Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 4 Tier-Three Giant Dragons

He felt a cool sensation in his mind, and his thinking speed seemed to be faster than before. Everything in front of him became clearer, and he could see things more clearly.

Joelson knew that this was because of the increase in his spiritual power.

Spiritual power was the most important core of a mage, and it was also the source of a mage’s power. However, spiritual power was powerful, which meant that the more magic elements a mage could control, the more powerful their magic would be.

On the system interface, Joelson’s strength had also been upgraded from a “Magic apprentice” to a “Level-one trainee mage.”

“Trainee” was because, although Joelson’s spiritual power had already reached the standard of a mage, he did not know any level-one magic yet.

A few days later.

The carriage swayed as it drove on the mountain path.

The person driving the carriage was a youth with freckles on his face.

“Young Master Joelson, it looks like we’ll have to spend the night in the wilderness.”

“Yes, I understand.”

A faint voice came from within the carriage.

Joelson sat in the carriage.

Although the shabby carriage was covered with a blanket, Joelson’s butt still hurt from the jolt.

Today was the third day of departure from home.

The day after the old magician Beard left, Morgan made an important decision.

He decided to send Joelson to the Magic Academy in the capital of the Alcot Empire.

If one wanted to become a mage, it was obviously not enough to just have magic talent. An apprentice with magic talent had to go through systematic learning before he could become a formal mage.

The Magic Academy in the capital of the Alcot Empire was the best place.

Joelson himself was willing to go out for a walk. He had stayed in the Baron’s territory for sixteen years and had long been tired of staying there.

Before he left, Morgan gave him a total of five hundred gold coins to cover the expenses on the way and the tuition fees for school.

This was almost half of the savings Morgan had accumulated over the years.

The small nobles in the countryside did not have so much tax revenue.

The fact that he was willing to pay so many gold coins showed how much hope he had for Joelson.

Joelson still remembered Morgan patting himself on the shoulder before he left. He said to himself, “After you go to school, the family will send you ten gold coins every month as living expenses. Study hard, Joelson. The task of strengthening the Edward family is in your hands. I believe you won’t let me down.”

Joelson spread out his right hand. A fireball was changing shapes in his palm.

This was the result of his three days on the road.

Now he could skillfully control the fire magic elements.

Presumably, it was because he had signed a contract with Du Lu.

Joelson had obtained a part of Du Lu’s fire magic talent. Under the control of his spiritual power, the fire magic elements were especially obedient.

It was almost as flexible as a part of his own body.

He had obtained the fireball spell from Beard’s notebook.

On the last page of Beard’s notebook, in addition to “Meditation”, he also recorded two spell casting methods.

One was the Magic Shield, and the other was the fireball spell that Joelson had just used.

Joelson had tested the power of the first-level fireball spell.

A fireball the size of a fist could easily melt two centimeters of steel, which shocked Joelson.

This was also the reason why Joelson had the courage to go to the capital with only a servant.

Although he was not strong at the moment, he had a certain degree of self-protection.

The Baron’s territory was far from the capital, and it would take about half a month to travel.

Soon, night arrived.

Joelson and the servant, Martin Jr. were preparing to spend the night in a deserted forest.

After eating some dry food, Martin Jr. put out the bonfire and snored slightly while leaning against the carriage.

Joelson walked out of the carriage and walked all the way into the depths of the forest.

Ten minutes later, Joelson felt that it was about time, so he stopped and stretched out his hand to summon Du Lu.

Du Lu’s appearance caused a fiery red light to appear in the dark forest.

Du Lu had already undergone a huge change.

A fire dragon the size of a carriage appeared in front of him.

Its body and wings were already very strong. Its head was as big as a wheel. Its teeth and claws had also become very sharp, exuding a metallic luster. Of course, the most eye-catching part was its body.

Red dragon scales that were like magma covered its entire body, giving off a blazing aura as if it was a ball of burning flames.

Fire Dragon

Name: Du Lu

Strength: Tier 3

Skills: Dragon breath, dragon might, fire magic immunity, bite

Habitat: Small Fire Dragon Nest

Output: 10 gold coins per minute

Growth Value: 3/500

Du Lu had already risen to tier 3, and his body was also rapidly growing. He no longer looked as cute as a puppy when he was just born, and now had some of the might of a dragon.

However, he was still as close to Joelson as when he was born. As soon as he was summoned, he pounced on him.

“Alright Du Lu, stop licking me.”

Joelson helplessly pushed Du Lu’s huge head away, but Du Lu kept pushing his head over, acting coquettishly like when he was born.

Joelson gently stroked Du Lu’s head twice.

This was all because the effects of the dragon scale fruit were too terrifying. Normally, it would take at least a year for a new born dragon to grow to Tier 3, but Du Lu only took three days to eat the dragon scale fruit, it had already grown to this size.

Joelson had also gained a lot of benefits from Du Lu’s growth.

Every time he plucked a mature dragon scale fruit, he would receive 1 exp.

His current experience point was: 20/50

At his current speed, it would not be long before he could advance to a level-2 mage.

If someone else’s advancement speed was walking, then his speed was akin to riding on a rocket.

If Beard found out that he had only become a level-2 mage after enduring for a few days until his beard turned white, then it would only take a few days for him to reach that level. He would definitely be furious.

After playing with Du Lu for a while, he looked into Du Lu’s eyes and said, “You are no longer a baby fire dragon who only knows how to snore in the lava. You are already a big dragon. It’s time for you to learn how to fight.”

Du Lu’s black gem-like eyes revealed a hint of confusion. He did not understand what he meant.

Joelson did not say anything else. He waved his hand and Du Lu lowered his head.

Joelson climbed onto Du Lu’s back.

Du Lu, who had already reached the third level, was enough to carry Joelson and fly in the sky.

Although it was not the first time he rode Du Lu into the sky, Joelson was still a little excited.

The dragon knight was too cool!


Joelson shouted.

Du Lu flapped his wings and flew in the air above the forest.

He was also looking down, looking for a target.

Suddenly, he saw a few dim lights in the darkness.

It was a group of wild wolves!

“Du Lu, go up and kill them!”

He commanded Du Lu excitedly.

Du Lu let out a dragon roar and dived towards the wolf group.

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