Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 39 Francis, Who Was Shocked

The spell, which had the effect of burning and vibration, and the flame ripple, directly killed all four magic wolves.

Joelson did not choose to enter the next level directly. Now that his magic power had been somewhat consumed, he used the one-minute rest time to slightly recover some magic power and spiritual power, and then he walked into the light door.

On the 20th floor of the Mage Tower.

Francis was already very tired. He was panting slightly.

He had already killed eight out of ten tier-2 magic wolves. There were still two light and dark magic wolves that he had not finished off.

One of them was completely white. Its entire body was exuding a sacred and inviolable aura.

The other magic wolf was as dark as the night. Its eyes stared fiercely at Francis.

The dark element magic wolf would hide in the shadows and launch a sneak attack without any warning.

The sneak attack of the dark element magic wolf was very difficult to detect in advance.

Just now, Francis had been a little careless and almost broke his magic shield.

Francis cast an “acceleration spell” on himself, and his body immediately became light and fast.

He easily dodged a white ball of light, which was the attack method of the light element magic wolf.

Francis used his agile body to start circling the two magic wolves. From time to time, he would throw a few wind blades at the magic wolves, cutting out some light spots on their bodies.

His major was wind element magic.

It would be great if he could cast a levitation spell or a levitation spell now.

He could easily defeat these monsters.

However, hovering and floating were both level-4 and above spells, which were too far away for Francis.

Finally, when Francis was about to run out of mana, he successfully exhausted the two magic wolves bit by bit.

The strength of a level-2 wolf with mutated attributes was almost comparable to that of a level-3 wolf.

The challenge here was too difficult.

Almost in an instant, he cleared the level, Francis immediately sat down cross-legged and quickly recovered his magic power.

The difficulty of every ten levels would be greatly increased. This was something that all the students who had challenged the mage tower knew.

The 21st level, a rank 3 magic beast.

Francis’face revealed a trace of bitterness. He almost did not have much magic power left.

With the magic power from the reward, he had probably only recovered less than 20%.

Francis could only try this level.

If he did not encounter any earth or ice type monsters with strong defense, he might be able to try again. If he was lucky, he might be able to go up another level.

He wondered, what level Joelon had reached?

The figure of a teenager appeared in front of Francis.

This was his biggest concern. He and Joelson had cleared the level at the same time. The people outside were watching, so he had to try his best to go up a few more levels. Fortunately, it was Joelson’s first challenge.

The first challenge had to start from the beginning, including the mana consumption of the previous levels.

Joelson would use up all his mana at the 16th level at most.

Francis’ eyes relaxed slightly.

At this time, the time for recovery had come. He walked into the light door with a determined expression.

Not long after.

“He’s out! Someone’s out!”

Outside the mage tower, someone exclaimed.

Francis walked out of the mage tower with a pale face. He looked slightly disheveled.

This was a sign of excessive consumption of spiritual power.

“The 21st floor! Francis has already reached the 20th floor!”

“It’s really amazing. Many fourth-year students are unable to break through the 20th floor!”

“As expected of a genius!”

In the crowd, praises and exclamations sounded one after another.

Francis’ face returned to its previous arrogance and indifference.

“Minister! You’re too awesome!”

“Yes, yes!”

“Minister is already more amazing than many fourth-grade academies!”

The people from the executive department immediately came up to Francis, with admiration and worship.

Francis seemed to not mind and nodded. “It’s a pity that we met an earth-type magical beast on the twenty-first floor. I didn’t have much magic power left at that time, so I didn’t kill it. Otherwise, I could have broken through to the twenty-second floor. Oh, right, has Joelson come out now?”

“Not yet,” someone answered.

Francis was not surprised and continued, “Which floor is he on now? The 16th floor? or the 17th floor?”

This was the result that Francis had predicted for Joelson.

The people from the Executive Department immediately fell silent. Their expressions were a little strange.


Francis frowned. Sensing that everyone’s reaction was not right, he subconsciously looked at the light screen.

The next moment, he was completely stunned.

“Joelson Edward, second grade.”

“Twenty-first floor!”

“This is impossible!”

Francis almost screamed.

His face was filled with shock, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

How could Joelson be so fast?! So Strong?!

He had started the challenge from the first floor, but he had already reached the twenty-first floor. One had to know that he had started from the seventeenth floor, and he had started from the first floor!

How long did it take him to clear the 20th floor?!

Francis was stunned and did not know what to say.

“Joelson is too strong! He’s already on the 22nd floor!”

Other than the 19th and 20th floors, he did not spend more than a minute on each floor!”

“He has completely surpassed Francis’ existence. As expected of the number one genius!”

“That’s too terrifying. Which floor do you think Joelson will be able to reach? The 25th floor or the 30th floor?”

“I’m not too sure.” A senior student wearing a purple robe shook his head and said,

“But the 30th floor is absolutely impossible. After the 25th floor, magical beasts with third-tier rare attributes are too powerful. An ordinary third-tier mage in perfect condition might not be able to defeat them in a one-on-one fight, let alone magical beasts with other attributes.”

The others nodded in agreement.

But their eyes were still filled with shock, admiration, and disbelief.

Generally speaking, a third-tier mage passing the 17th and 18th floors was considered qualified.

Passing the 19th floor was considered outstanding.

To pass the 20th floor was considered a genius among his peers.

For example, Francis. To be able to pass the 20th floor in less than two weeks after advancing to the third-tier was enough to shock people.

As for Joelson…

He was a monster!

He was an existence that they could not understand!

From the first floor to the 21st floor, he rushed up in one breath. He did not even breathe.

God of magic, could it be that his magic power and spiritual power were limitless?

Everyone watched as his ranking continued to rise rapidly. They were so shocked that they were almost numb.

“He rose again! He rose again!”

Someone cried out in surprise.

Following that, everyone looked at Joelson’s name in shock. He jumped every few minutes and every few minutes.

He continued to jump until he reached the 26th floor.

“Can we pass this floor?”

Everyone’s mood became tense.

They were filled with anticipation…

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