Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 9 Superior Magic Talent

“Tulip Academy of Magic.”

Joelson found the Capital Academy of Magic. The classical-style gate was open, but it was guarded by the imperial guards. No one was allowed to enter.

“Those who are taking the entrance test, turn right in front.”

Joelson spent a few copper coins to get the information he wanted from the imperial guards guarding the gate.

On the right side of the academy was a small square.

Joelson saw many young men and women around his age gathered in one place. All of them were here to participate in the entrance test of the Magic Academy.

The Best Magic Academy in the Alcott Empire.

It had a long history of more than 500 years.

There were many powerful mages who came out of the academy all over the continent.

The pillar of the Empire, the great saint-level.

The Tulip Academy of Magic was the holy and of magic that all the youths of the empire yearned for the most. There was no one like it.

“The entrance test requires a fee of ten gold coins. If one is admitted, the gold coins will be returned.”

Joelson thought that mages were indeed a noble occupation.

Just one entrance test required ten gold coins.

It would take a few years for a commoner to accumulate the gold coins. If they did not meet the entrance criteria, the gold coins would be wasted and they would not be able to get it back.

However, even with such harsh conditions, there were still many people who came to take the test.

Once they were admitted, their lives would be completely different. It could be said that the ten gold coins changed the fate of the family.

A mage had a status that was even nobler than a noble.

A few people in black robes sat in the middle of the square. Two transparent crystal balls the size of a human head floated in front of them.

The crystal balls were used for the entrance test.

This magical scene made the teenagers who were waiting for the test both amazed and shocked.

Was this the power of magic?

The person who supported the test was a man with a short golden beard. He looked a little thin and weak with a cold expression.

Joelson noticed that there were three golden stripes on the left chest of his black robe.

This was a tier 3 magician.


“Sherwood Phillip.”

The young man who was preparing for the test was wearing a washed white linen shirt. He was obviously a commoner.

He was very nervous in front of the man with the short golden beard.

“Put your hand on the first crystal ball.”

“Oh, okay.”

The young Sherwood hurriedly nodded and stretched out his hands towards the crystal ball, looking as if he was going to take it away.

The short-bearded man frowned slightly. “Just one hand will do.”

The crowd burst into laughter and Sherwood’s face instantly turned red.

Sherwood carefully put his right hand on the Crystal Ball, afraid that it would fall from the air.

Obviously, his worry was unnecessary. The crystal ball was lifted by an invisible force and was very stable in the air.

Under everyone’s eyes, the crystal ball lit up with white light, like a fifty-watt incandescent light bulb.

Sherwood was shocked and looked at the short-bearded man helplessly.

The short-bearded man’s eyes lit up and he became alert.

“Put your hand on the second crystal ball again.”

Sherwood did as the short-bearded man said.

The second crystal ball also lit up, but unlike the first one, it emitted an earthy yellow light.

The crystal ball under Sherwood’s hand was like a turbid yellow agate.

The short-bearded man nodded in satisfaction and seemed to be in a good mood.

“Spiritual power talent, medium.”

“Congratulations, you will become a member of the Tulip Academy of Magic.”.

The short-bearded man announced.

There was a burst of exclamations from the crowd.

“Oh my God, this commoner is actually admitted?!”

“Medium spiritual power talent and magic perception talent. He can at least become a level-two earth magician in the future!”

“What a lucky kid!”

Sherwood was stunned by this sudden huge surprise.

A couple rushed out from the crowd and hugged Sherwood. Tears of joy flowed out of their eyes. They were his parents.

“I’m going to become a magician! I’m going to become a magician!”

Sherwood came back to his senses and shouted excitedly. He looked a little comical.

But no one laughed at him. Instead, they looked at him with envy.

After Sherwood graduated from the academy, he would become a noble of noble status and an elite of the empire.

“Hello, I am the butler of Count Webster’s mansion.”

“I am from Marquis Reginald’s mansion.”

A few well-dressed men quickly walked towards Sherwood’s house and offered him olive branches to rope him in.

From the moment Sherwood was tested for his magical talent, the fate of his family had changed drastically.

Unfortunately, no one was accepted again for a long time.

Finally, it was Joelson’s turn.

Joelson’s face was calm.

He was different from the others. He knew how talented he was in magic.

They were both intermediate. Since Sherwood could be accepted, he definitely could.

“Put your hand on the crystal ball.”

Joelson already knew the steps of the test.

His fair and slender fingers gently covered the crystal ball.

The crystal ball slowly glowed.

The short-bearded man looked up in surprise.

It seemed that another qualified person had appeared.

The onlookers also stretched their necks and looked over.

The light of the crystal ball grew brighter and brighter, quickly surpassing the brightness that Sherwood had achieved previously.

The crowd had already begun to let out some scattered exclamations.

Joelson felt that the crystal ball in his hand was like an invisible vortex, sucking his spiritual energy.

He could only continue to pour his spiritual energy in.

He let all of the spiritual energy of the second-rank mage in.

The brightness of the crystal ball had reached a terrifying level, dazzling to the point of being blinding.

It was impossible to look straight at it. It was as if a small sun had risen in the square.

The short-bearded man stood up with a swoosh.

His expression was extremely excited, and his breathing became heavy.

When he was testing Sherwood, his expression had only softened a little, but now, his entire face was trembling with excitement.

“Let’s change to another one!”

The short-bearded man’s tone was extremely hurried as if he could not wait any longer. There was also a hint of expectation and respect in his tone.

Joelson changed his hand and covered the other crystal ball.

The transparent crystal ball was instantly dyed red and then quickly deepened.

It could not be compared with Sherwood’s slowly changing color.

The fiery red color became darker and darker. At its peak, it was like flowing magma, with traces of golden yellow.

The short-bearded man could no longer suppress his ecstatic mood. He suddenly walked out from behind the table.

He held onto Joelson’s hand tightly!

“Spiritual power talent, Super!”

“Magic Perception Talent, Super!”

“Fire element affinity!”

“Congratulations, Joelson Edward! I look forward to the day when you make the Tulip Academy feel honored!”

The square, which had been discussing non-stop just now, instantly fell silent.

The entire place was silent.

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