Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 477: The Alliance Has Been Formed!

Chapter 477: The Alliance Has Been Formed!

Skeleton ignored the Twin-Headed Ogre King’s laughter and continued to look at him.

The Twin-Headed Ogre King’s laughter gradually subsided.

Both the left and right heads looked at the skeleton.

He asked, “You can’t have come here just to express your friendship.”

Although the twin-headed ogre race’s IQ was not very high, as the king of the twin-headed ogres, his IQ was naturally much higher than the average twin-headed ogre.

“Tell me, what exactly is your purpose in coming here?”

The Twin-Headed Ogre King asked.

Upon hearing this sentence.

The skeleton was not the slightest bit surprised. Instead, he directly said, “Twin-Headed Ogre King, I believe that you should have also seen the strange phenomenon that came from the east yesterday.”

The Twin-Headed Ogre King said, “Are you talking about that group of giant dragons?”

Skeleton nodded and said, “That’s right. Those giant dragons appeared in the territory of the undead dragon Hades and the death knights.”

“Although we don’t know where these giant dragons came from, they must be related to them!”

“One undead dragon is already enough to worry us. Now that so many giant dragons have appeared.”

“This will definitely break the balance between us!”

“Between us, neither side can contend with such power!”

“So I came here this time to seek an alliance with you!”

“Only in this way can we continue to maintain our territory!”

“Otherwise, we will either abandon our territory and flee! Or We will die at the hands of these dragons!”

The skeleton directly stated his purpose of coming.

Hearing his words.

Before the Twin-Headed Ogre King could speak, another giant twin-headed ogre beside him spoke.


“You skeleton mages are afraid of them, but we twin-headed ogres are not!”

“Isn’t it just a few dozen giant dragons? What’s there to be afraid of!”

“You skeleton mages want to form an alliance with us twin-headed ogres?”

The giant twin-headed ogre looked at the skeleton with disdain in its eyes.

In the past, when the two sides met, there would definitely be conflicts.

If it was not for the fact that the Twin-Headed Ogre King had yet to speak, he would have rushed up and chewed up the skeleton’s bones right now!


Hearing the giant twin-headed ogre’s disdainful words.

The skeleton was not angry at all. It was already looking at the Twin-Headed Ogre King calmly.

He knew that whatever the giant twin-headed ogre said was not important.

The key was still to see what the Twin-Headed Ogre King thought.

As long as the Twin-Headed Ogre King agreed, it did not matter how the others resisted their skeletons.

They only saw the Twin-Headed Ogre King.

At this moment, the two heads on the left and right were deep in thought.

After a long time.

The two heads of the Twin-Headed Ogre King nodded at the same time.

“The Death Spirit King has already shown his sincerity by sending out a great mage like you,” he said

“Since he is so sincere, I will agree to your request to form an alliance.”

“However, if there is a conflict with the giant dragon, our twin-headed ogres will definitely not be at the forefront.”

The Twin-Headed Ogre King agreed to the skeleton’s alliance.

This surprised all the twin-headed ogres present.

The twin-headed ogres and skeleton mages have always been hostile towards each other.

The Twin-Headed Ogre King was the same.

In fact, they had not expected the Twin-Headed Ogre King to not tear the skeleton mage apart at the first moment.

Now, he actually agreed to form an alliance with the skeleton?

The giant twin-headed ogre beside the Twin-Headed Ogre King looked at the king in astonishment.

Their eyes were filled with shock.

“King! How can we form an alliance with a skeleton!”

“That’s right! King! With our twin-headed ogre’s strength, we don’t have to fear any giant dragons!”

The giant twin-headed ogres began to advise him.


The left side of the Twin-Headed Ogre King turned his head and looked around at the giant twin-headed ogre who had spoken just now.

Immediately, all the giant twin-headed ogres shut their mouths and did not dare to speak.

Although they were very dissatisfied with this decision.

But the authority of the “king” was something that no one could question!

The cave fell into silence.

The Twin-Headed Ogre King looked around and saw that no one was talking anymore. Only then did he look back at the skeleton archmage.

“Respected Twin-Headed Ogre King, as long as you are willing to form an alliance, I can agree to this condition on behalf of the Death Spirit King.”

The skeleton archmage’s voice broke the silence in the cave.

“I hope that our alliance can make the friendship between the skeletons and the twin-headed ogres last longer!”

Countless twin-headed ogres in the cave were disgusted by the skeleton archmage’s hypocritical words.

The moment the twin-headed ogres met the skeletons, it meant that only one of them would be able to leave alive.

Now, they were actually talking about friendship?

How hypocritical and ridiculous!

The Twin-Headed Ogre King said, “Since that’s the case, you can go back and convey my meaning to the Death Spirit King.”

Faced with the contempt of the twin-headed ogre, the skeleton archmage did not feel uncomfortable at all.

He bowed to the Twin-Headed Ogre King.


He walked out of the cave.

Countless twin-headed ogres watched him leave, their four eyes fixed on him.

The giant twin-headed ogres wished they could rush up and tear him apart right now.

However, they did not dare to do so without the orders of the Twin-Headed Ogre King.

Just like that, the skeleton archmage walked out step by step under the hateful gazes of countless twin-headed ogres.

After he left.

The group of giant twin-headed ogres could not help but ask their “king.”

“King, why did you agree to their alliance?”

“The skeletons and death knights have a huge dispute, but we are far away from them. There was not much friction in the past, so there is no need to form an alliance with them!”

“Even if Hades and the death knights have a group of giant dragons to help them, their first target will be those skeletons. They will not find us at all!”

Facing the questions of the giant twin-headed ogres.

The Twin-Headed Ogre King said slowly, “With so many giant dragons, our twin-headed ogre clan will be more prosperous!”

“With so many delicious souls, we definitely can’t give them all to the skeletons!”

As the king of the twin-headed ogres spoke, greed flashed in his four eyes.

In the Underworld.

Giant dragons weren’t a rare species.

After all, creatures from the endless planes would come to the Underworld after they died.

After countless years of accumulation, the number of dragons in the Underworld was much more than any other plane!

Even the four planes couldn’t compare.

Moreover, there were many species in the Underworld that were more powerful than dragons.


He had never seen such a terrifying dragon like Hades!

In fact.

He had been eyeing Hades for a long time.

But on one hand, both Hades’s strength and the army led by the Dark Knight were very powerful.

He didn’t have absolute confidence to defeat them!

On the other hand, although Hades was powerful, it was the only one.

Even if he swallowed Hades, it wouldn’t increase the strength of the twin-headed ogre clan by much.

Attacking Hades and the death knights was not a good deal.

But it was different now!

Dozens of giant dragons appeared on Hades and the death knights’ side!

Although only a few of them could be compared to Hades!

But this was enough to greatly increase the strength of the twin-headed ogre clan!

Moreover, there was still the skeleton clan charging ahead.

They could use the method that costs the least, in exchange for the most abundant fruit!


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