Demons Beside You

Chapter 28 - First Time Feeling Respected Everywhere

Chapter 28: First Time Feeling Respected Everywhere

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In reality, the only food similar between Hell and the human world was alcohol.

However, the ingredients used to brew it were different, so it had a different taste. At least, nothing strange happened when Chen Zhao drank it.

“This is wine that only us Gluttons can enjoy. What do you think compared to human wine?”

“It’s good, but it seems to have a fishy taste. Do you make it with blood?”

“Indeed. The main liquid is blood from the Misfortune Goat of Hell.”

“Are there any side effects?”

“Whether you’re a human or demon, you’ll have some misfortune the first time you drink it.”

“Misfortune? Will I run into trouble?”

“You’ll understand later…”

“Why do I feel so unsettled now?”

“Human, I know you ran into some small trouble, so I think this will give you some small help.”

Chen Zhao squinted at Beelzebub. “What’s your motive?”

Just then, Beelzebub took out a strange black blade and stabbed it into the table before Chen Zhao.

“What do you mean?”

“This is my demonic ritual implement.”

“For me?”

“Yes, for you.”

“How will this affect me?”

“It won’t. I promise it won’t affect you at all.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Hold this the next time you summon me.”

“What will happen?”

“This way, you can summon more of my strength. I can help you do more things too. I can even help you take care of that female killer.”

“Oh, no problem.” Chen Zhao happily yanked the black blade out. When it fell into his hand, it transformed into a small dagger, not much bigger than a fruit knife.

“Oh right, didn’t you say that you already have 15 kids. Where are your kids? How come I don’t see them?”

“Are you sure you want to see my kids?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Ada, let my children out.”

“Let them out? What does that mean?”

Ada picked up a wooden stick and knocked on the mountain wall. Rustles sounded deep inside the cave.

Then Chen Zhao saw a group of fat balls of meat crawl out. Chen Zhao jumped right onto the table.

They looked like larvae but hundreds of times bigger. Each one was around 20 or 30 pounds—all white and fat.


“Yes, they’re my children.”

“Would they turn into what you or your wife looks like after they mature?” Chen Zhao imagined a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. They might turn into other things.


“What do you mean perhaps?”

“Ada and I are different races. It’s possible that our children will inherit mine or her lineage, but it’s more possible that they’ll turn into demonic beasts.”

“Demonic beasts? What’s that like?”

“Did you see a group of things with black wings in the forest when you came in?”

Chen Zhao remembered. When he’d been sitting on Beelzebub’s hand, he’d indeed saw a group of beasts running through the forest. However, they all had different features. Other than the black wings, they looked completely different. Chen Zhao thought that they were different races.

“Those demonic beasts are my brothers.”

Chen Zhao’s mouth dropped open. “They’re your brothers?”

Not only were they the same race, they even had the same dad. And yet, their brother was sitting right before him right now.

“If they weren’t my brothers, I’d have killed them when they entered my territory. After I received my inheritance from my father, I also became responsible for taking care of my brothers. The 20 brothers who couldn’t inherit the lineage were given to me to take care of and give them a place to live.”

After a pause, Beelzebub said, “Most of these kids will become demonic beasts in the future and given to the brothers with the lineage to take care of.”

“So the demons who can’t get the lineage will just live aimlessly like this their entire lives?”

“What’s so bad about it? Someone will take care of them.”

“How old are they now?”

“Six months already. Next month, we’ll know if which ones haven’t inherited mine or Ada’s lineage.” Beelzebub took out a tiny demonic crystal. “Crush this and mix it into their food.”

“Will the demonic crystal be effective for them?”

“It’s more likely for our lineage to be activated in them.”

“Are you full? Want to go out and walk around?”

“Is it dangerous?”

“This is my territory, so you won’t run into any danger. Actually, as a living being, you basically won’t be hurt my any demons.”

“So living beings are respected in Hell?”

“Not respected. You’re just rare. The last human who came to Hell was 900 years ago. Even a demon king won’t do anything to you if they see you. I can promise that. We demons have a strong desire for destruction, but all our killing and destruction are goal-oriented.”

“In that case, let’s go and walk around.”

Chen Zhao was quite curious about Hell. Beelzebub took Chen Zhao to his territory. It was called Black Mountain Village at the foot of the mountain.

There were about 100 demon families in Black Mountain Village. Of course, there were many demons because they were good at producing.

One family, one couple could produce more than 1000 children.

Just like in the human society, the more children there were, the heavier the burden. Not every race matured as quickly as Beelzebub’s kids, maturing completely in six or seven months.

“Lord Vito, are you here to supervise your territory?” A demon with big ears stood at the village’s entrance, welcoming Beelzebub.

The big-eared demon’s ears were like palm-leaf fans. His frame was much bigger than a human. He was more than ten feet tall.

However, he was only half the size of Beelzebub. His weight was only one-tenth of Beelzebub too.

“No, this is my friend. He’s a living being from the human world. I’m bringing him around on a tour.”

“A living being?” The big-eared demon looked at Chen Zhao. “Hello, most respected living being. Your arrival fills Black Mountain Village with honor. The last esteemed guest was the Nightmare Lord from 300 years ago, but you are much more esteemed than him. Please allow me to give you my most genuine respect.”

“You flatter me. I’m very happy to visit Hell.”

“This is my demonic ritual implement. If you can accept it, it would be the greatest gift to me.” The big-eared demon offered up a strange-looking wooden staff with both hands. There was some kind of jewel on the staff.


“He’s a Syngenor that isn’t subordinate to anyone, which is the lowest of all demon types. But if you want to, you can summon and use him whenever you wish. You don’t have to give any sacrifices, but if you’re happy, you can give him some rewards.”

“Summon at will? Is it different from summoning you?”

“I’m subordinate to Beelzebub, the King of Gluttony. Don’t compare him to me. However, Syngenors have some advantages too.”

“What advantages?”

“He had a noble lineage a few generations ago, but they kept crossbreeding. It’s like mine and Ada’s descendants crossbreeding with demons of other lineages. After many generations, the lineage will be completely messed up. Then it can be like him, where one of his lineages suddenly awakens, and he has some kind of ability. For example, he has big ears. I don’t know which lineage it is, but it allows him to have better hearing. Of course, if you use him purely as combat power, he can face five humans by himself.”

“Okay, I accept your demonic ritual implement.”

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