Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 476 - The King Of The Two-Headed Ogres

Somewhere in the Underworld.

Countless mountains surrounded this place, forming an undulating mountain range.

The mountains on the mountain range were filled with forests and wild beasts.

However, the wild beasts in the Underworld were not living creatures, but rotting corpses of wild beasts.

Some of them were only skeletons.

However, these wild beasts were like living creatures, shuttling through the forest.

From time to time, one beast would devour another beast.

One could see the white bones of one beast, killing the rotting corpse of the other..

The white bones did not hesitate to devour the rotting corpse.


On the jagged white bones, a strand of granulation suddenly grew out of thin air.

Then, a thin layer of muscle grew out.

The white bone covered with a layer of muscle looked extremely horrifying and terrifying.

However, the white-boned beast seemed to be very excited.


It raised its head and let out a long howl.


This white-boned beast used to be some kind of wolf demon beast.

However, very soon.

This growth stopped.

The white-boned beast looked at the layer of muscle covered on its body.

Its happy mood quickly disappeared.

Although it had not regained consciousness, its instinct urged it to hunt more prey.

Just as it was about to leave.


“There’s a white-boned beast over there! There’s some meat! It looks very fresh!”

“Go! Go!”

Two voices came from afar.

The white-boned beast looked in the direction of the voice.

It saw two humanoid creatures running towards it.

These two people each had two heads!

It was a two-headed ogre!

Seeing the two-headed ogre, the white-boned beast instinctively felt a wave of shock. It immediately moved its four legs, wanting to escape.

But a mace flew over.



The mace directly hit the white-boned beast, breaking its spine.

The white-boned beast wanted to escape, but its body was already out of control.


Two two-headed ogres rushed over and killed it.

“We’re so lucky! We actually met a white-boned beast that just grew fresh muscles!”

“There’s never been such fresh food before!”

One of the two-headed ogres said excitedly.

The other person took a look and said, “It should be a wolf!”

“The wolf tastes pretty good!”

The two two-headed ogres seemed very excited.

They were about to bring it back.


Suddenly, one of the two-headed ogres noticed a figure in the distance!

The other one looked over.

Sure enough, he saw a skeleton wearing a black robe and holding a magic staff!

The two-headed ogres were about to speak.

But he was stopped by another person.

“Hide! We can’t beat him!”

As he spoke, the two-headed demon was about to pull him to hide.

But at this time.

The skeleton had already discovered the two of them.

The skeleton gently tapped his magic staff, and the two twin-headed ogres were frozen in place, unable to move a single finger.

The skeleton flew straight towards the two of them.

Without any nonsense, the skeleton directly asked, “Where is your king?”

The twin-headed ogres rolled their eyes, and the skeleton gently tapped his magic staff.

Only then did the two twin-headed ogres move. They looked at the skeleton with a strange look in their eyes.

In the past, when the twin-headed ogres encountered the skeleton, they would definitely have a big fight.

But now, the skeleton actually did not kill them immediately.

They were already in despair.

The two twin-headed ogres didn’t resist and directly pointed at the highest peak of the mountain range in the distance.

After all, this skeleton’s strength far exceeded theirs and wasn’t something they could fight against.

“The king is there!”

Hearing the two two-headed ogre’s words.

The skeleton didn’t stop and directly flew towards the mountain peak.

The two twin-headed ogres finally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, before they could be happy for long, the two of them suddenly turned into dust.

In the distance.

The skeleton stuffed the magic staff in his hand into his bosom, and the light above the magic staff quietly dimmed.

Very soon.

The skeleton arrived at the highest peak of the mountain range.

He saw that on the mountainside, there was an extremely huge cave.

Obviously, this was the location of the Twin-Headed Ogre King.

The skeleton was expressionless, but the soul flames in his eyes showed a trace of disdain.

These two-headed demons all lived in the cave.

They were like wild beasts, completely wasting their low intelligence.

The skeleton quickly recovered his expression and walked into the cave.

Although the cave entrance was not big, the space inside was extremely vast.

It had almost hollowed out all the nearby mountains.

When the two-headed ogres guarding the entrance of the cave saw the skeleton, they immediately wanted to attack.

However, they were stopped in their tracks by the skeleton.

The skeleton ignored them and walked straight into the cave.

In the cave…

Countless two-headed ogres were eating.

They saw a two-headed ogre grab a demonic beast that was running around in the cave. It tore it in half and put it into its mouth to chew.

Blood immediately spurted out of the two-headed ogre’s mouth.

The two-headed ogre swallowed the demon beast in a few mouthfuls.

Then, it opened its mouth and sucked at the corpse and blood on the ground!

The corpse and blood of the demon beast instantly turned into a wisp of soul and floated into the mouth of the two-headed ogre.

For the creatures living in the Underworld…

The flesh and blood were all fake, just the shape of the soul.

What they really needed was to absorb the souls of other creatures to strengthen their own soul power.

The cave was filled with such terrifying and horrifying scenes.

However, the skeleton didn’t show any abnormalities.

It was as if this was just a very ordinary scene.

In fact, it was indeed so.

In the Underworld, such things would happen every second.

At this moment.

The two-headed ogres in the cave also discovered the existence of the skeleton.

“Who let the skeleton in?”

Someone shouted.

The cave suddenly erupted with a tsunami-like roar.

Countless two-headed ogres rushed forward, wanting to tear the skeleton into pieces!

Suddenly, a voice sounded.


Hearing this voice, all the two-headed ogres immediately stopped.

They looked back on the throne at the top of the cave.

Sitting there was a giant creature over 100 yards in size.

Like them, he carried two heads on his shoulders.

He’s no one else.

Of the same ranks as the Dark Knight and the Death Spirit King…

The Twin-Headed Ogre King!

See all the two-headed devils have stopped.

The skull saluted the Twin-Headed Ogre King and said respectfully:

“Respected Twin-Headed Ogre King, I represent the Death Spirit King to convey his friendliness towards the twin-headed ogres.”

Hearing this sentence, the Twin-Headed Ogre King suddenly laughed.

His left head looked at the skeleton, revealing a thoughtful expression.

The right head suddenly laughed.

The loud laughter spread throughout the cave, causing an echo.

When the twin-headed demons saw their “king” in such a state, they did not dare to speak.

Although the head on the right side seemed to be in a good mood…

The head on the left side of the “king” was very serious and could still kill them.

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