Demons Beside You

Chapter 10 - Being A Doctor Is Too Dangerous

Chapter 10: Being A Doctor Is Too Dangerous

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“Did you think that I wouldn’t know if you just don’t tell me? If I can summon you two, I can obviously summon a third demon. By then, you’ll probably lose your job. You’ll never get demonic crystals again either.”

“Actually, humans really can’t use it. We demons can eat the demonic crystals directly, but humans can’t seem to digest it.”

Chen Zhao looked at the demonic crystal in his hand. Whatever. It seemed that this is not a problem he could rush to solve.

If demonic crystals could only be eaten, then it might really be inaccessible to humans.

“Isn’t there a more scientific and effective way?”

“As you humans say, there’s nothing more effective for absorbing nutrients than digesting it.”

Chen Zhao looked at the demonic crystal in his hands. Should he try? Perhaps his stomach could digest it…

Even if he couldn’t, he would at most get a big stone. It wouldn’t be that bad.

No…he shouldn’t risk it.

After thinking for a bit, Chen Zhao gave up on the idea.

Digesting it was one thing. Who knew if it would have any side effects?

“Here.” Chen Zhao tossed the tiny the demonic crystal to the two demons, letting them fight for it between themselves.

It was quite interesting seeing a dog and a snake interacting with each other.

It began drizzling outside. A few minutes later, the rain grew heavier.

Just then, Chen Zhao’s phone rang. “Chen, there’s a new job, but this one’s a bit different. You can decide if you want to go.”

“What job?”

“A gang…leader. The price is pretty high. Three thousand dollars.”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Bullet wound.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“I’d be lying if I said it’s completely safe, but I’m pretty familiar with that guy. He’ll follow the rules.”

“Sure. If you say so, I’ll go.” Compared to the safety problems, three grand was enough for Chen Zhao to take the risk.

Three thousand dollars was a big number at any time. Plus, Chen Zhao was really poor right now.

It was getting late. Chen Zhao called Vincent to ask if he was free.

Vincent agreed to pick him up, but he asked for double the pay.

Vincent brought Chen Zhao to an older street. The street lights were dim too.

“Want me to wait for you here?” Vincent knew what this place was.

“Don’t stay here. I’ll call you if I need the car. It’s not safe here. Go drive around some other places.”

“I understand.” Vincent nodded.

Chen Zhao got out of the car and went to the house, bearing the rain. He knocked on the door.

The door opened and a black muzzle reached out from the darkness. It pointed at Chen Zhao’s forehead.

In that moment, Chen Zhao started regretting his decision…

Ethan, where’s the safety? This isn’t like what you said.

“Hi, I’m the doctor. Ethan told me to come.”

Right then, a raspy voice streamed over from the inside. “Morgery, put down the gun. I trust Ethan.”

“Can I come in now?”

“Come in, son.”

Chen Zhao walked down the hallway into a small room inside. “It’s too dark. Turn on the light.”

“Morgery, turn on the light.”

With the light on, Chen Zhao saw a man lying on a sofa. His body was covered in blood and had four bullet wounds. His abdomen and chest had been wrapped crudely with gauze. It was still seeping blood now.

The man’s body was damp with not only blood but also sweat. It was obvious that he was in great pain.

Chen Zhao sat beside the sofa. “Can you tell me when you were shot?”


“Be more specific.”

“Uh…It’s been around fourteen to fifteen hours.”

Chen Zhao opened the gauze. “You haven’t taken out the bullet yet. It’s probably infected already and you’ve lost too much blood.”

After these few days, Chen Zhao realized that the biggest obstacle in his work was that he had no source for medicine.

Acupuncture was okay for some diseases, but these wounds required Western medicine. But without a medical license, he couldn’t even get the most basic amoxicillin.

Amoxicillin was the best for infections. Of course, Yunnan Baiyao worked well too. Chen Zhao only had that.

He also had to take out the bullet, but he didn’t even have painkillers.

“Don’t worry,” the man said weakly. “Just do what you do. Whether the result is good or not, I’ll still pay you.”

But the bald Morgery standing on the side would definitely not agree with his boss on this one. He was glaring coldly at Chen Zhao the whole time. If something happened to his boss, Chen Zhao probably wouldn’t be able to get out alive.

“I’ll give you acupuncture to help stave the pain and then extract the bullet.”

“I’m not afraid of pain.”

“This is required. It’s not about whether you’re afraid or not. A lot of time, courage doesn’t mean vitality. Immense pain will make your blood and metabolism speed up. You’ve already lost a lot of blood. If you lose a bit more, you’ll probably be going to heaven.”

“Okay. I’ll do whatever you say.”

Chen Zhao carefully stuck the needle into the acupoint. He didn’t dare make any error. This wasn’t just for his patient’s life—it was for his own too.

After stopping the pain with acupuncture, Chen Zhao lightly pressed on the side of the wound. “Do you feel anything?”

“Yes, but it doesn’t hurt.”

It was good that he felt something. If he didn’t, it meant the nerves around it were damaged.

Chen Zhao took out his surgical knife and started with the wound on the abdomen. The bullet wasn’t in deep. He could see it clearly after opening the wound. The entire process took less than ten minutes and the first bullet was out.

However, when Chen Zhao checked the wound on the chest, he discovered the bullet was stuck on the aorta next to the heart. It was very dangerous.

“This is too troublesome. I’ll do the other two bullets first.” Chen Zhao could only give up on this bullet for now.

The other two were on the man’s thigh and shoulder. They weren’t difficult either and took less than twenty minutes.

However, he still had to face the chest wound. Furrowing his brows, Chen Zhao started thinking.

Suddenly, Chen Zhao saw a shadow beside him. It freaked him out.

“What’s that?”

It was a faceless man. He wore a hooded black robe, but his face was empty whiteness. He carried a rusted sickle.

The Grim Reaper!! He was the Grim Reaper!

Chen Zhao was sure…

The Grim Reaper was here!

Chen Zhao’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. Who was he here for? Although matter who his target is, it wasn’t good news for Chen Zhao.

If this gangster died, he wouldn’t be able to live either.

Calm down, calm down… You gotta calm down.

This guy couldn’t die! If he died, Chen Zhao would die too.

That moment, Chen Zhao was filled with regret. Why had he been greedy and took this job? Why hadn’t he brought the two demons with him?

If they were here, there might still be a chance.

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