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Chapter 478: That Thing. The Plan of the Death Spirit King

Chapter 478: That Thing. The Plan of the Death Spirit King

On the other side of the Underworld.

Outside a magnificent palace made of white bones.

There were countless skeletons fighting.

And their opponents were none other than their allies, the other skeletons.

A large group of skeletons were fighting each other.

From time to time, some skeletons would be broken, and broken bones would fall to the ground.

This scene happened countless times.

However, it did not attract the attention of any skeletons.

The broken bones that were scattered all over the ground would quickly reassemble.

They would join the battle once again!

It was as if the damage from before had no effect on them at all.

Just like that.

Countless skeletons were broken and reassembled in the battle before joining the battle once again.

The skeletons were in an endless loop in this kind of battle.

After a long time.

The figure of a skeleton appeared in the distant sky.

This skeleton was different from the other skeletons on the ground.

He wore a black robe and held a magic staff in his hand.

Seeing this skeleton appear.

All the skeletons on the ground stopped fighting.

They looked at the black-robed skeleton in the sky and bowed respectfully.

The black-robed skeleton did not even look at them. They did not even stop and flew straight into the palace of bones.

When the black-robed skeleton entered the palace…

The skeletons once again joined the battle.

The black-robed skeletons were the skeleton archmage who had just returned from the twin-headed ogre territory.

In the palace of bones.

Seeing the return of the skeleton archmage…

The soul flames in the empty eye sockets of all the skeletons looked over.

The skeleton archmage did not look at the others. Instead, he walked straight to the throne of the Death Spirit King and knelt down on one knee.

“King, I have already conveyed your orders to the Twin-Headed Ogre King.”

The skeleton archmage opened his jaw and spoke. The sound of bones colliding reverberated in the palace.

“Furthermore, he has also agreed to form an alliance.”

“But there’s one condition. If a war breaks out, they won’t be at the forefront.”

Hearing his words.

The Death Spirit King was not surprised.

Although the intelligence of the twin-headed ogre race was very low.

But the Twin-Headed Ogre King who could become a “king” would not be a fool.

Since they took the initiative to form an alliance, the Twin-Headed Ogre King would naturally make a request.

From the archmage’s appearance, it was obvious that he had agreed to the Twin-Headed Ogre King’s request.

However, this was also within his expectations.

The Death Spirit King nodded and did not speak.

The other high-ranking skeletons in the palace had naturally thought of this as well, and could not help but be puzzled.

“King, why did you agree to the Twin-Headed Ogre King’s request?”

“If they did not rush to the front, what meaning would there be?”

“It’s out of my expectations that they’re willing to form an alliance.”

“It must be to devour the souls of the dragons. The Twin-Headed Ogre King sure is despicable!”

Listening to their discussions.

The Death Spirit King didn’t have any reaction.

In the past, the twin-headed ogres and their skeletons had a completely hostile relationship. It wasn’t much better than their relationship with the death knights.

Now, they were willing to form an alliance with them.

It was impossible to say that they did not have any motive.

But now, the biggest threat to them was not the two-headed ogres.

It was the death knights’ camp that had suddenly appeared with dozens of giant dragons!

Although their relationship with the two-headed ogres was very bad, the two sides were not at the point of starting a war yet.

As for the death knights, the war had already begun a few years ago.

In the past, it had been the skeletons who had been suppressing the death knights.

But now, for some unknown reason, after the death dragon had become a demigod…

It had suddenly become extremely powerful!

A power that surpassed common sense!

It was completely beyond the reach of any other demigod death dragon!

Even an ordinary god wouldn’t have such power!

Before this…

The Death Spirit King had never placed them in his eyes.

This was also the reason why Hades and the Dark Knight had been able to fight against them for so long.

If the Death Spirit King had used all of his strength from the very beginning…

It wasn’t something a celestial-ranked undead dragon and the Dark Knight could match.

However, now…

Although he still did not place the death knight in his eyes…

The speed at which the undead dragon was growing had completely exceeded his expectations.

If he did not deal with it soon, it would pose a great threat to him!

Now, dozens of giant dragons had suddenly appeared.

This was also the reason why he did not hesitate to form an alliance with the twin-headed ogres to deal with them!

“How’s the search for that thing going?”

The Death Spirit King looked at the archmage and suddenly asked.

The skeleton archmage was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

“There are already clues, but it will take a lot of time to find it!”

The skeleton archmage said.

“Very good, find that thing as soon as possible. You don’t need to waste your time fighting with the death knights.”

The Death Spirit King nodded and said.

Hearing the Death Spirit King’s words.

The soul flame in the skeleton archmage’s eyes could not help but flicker twice.

He had received the order of the Death Spirit King and had been searching for something.

He had been searching for a very long time.

During this period of time, he just happened to have some clues.

Although he was fully in charge of searching for this thing.

Even he didn’t know what this thing was.

Now that he heard the Death Spirit King asking, he couldn’t help but feel a little curious.

After all, the Death Spirit King didn’t even show such a relationship with the two-headed ogre when they formed an alliance.

Yet, he was so concerned about this thing.

However, the Death Spirit King obviously didn’t satisfy his curiosity.

He only nodded and said a few words, then stopped looking at him.

“Yes, my king!”

The skeleton archmage replied and then retreated to a seat at the side.

The Death Spirit King looked towards the direction of the death knights’ camp outside the white bone palace.

The soul flames in the hollow eye sockets were dancing.

He already had some information about that thing, which made him feel good.

He did not expect the progress to be so fast.

As long as he got that item.

Whether it was the death knight, the undead dragon, or the two-headed ogre.

It was no longer a problem!

Even if there were dozens of giant dragons, it did not matter if the death knights could really defeat his skeleton army.

As long as he got that item, he could immediately turn the situation around!

Not only that.

He would also eliminate all the overlords in the vicinity!

He would become the only king here!

Thinking of this.

Even as a skeleton, the Death Spirit King, who had never had any emotions and would never show any emotional fluctuations, couldn’t help but feel excited.

“Send some skeletons over to take a look at the situation over there. What’s going on with those dozens of giant dragons?”

“Disguise it as an ordinary war. Don’t expose your intentions.”

The Death Spirit King said to the high-level skeletons on both sides.

“Yes! King!”

A group of skeletons replied respectfully.

Then, a high-level skeleton flew out of the palace.

No one noticed that a group of skeletons had quietly left the palace.

Meanwhile, the palace fell into a dead silence.

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