skinned demon.

“Respected living being, this is my demonic ritual implement. Of course, I am unable to fight for you in any battle, but I still have many good things, so you can summon me whenever needed.”

The green-skinned demon offered up a ring embedded with a green gem. Chen Zhao didn’t reject him. After all, he’d already accepted so many demonic ritual implements. One more didn’t mean much.

Chen Zhao left the village with a bag of demonic ritual implements.

“Beelzebub, if others get demonic ritual implements, would they be able to summon the demons too?”

“Demons aren’t as easy as you think. They acknowledge you because you came to Hell. They think you’re a respected existence, but other humans are just lowly existences to them. After all, most of them have eaten human souls before.”

“Alright.” Chen Zhao suddenly realized that his hand was gone. “What the heck…my hand…my body…what’s going on?”

“I think time is up. It’s a pity. I’d wanted to bring you to more places.”

“It’s already up? It’s only been three hours right…”

Chen Zhao’s eyes flew open. The next moment, he realized that he was already back in his motel room.

The moment after that, he felt pain in his chest. Looking down, he saw a giant hole in his chest. A few seconds later, he heard a super loud sound. It was a gunshot.

At the same time, around 900 feet away in a six-floor building across from the motel, Kelly put away her sniper after confirming that Chen Zhao was dead.

It was a SG1 sniper with an effective range of above 2500 feet. The bullet could practically destroy targets within 900 feet. That bullet had hit Chen Zhao square in the chest. Even if it didn’t hit his heart, he was still 100% dead.

“I said I would come back for revenge. Goodbye, cute boy.”


Ethan kicked the door open. It was already midnight, but he’d still heard the gunshot and he knew that it was a sniper.

“Chen, are you okay?” Ethan looked at Chen Zhao on the bed and also saw a huge hole in the wall to the right of the bed.

Chen Zhao climbed up blearily. “Ethan, what time is it? Is there a client?”

“Thank god that you’re alright.”

“What just happened?”

“Look here.”

Chen Zhao turned around and saw the shocking hole in the wall beside the bed. Suddenly, he remembered everything. It was all back.

He’d been shot. He’d been killed!

Seeing Chen Zhao’s pale face, Ethan thought that he was scared. Ethan pulled the curtains closed and said, “Chen, change your room. At least, find one that doesn’t have a window facing out.”

Chen Zhao’s expression grew more and more uncomfortable. “Ethan, I’m fine. Let me calm down.”

His limbs hidden under the covers were trembling.

I was killed, I was killed, I was killed…

“Chen, how are you?”

“I’m okay.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“I’m going to change your room now.”

“No need. I think that the killer left.”

“Are you sure? Maybe they’re still here.”

“I know what I’m doing. Ethan, you can go now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Okay, then I’ll go. Call me whenever needed.”

After Ethan left, Chen Zhao looked at the demonic ritual implements in the bag beside him.

“Big-eared demon, nope. Banshee, nope. Bakuman, nope… Bloody Hunter! This one’s it…”

Chen Zhao remembered that this Bloody Hunter had said that he could track down any enemy.

Chen Zhao picked up the demonic ritual implement, which was a dog’s fang. In reality, Bloody Hunters were like werewolves, but they had a dog’s head with a man’s body. They were more like Anubis from ancient Egyptian mythology.

A crazily huge bull terrier appeared before Chen Zhao. Most bull terriers were less than 70 centimeters and 50 pounds.

However, the bull terrier that the Bloody Hunter had transformed into was more than a foot tall. It looked more like a tiger with a dog’s head instead of a dog.

“Respected living being, thank you for summoning me.”

Chen Zhao rose and took a one-year demonic crystal from his metallic box. “I need you to capture someone for me—a female human. If you can find her, then this demonic crystal is yours.”

The Bloody Hunter stood up to his full height of seven feet and bowed to Chen Zhao. “Your will is my courage. I will bring her to you.”

“This is the bullet she left behind. Can you find her?”

The Bloody Hunter picked the bullet up with his mouth and bit down. “No problem. I can sense her.”


The Bloody Hunter broke through the window and disappeared into the night.

Ethan ran into the room again. “Chen, what happened? Did the killer come back?”

“No, it’s nothing. It was just the wind.”

Ethan’s expression darkened, as if saying, Don’t trick me just because I’m honest. The wind isn’t that strong here. Plus, the glass shards obviously mean something broke it from the inside.

“Ethan, can you go out? I hope that you won’t come in again, even if there’s more noise from my room.”

“Chen…you won’t kill yourself, right? You’re still young. Don’t worry, I’ll find someone tomorrow to take care of this for you. I swear I’ll help you with this.”

“Oh please, I won’t kill myself. After that attack, I fear death even more now.”

“Are you sure you won’t?”

“I’m very sure.”


“Remember, please don’t come in no matter what happens.”

“What are you going to do?”

Chen Zhao chuckled. “Revenge.”

Kelly was driving a convertible down the highway in the suburbs. She was in a good mood. Destroying an enemy felt awesome.

Suddenly, she saw something flash beside the road.

A hallucination? Kelly didn’t really care, but an uncomfortable feeling suddenly besieged her.

This caused her to accelerate. There were pretty much no other cars on the highway at midnight. It was even less likely for there to be police.

Suddenly, there was some animal standing on the road, a few hundred feet away in her car’s headlights. Kelly instinctively turned her steering wheel. The car spun out of control, so she hurriedly stepped on the brake.

Looking back, there was nothing there.

But the unsettled feeling grew stronger.

It was like something was approaching her…

Getting closer…closer…

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