Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 6 Bandit Attack

It was bandits!

Suddenly, dozens of strong men jumped out from the bushes.

Most of their clothes were dirty and tattered, but their expressions were extremely fierce.

The leader was tall and well-proportioned. His face was gloomy, and his narrowed eyes were filled with coldness and cruelty.

“Damn it, do you know who we are?”

Benson strode forward and shouted, “You dare to rob the Lucca Chamber of Commerce?”


A shooting arrow shot the hat on Benson’s head.

If Benson hadn’t shrunk his neck so quickly, this arrow would have been nailed to his head.

Benson looked terrified. He quickly climbed onto a carriage and didn’t dare to come out again.

Next was the battle between the guards and the bandits.

The two groups of people fought in a melee.

The bandits were obviously stronger.

However, the guards of the Lucca Caravan had received professional training and were well-equipped. They were barely able to fight the bandits to a draw.

This stalemate continued until the leader of the bandits joined the battle.

Once the leader of the bandits joined the battle, the fragile balance was immediately broken.

“A powerful knight!”

Someone shouted loudly.

The knights in this world were not just a title, but a job similar to mages. They also had powerful skills, but they were not as rare and powerful as mages.

The tall bandit wearing leather armor took out a large knight’s longsword from his waist.

He slashed down, and a white light flashed on the pitch-black blade.

One of the guards raised the longsword in his hand, wanting to fight against him.

However, both the man and the sword were cut in half by the bandit leader’s sword.


The bandits cheered.

A cruel smile appeared on the leader’s face.

It was as easy as cutting vegetables with the longsword that had the white light. No one could withstand his light attack.

“Combat aura! Only knights above tier 3 can have combat aura!”

Someone shouted in despair.

The leader’s face was covered in blood. His face was filled with ferocity and killing intent.

The guards were quickly defeated. More and more people fell down.

The bandits did not stop killing. They wanted to kill all the people in the caravan!

The whole scene became chaotic. The people in the caravan ran in all directions. However, the bandits caught up with them and killed them cruelly.

Benson rolled down from the carriage trembling, his body trembling as if he was standing in the snow with his clothes off.

“It’s over! It’s all over now!”

Benson’s expression was very ugly.

The loss of goods in the caravan was secondary. The most important thing was that his life was about to be lost.

“Young master! Young master!”

Martin, who was hiding under the carriage, called out in a low voice. He was anxious and afraid, looking for Joelson’s figure.

Just as the leader was having a good time, a bright red line suddenly streaked across the sky.

The leader looked panicked and subconsciously raised his sword to block it.

It was a fireball!

The fireball hit the long sword and was shattered by the white light on the sword.

Before the leader could breathe a sigh of relief, another fireball came in front of him.

His combat aura had not recovered yet.

Without the support of his combat aura, the longsword instantly turned into a puddle of molten iron under the high temperature of the fireball.


The leader cried out in pain.

The molten iron from the longsword splashed on his face, causing him to cry out in pain from the heat.

However, he finally found an opportunity. His body rolled nimbly and dodged the third fireball.

This scene happened in an instant. It changed in an instant. Everyone was shocked and stopped what they were doing.


A hoarse voice slowly sounded.

The leader got up from the ground, and his entire face was burnt until it was rotten. It was extremely disgusting.

One eye was even blind, and his other eye was filled with deep hatred and fear.

“What a pity.”

A person slowly walked out from the shadow of the carriage.

Everyone looked at him, and their eyes instantly widened.

It was a handsome young man with an indifferent expression, with an indescribable calmness and elegance.

“Young Master!”

“Sir Joelson!”

Young Martin and Benson shouted at the same time.

Their faces were full of excitement and joy. Young Martin saw that his young master was fine, while Benson was glad that he could survive.

“I didn’t expect that there was a mage hidden in the small Lucca Caravan.”

The leader gritted his teeth and said angrily.

Joelson looked at him indifferently and raised his right hand. A fist-sized fireball appeared in his palm. He could feel the heat even from a distance.

The leader’s face suddenly became very frightened.

He turned around and fled without thinking.

The bandit’s faces were also full of fear.

“A mage! It’s actually a mage!”

“Damn it, run!”


After a shrill scream, a bandit fell to the ground with a large hole in his chest. His body was emitting a charred smell.

He was obviously the unlucky one who had been hit by the fireball.

This further increased the fear in the hearts of the other bandits.

All the bandits ran in all directions in panic. Some even ran to the road of death.

“What are you waiting for? Go after them!”

Joelson snorted coldly. Only then did the guards of the caravan react and immediately chased after them.

Their morale increased greatly.

The situation immediately turned around. The guards suppressed the bandits and fought them.

Joelson also quickly chased after them.

He could not let the leader, who was at least a 3rd Rank Knight, escape.

Along the way, he casually killed two more bandits who were escaping.

It was a wonderful feeling to have someone else’s life in his hands at any time.

Fireballs danced on his fingertips, and each one could easily take a life.

The power of magic was too powerful, and ordinary people could not contend with it.

Only the leader.

He had actually dodged three of his fireballs. It was unbelievable.

In an empty place, Joelson summoned Du Lu and rode on its back.

He ordered it to fly close to the forest at a low altitude. Not long after, the leader’s figure was seen fleeing frantically.

His speed was very fast, jumping from the forest like a deer. It was almost impossible to see his figure clearly.

However, no matter how fast he ran with his legs, he could not compare to the flying speed of Du Lu.

“Damn it, I actually met a mage and instantly cast a fireball. Is that kid a monster?”

The leader cursed as he ran.

He felt that the sky above his head suddenly darkened.

He subconsciously turned his head.

The leader’s expression was dull, and he was dumbfounded.

A shadow covered the sky, and the leader’s face was filled with malevolence.

“What is this?”

This was the last thought in his mind.


Du Lu bit off more than half of the leader’s body in one bite.

After chewing twice, he seemed to feel that the taste was not good and vomited.

The meat sauce and blood mixed with Du Lu’s saliva fell next to the two lonely broken legs.

Seeing this, Joelson felt nauseous.

“Idiot, don’t make it so disgusting next time.”

He slapped Du Lu’s head twice.

Du Lu cried out aggrievedly and nodded his head.

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