Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 7 The Elf Maiden

By the time he returned, the caravan guards were already cleaning up the mess.

Corpses were strewn all over the ground.

There were robbers and guards.

All of them had sad expressions on their faces.

But when they saw him, all of these emotions turned into excitement.

All of them looked at him with respect and even admiration.

The image of Joelson, who was slightly thin, was magnified in their hearts.

“Sir Joelson!”

Benson came up to him excitedly. He looked at Joelson with a hint of respect.

“Thank you for saving our entire Caravan!”

Joelson waved his hand indifferently. It was nothing. He just wanted to find someone to test his fireball spell. Moreover, if he didn’t do anything, the bandits would definitely find trouble with him in the end. It would also affect his speed of arriving at the capital.

“How are the casualties?”

Benson’s mood fell. He said sadly, “Eight guards died and five were seriously injured. When we go back, the Chamber of Commerce will give a certain amount of compensation to their families. However, we almost wiped out all the bandits. These damn bastards.”

Joelson nodded and told Benson that the leader had been killed by him.

Benson let out a sigh of relief, but soon his face showed shock.

“I didn’t expect Sir Joelson to be a powerful third-rank mage. If I remember correctly, you are only sixteen years old.”

Benson had thought that Joelson had the potential to become a mage, so he took the initiative to talk to him and get to know him.

He didn’t expect to meet a powerful third-rank mage by accident.

A sixteen-year-old third-rank mage?

There were only a few in the entire Alcott Empire.

A genuine genius!

Joelson was stunned, shook his head and said, “No, I’m not a third-rank mage, I’m just a first-rank mage.”


Benson could not help but say, “To be able to cast a fireball instantaneously, your strength must be at least third-rank!”

Only then did Joelson realize that he seemed to have done something amazing.

All mages needed a spell to guide them in using magic, and they all needed a certain amount of time to guide them. To be able to cast a spell instantaneously required at least tens of thousands of times of practice or some special talent.

Only mages who were at least tier three could cast a level-one spell instantaneously.

After Joelson explained it to Benson, Benson was even more delighted.

Benson clearly regarded Joelson as someone with a special talent.

A 16-year-old Tier-1 mage was also an outstanding achievement.

Moreover, he had the talent to cast an instant spell, and he was a genius!

“Please allow me to take care of some things first. Later, I will express our most sincere gratitude to Sir Joelson on behalf of the Lucca Chamber of Commerce.”

Joelson nodded and was willing to accept it. After all, he had saved so many lives. If he did not give others a chance to thank him, they would feel embarrassed.

Benson quickly left and gathered a few people to make preparations.

Little Martin rushed up from the outside, his face full of excitement and ecstasy.

“Young master, you are already a noble magician?! You were so powerful just now! That’s great! You are really too handsome. When the baron hears this news, he will definitely jump up in joy. That’s Great!”

Young Martin was so happy that he did not know what to say.

Because of Joelson, the others also treated young Martin with some respect. This made him feel even more proud and honored to be young Master Joelson’s servant.

Joelson smiled and shook his head. He returned to his carriage to recover the spiritual power he had used during the battle.

When night fell, Benson knocked on the door of Joelson’s carriage.

“Sir Joelson.”

Benson greeted him respectfully, “I’m here on behalf of the Lucca Chamber of Commerce to express our most sincere gratitude for helping us today.”

Joelson noticed that there was a carriage behind Benson.

It was the carriage that was covered with a thick black cloth that he had been curious about previously.

“Sir Joelson, weren’t you curious before? I didn’t tell you the truth at that time, but now I can give it to you as a small gift. I hope you will like it.”

Benson took two steps back and ordered someone to remove the black cloth on the carriage.

Joelson was stunned.

So this was not a carriage at all, but a prison carriage.

There was a huge cage on the carriage.

It was made of steel bars, like a huge birdcage.

Inside the cage was a girl.

A very beautiful girl.

Her skin was white, and her facial features were exquisite. Her long, pale golden hair hung down, giving off a faint luster under the moonlight.

Her sky-blue eyes were as beautiful as a lake, but at this moment, they were filled with timidity and fear.

The clothes on the girl’s body were very strange as if they were woven from leaves and vines.

What puzzled Joelson the most was her ears.

Spindle-shaped, with a sharp tip.

This was an elf?!

“The elf girl from the Elf Forest is our most precious cargo.”

Benson introduced Joelson.

“The elves will not give their virginity until they are a hundred years old. She is only fifty years old this year, and she is still keeping her virginity.”

Benson’s face showed a smile that all men understood.

“Then, I wish you a wonderful night.”

After saying that, Benson left without waiting for Joelson to speak.

Joelson felt a little helpless.

He never thought that Benson would actually give him an elf girl as a gift.

He wanted to refuse, but the soul from Earth made him subconsciously reject this behavior of treating people as goods.

But when he thought about how he happened to have a maid by his side.

Little Martin was too stupid. At most, he could only be used to run errands.

So, he accepted it.

Joelson walked to the prison carriage and opened the iron cage.

The elven girl’s face showed fear, and she shrank to the corner in panic.

“Come here.”

Joelson extended a hand to her and looked at her calmly and gently.

The Elven girl’s eyes flashed with hesitation.

This human…

Didn’t seem evil. There was a special aura about him that made her feel inexplicably at ease.

The Elven girl finally held onto Joelson’s hand.

Joelson pulled her out of the prisoner carriage.

“So beautiful.”

Martin, who was at the side, was already stunned. He stared at the elven girl with infatuated eyes.

Joelson snorted, and Martin quickly ran away.

“Young Master’s woman, you can’t look at her! You Can’t look at her!”

The elf girl and Joelson held hands, feeling nervous and uneasy.

She was like a frightened kitten, feeling like she was going to run away at any moment.

Joelson took her to the carriage, took out some dry food, and handed it to her.

“Let’s eat something first.”

The elf girl was obviously famished. She grabbed the wheat cake and began to eat it.

Perhaps because the wheat cake was too dry, and she ate it too quickly, she choked in no time.

“Cough cough…”

The elf girl coughed violently.

“Don’t rush, eat slowly, drink some water…”

Joelson smiled and handed her a cup of water.

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