Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 33 The Lucca Chamber of Commerce, Which Was About to Close Down

Joelson sat in front of Catherine again.

But this time, it was not in the living room, but in a small meeting room.

“Juliana doesn’t know that you’re back. Sir Joelson, if you have anything to say, just say it.”

Catherine said with a wry smile.

Joelson changed his posture, with a faint smile on his face, and his hands casually rested on his knees.

Unlike before, he had come back on his own accord, so this conversation had been led by him.

“I just think that if the Lucca family were to suffer, what would that be called?”

“The Shadow Society.”

Catherine explained, “An assassin organization with a very bad reputation among normal people. Gold coin can order them to do anything.”

“Yes, the Shadow Society!”

Joelson snapped his fingers and continued, “Under the threat of the Shadow Society’s Assassins, Juliana is the safest in the academy. Why did they bring her out of the academy instead? Miss Catherine should know this, right?”

Catherine did not say anything.

Of course, she knew.

No matter how powerful the Shadow Society was, they would not dare to go to the Tulip Magic Academy to kill people.

There were so many experts among the instructors of the academy. Just the title of the number one saint-level mage of the Alcott Empire, Harriet Terrence, was enough to make them not dare to enter the academy.


Catherine saw that she could not deceive Joelson, so she told the truth. “We want to seek help from Sir Joelson. Our Luca family is now in a very difficult situation.”


Joelson was not surprised. He had already expected it, or else he would not have come back.

“Tell me what happened.”


Catherine nodded and said, “The Lucca Chamber of Commerce was one of the largest chambers of commerce in the capital. It had more than 50 shops under its name in all the provinces of the empire. At that time, the Lucca family was very prosperous.”

“Miss Catherine.”

Joelson interrupted Catherine’s words and spread out his hands, saying, “I’m not here to listen to you tell me about the glorious history of the Lucca Chamber of Commerce.”

Catherine revealed an embarrassed expression, she sped up and said, “To put it simply, when my father was still alive, he had offended, or rather harmed, the interests of a portion of people. They joined forces and attempted to take revenge and annex the Lucca family’s property. This idea had been going on since my father passed away. Recently…”

Catherine paused for a moment. “They became impatient.”

“They first squeezed out our forging shop and weapons shop. Originally, there were two magic potion shops that could barely keep up, but just last week, they poached an intermediate magic potion master that the Lucca family had worshipped for more than ten years. It can be said that the Lucca family now has no source of income at all.”

“There are a lot of goods in the warehouse, but they can’t be sold at all. After a while, I’ll have to rely on selling shops to maintain the business of the Chamber of Commerce. This is the result they want to see.”

Hearing this, Joelson roughly understood and asked, “What about the Shadow?”

“They hired a low-level assassin to assassinate me, but a personal guard blocked a knife for me. I didn’t lie to you about this.”

Catherine looked at Joelson helplessly and said, “But the assassin won’t come again in the future. Juliana is not in danger at home, because even if I don’t die, the Lucca family will soon collapse.”


Joelson nodded.

“It seems that I can’t help much. Miss Catherine doesn’t want a little third-tier mage like me to help you destroy the enemy Chamber of Commerce, right? Haha.”


Catherine shook her head. “Of course Sir Joelson can help.”

She looked at Joelson with anticipation. “I know. You’re the Vice-President of the Magic Potion Association of the Tulip Academy.”

Joelson raised his eyebrows. “You want me to help you prepare magic potions?”

“It doesn’t need any high-level potions. Just some stable low-level potions will do. Then our potion shop can continue to open and maintain the operation of the Chamber of Commerce!”

Catherine stammered, “I heard that most of the members of the pharmacy association are qualified pharmacists.”

Joelson fell silent.

Catherine’s mood was very unsettled.

Joelson was too smart. A little trick that she thought was very smart was easily seen through by him.

Although she had a relationship with Juliana, she was still not sure whether Joelson would agree or not.


Joelson said.


Catherine cried out in surprise.


Joelson nodded.

The Magic Potion Association would sell a part of the potion to other chambers of commerce every week. It was better to sell it to Catherine directly. At least she had a relationship with the Lucca Chamber of Commerce. She had some dealings with them before coming to the capital, so she was trustworthy.

Moreover, he was about to ask a chamber of commerce to help him collect the materials to make the dragon blood potion.

“I can give all the potions that the association compiles every week to the Lucca Chamber of Commerce, including a portion of the intermediate potion and the new magic potion that we have developed.”

Catherine’s heart instantly rose from the abyss to heaven. She had never thought that she would be able to achieve such favorable cooperation.

The latest potion developed by the Magic Potion Association of the Tulip Academy?!

God, if that was really the case, this gimmick alone would be able to attract a large number of customers.

As expected, finding Joelson was the wisest choice.


A smile appeared on Joelson’s face as he continued, “I also have conditions.”


Catherine blinked her eyes.

The next day.

The capital’s busiest avenue, the Champs-Elysees.

“They’re open again?”

A few middle-aged men dressed luxuriously stood at the entrance of the pharmacy shop with the logo of the Lucca Chamber of Commerce hanging on it. They frowned and discussed in a low voice.

“Did the Lucca family find a new pharmacist?! That’s impossible! We’ve basically taken care of all the pharmacists in the capital!”

“What’s the use of thinking so much? Let’s go in and take a look.”

The few of them quickly walked into the pharmacy.

On the first day of the reopening, Catherine personally took charge of the pharmacy.

She was looking forward to today’s business situation.

“It’s you?”

Catherine saw the first batch of customers who walked into the shop, and her pretty face immediately turned cold.

“You’re not welcome here. Please leave.”

“Dear niece Catherine, this is not how you do business.”

A shrewd man with a mustache on his lips said with a fake smile.

“I don’t need anyone to teach me how to do business.”

Catherine replied coldly.


The man with a mustache was about to get angry when suddenly, a low voice attracted him.

“Heart of fire and water?! How did you get such a potion?!”

Someone pointed at a bottle of red and blue potion in the crystal window and said in disbelief.

Catherine showed a slightly proud smile on her face.

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