Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 34 The Chant of Ice and Fire

“This is the most popular magic potion on the market recently. Its power is comparable to an ordinary level-5 spell!”

“It’s said that the black market has already sold it for 800 gold coins a bottle!”

“This is a big market. If we can get it, it will be a huge sum of money!”

“Where did this thing come from? Why don’t we open up a source of goods?”

“Only Grantham, that old guy, has a supply, right? Oh, I don’t know how he made a deal with the people from the Tulip Magic Potion Association!”

“This potion came from the Tulip Magic Academy?!”

“Of course, the new potion recently developed by the Magic Potion Association is called ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ by the students of the Tulip Magic Academy!”

Mustache pressed his face against the crystal window. His eyes were filled with infatuation and greed. He said in a low voice, “Listen, what a beautiful name!”

The others were similar to him. They were all very envious of ‘song of Ice and fire’. Everyone wanted to have the source of this potion.

“Niece Catherine, where did you get this potion?”

The attitude of the mustached man and the others immediately changed, with a faint fawning and flattering tone.

The red and blue magnificent medicine was arranged in a row in the crystal window. There were at least a dozen bottles.

This meant that the Lucca Chamber of Commerce had a sufficient and stable source of goods. This was not something that anyone could get!

If they could have such a channel, they would be able to obtain dazzling gold coins!


Catherine spat at them and said with a sneer, “Don’t call me that. It will only make me feel disgusted. If you want to buy things, I will welcome you at any time. Otherwise, get lost!”


The mustache was so angry that the mustache on his mouth was shaking, but he quickly suppressed his anger and asked with narrowed eyes, “How much is a bottle?”

“One thousand gold coins!”

“You’re robbing money!”

Someone shouted in surprise, “The black-hearted businessman, Grantham, only sells it for five hundred gold coins per bottle.”

Catherine said with a smile, “Then you go to Grantham. Go out and turn left. I won’t send you off.”

They were so angry that they couldn’t speak.

At this time, a few people walked in from the door.

“Luka Potion Shop: eh, isn’t it closed?”

“Joelson, why are you here? Go to the Provos Chamber of Commerce. It looks so small.”

“My dear, we don’t have much money. Believe me, the price of the shop is cheaper, and the items won’t be much different.”


A man and a woman walked into the potion shop.

The man’s figure was tall and straight, and he carried a long sword on his waist. He was smart and strong. It seemed that he was a knight with good strength.

The woman was wearing a black robe, and there were three golden patterns on the left side of her chest. She was a tier 3 mage.

The two of them were obviously a couple.

Catherine quickly walked up to them.

“How can I help you two?”

“We want to buy some things that can be used in the Magical Beast Forest. Well, mainly for her.”

The man looked at his female companion gently.

Catherine’s face revealed a warm smile.

“You guys want to go on an adventure, right? The Magical Beast Forest is very dangerous. I recommend a new offensive magic potion to the two of you. It’s very good.”

“As long as you use your spiritual power to guide it and throw it at the target, it can cause the damage of a level-5 spell.”

Catherine took out a bottle of potion from the crystal cabinet.

The woman shouted in surprise, “Wow, it’s so beautiful.”

“Yes, it has a poetic name, it’s called Song of Ice and Fire.”

Both of their faces were slightly moved, but more of them were doubtful. After all, there were too many black-hearted businessmen nowadays.

“Can it really have the power of a level-5 spell?”

“Of course, I’ll guarantee it with the reputation of the Lucca Chamber of Commerce.”

Catherine said seriously.


Someone sneered in disgust.

“Dear friend, don’t be fooled by her.” As far as I know, this shop is going to close down soon. They are preparing to use a batch of fake potions to swindle some money and then run away. Oh, right, this shop assistant lady just said that this small bottle of potion costs one thousand gold coins.”

“One thousand gold coins!”

The two people exclaimed.

Catherine’s face became very cold, and she said indifferently, “No, it’s only four hundred gold coins per bottle.”

The mustached man whistled and said slyly, “Then it’s even more fake. How can a magical potion that can withstand a level-five magic attack only cost four hundred gold coins?”

The doubt in the eyes of the two people towards Catherine became even more intense.

A soft sneer sounded on the field.

Everyone was laughing at Catherine’s joke.

So what if there was a potion? As long as they were here, they could make sure that the Lucca potion shop would not be able to do any business. They could not watch the Lucca Chamber of Commerce rise again with their own eyes. They had to kill the Lucca Chamber of Commerce.

Catherine’s face was cold. Suddenly, the coldness on her face disappeared, and a bright smile appeared on her face.

“I’m sorry, you two.”

Catherine apologized to the man and woman.

“There are some troublemakers in the shop. I’ll drive them away first. Well, I’ll show you the power of the Song of Ice and Fire.”

“Catherine, what are you doing?!”

The face of the mustached man and the others suddenly turned gloomy, and they shouted, “This is your pharmacy. Be careful not to break anything!”

“I know.”

Catherine smiled and took out a strange thing from behind her.

It seemed to be pieced together with a tube and a few pieces of iron.

The black hole of the tube was aimed at mustache and the others.

They did not know why, but fear rose in their hearts.


A red and blue light flashed.

Mustache let out a miserable cry as if he had been hit by something.

Flames and frost suddenly appeared on his body at the same time.

The flames burned his clothes, and the frost froze more than half of his body.

After the ice and fire wreaked havoc on his body, the mustache man’s condition became very miserable.

Black smoke rose from the top of his head, and his clothes were tattered. His face was black and blue, and his beautiful mustaches were gone.

His entire body was trembling.

“So hot, so cold, am I going to die?!”

Everyone was shocked!

What was this thing?!

“Guards! Quickly call the guards in!”

Someone shouted.

Catherine turned the muzzle of the gun around, and the person who was pointed at immediately turned pale, and his eyes revealed a look of fear.

“Hurry up and get lost!”

The group of people quickly ran away in panic.

Only a miserable little mustache was left. Catherine ordered people to throw him onto the street.


The female mage’s eyes were shining.

“What is this? So powerful, so magical!”

Catherine looked at the weapon in her hand, which Lynn called a “gun”, and explained, “This is a magic-conducting weapon modified with the magic potion I just introduced to the two of you. Its name is.”

A handsome, calm, mysterious and confident face flashed across Catherine’s eyes as she slowly said, “The Aria of Ice and Fire!”

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