Demons Beside You

Chapter 17 - All Are Welcome

Chapter 17: All Are Welcome

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Rasfa drank the black medicine from the small bottle. Then, Chen Zhao said, “Now you feel very hungry, starving… You want to eat.”

“I don’t want to eat. I’m not hungry…” Just as Rasfa finished speaking, his stomach started rumbling. “Well I’m indeed slightly hungry… Zola, bring me some food.”

“Okay.” As Zola walked out of the room, she glanced at Chen Zhao cautiously. Then, she said to Paul who was right outside, “Go in and keep an eye on that Asian. If he does anything suspicious, take him out.”

Chen Zhao sat on a chair with his legs crossed. Soon, Zola brought some food back.

Rasfa eagerly stuffed his mouth with the food. Having followed Rasfa for twenty years, Paul had never seen him eat anything like this.

In fact, since he got to know Rasfa, Rasfa had always been in a bad shape and had a poor appetite.

However, at the moment, Rasfa seemed to have turned into someone else, a starved animal.

“Zola, get me some more food. I don’t want fruits. I want meat! I’m starving. I need to eat!”

Zola and Paul were both stunned. What’s happening?

Do dying people always feel so hungry?

Zola brought some more food into the room, after which Rasfa started wolfing all of it down again.

“I feel energized again. It’s so comfortable! Burp…”

Could it be terminal lucidity? Zola made such a guess in her mind.

Still sitting on the chair, Chen Zhao asked, “Lady, can you get me some food as well? My pet and I haven’t eaten anything all this while too.”

“Paul, get some food for him.”

She had gone out personally to get food for her father, but that did not mean she would condescend to serve Chen Zhao.

Paul left and soon returned with a few burgers. He also kept one for himself.

“Do you also raise a snake? Why did you bring such a dangerous thing to the hospital?” Zola realized that a colorful snake climbed out of Chen Zhao’s tool box after he opened it.

Chen Zhao was oblivious to Zola’s attitude. “Old man, do you want to be able to get hard again before you die? At least you can have some fun before dying, no?”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Rasfa had lost his manly function long ago, but his daughter was unaware of that. She had always thought that her father was still a playboy.

“Right, you don’t need it…”

“Wait… Can you do that?”

“If you need it, of course.”


Rasfa’s face darkened. “Zola, go take a walk.”

“I’m not a young girl anymore. I’m already the mother of two kids. It’s just that… When did you…”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“From his face, I can tell that he probably hasn’t touched any women for ten years.” Instead of holding his analysis, Chen Zhao enthusiastically shared it with Zola.

“Doctor, can’t you have some respect for the feelings and privacy of your patient?”

“Sorry, but I really am not a fan of racists.”

Now Zola finally understood why Chen Zhao would behave so harshly towards her dying father.

She also knew all along about her father’s bad habit.

“Just now you said that I can live more than just tonight and the next three days, right?”

“I think it’s better for you to live past tonight before we discuss about the subsequent treatment. Moreover, my treatment isn’t cheap, especially for a racist.”

Rasfa felt somewhat depressed. If he had restricted himself better that day, he would not have offended this Asian doctor.

After having a full meal, Rasfa started feeling sleepy.

“Let’s sit outside,” Chen Zhao said.

Realizing that her father had fallen asleep, Zola was quite worried.

“Don’t worry. If his vital signs start fluctuating, there will be an alarm. It’s an ICU.”


After sitting down along the aisle, Zola said first, “Sir, I apologize for all the mean words my father has said to you.”

“I don’t need your apology. You did nothing wrong, and I will also not forgive a racist.”

“Sir, Madam, do you need coffee?”

“One for me, thanks. I have not stayed up late for very long,” Chen Zhao said.

“A cup for me as well. How do I address you?” Zola asked.

“Chen Zhao.”

“chen zhao?”

“Chen Zhao?”

“Yup. You can call me Chen.”

“Which hospital are you working at? Or are you a private doctor?”

“Nope. I’m an illegal one.” Chen Zhao smiled.

Zola did not question further. She was not really concerned about Chen Zhao’s identity, as long as he could treat her father and prolong his life.

Just then, a beauty with red hair walked over. “Zola.”


“How’s your father?”

“Still fine. He ate quite a lot just now, and now he’s asleep.”

Reidra looked at her watch and seemed to be somewhat puzzled. “Are you sure he’s asleep?”

“Yes. I am sure that he’s only asleep,” Zola answered in a firm tone.

Rasfa knew Reidra’s true identity, so did Zola. Thus, her tone was somewhat hostile.

“Sorry. I don’t mean that.”

“It’s fine. I think you have no business here. You can go back now.”

“Lady, can you give me your number? Let’s have a meal together when you’re free.”

“Who’s this?”

“He’s Chen, my friend.”

“I’m sorry, Chen, but I already have a boyfriend. He doesn’t like me eating with a male stranger.”

Chen Zhao twitched his lips. Zola smiled and looked at the leaving Reidra. “Do you mind having a meal with me instead? Perhaps we can have some other activity after eating.”

“Err… I don’t like to destroy other people’s family.”

“I’m single now.”

“No problem then. As long as I’m not busy with my job, I’ll be happy to eat with a beautiful lady like you.”

Zola was not really young. In fact, she was already over forty, but she had taken good care of herself. Moreover, her body had not lost its shape at all.

Chen Zhao did not mind spending a good night with the mature woman before him. Why would he reject such an offer, given that none of them was going to be serious?

“This is my personal number.” Zola took out a name card. There was no position written on it, only her name and phone number.

“Do you plan to sit here throughout the night?”

“I need to look after my father.”

“I promise you that he’ll be fine. Why not we find a place to lie down?”

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