Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 32 The Lucca Sisters

“Sir Joelson.”

A familiar voice sounded. It was Benson, the steward of the caravan who had given Leas to Joelson.

Joelson smiled and nodded at Benson. “We meet again.”

“It’s great to see you again.”

Benson could not suppress his excitement. He respectfully invited Joelson. “Sir Joelson, please follow me. The Miss is waiting for you.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Joelson followed Benson into the house.

There was a fountain in the courtyard and carefully repaired flowers and trees. It looked very gorgeous. The house was also very large. It could be seen that the background of the Lucca family was not bad.

When they walked into the house, a tall woman stood with her back facing Joelson.

She quickly turned around.

Her hair fell down like waves.

She had an exquisite face that was 70-80% similar to Julianna’s, and she was very beautiful.

In his daze, Joelson even thought that he had seen Julianna three years later.

Catherine revealed a brilliant smile and walked quickly towards Joelson.

“Joelson Edward, the magic genius of the Tulip Academy of Magic. I’ve often heard about you from Julianna. I’m Julianna’s sister. Nice to meet you.”

Catherine extended a fair and tender hand to Joelson.

“Me too.”

Joelson replied with a smile, “The beautiful Lady Catherine, who is as beautiful as an ice spirit flower.”

Catherine pursed her lips and smiled gently.

“You’re not quite the same as I imagined.”

“Oh? What’s different?”

Catherine said with a smile, “I thought that a genius youth who could advance to a third-rank mage at the age of sixteen would be a bookworm who only knows how to study magic books. I didn’t expect Sir Joelson to be so good at talking.”


Catherine invited Joelson to sit down, and the maid brought him tea and snacks.

“I haven’t personally expressed my gratitude to you for the incident with the caravan. It’s my fault.”

Catherine looked ashamed.

Joelson shook his head and said, “Don’t worry about this matter. Steward Benson has already expressed his gratitude to me.”

“That’s different.”

Catherine insisted and glanced to the side.

Benson walked up and put some things in front of Joelson.

A full purse, a bottle of magic potion, and a gem shining with red light.

“This is a small gift from the Lucca family. Please accept it, Sir.”

Joelson glanced at the things on the table.

A few hundred gold coins, spirit potion, intermediate fire elemental magic core, these simple things were not attractive to him.

“Is Juliana around? Elsa asked me to ask about Juliana’s recent situation for her.”

Joelson gently skipped this topic.

Catherine’s eyes flickered, and she explained, “I have already sent someone upstairs to call Juliana down.”

Before Catherine could finish her sentence, a delighted voice sounded from behind Joelson.


Joelson turned around. Juliana, who was wearing a lavender dress, was running down the stairs with her long legs. Her face was full of surprise as she didn’t expect that Joelson would come to see her.

“It’s really you! Why are you here?”

Juliana held the hem of her dress with both hands and jogged towards Joelson.

Her cheeks were red, perhaps because she ran too fast or for some other reason.

Julianna’s heart was beating fast. She looked at Joelson, her eyes full of surprise and shyness.

Joelson said seriously, “Elsa and Tangman from the library both thought that you are a truant and sent me here to catch you.”


Juliana cried out in surprise, her small mouth slightly opened, “Impossible, I’ve already asked for leave from the academy!”

“Pfft, Hahaha…”

Behind her, Catherine could not help but laugh.

There was a smile in Joelson’s eyes.

Juliana immediately understood.

“You lied to me!”

Juliana pouted and glared at Joelson.

Joelson shook his head with a smile, then he stopped smiling and said seriously, “What’s the reason? You didn’t attend the monthly test two days ago.”


Juliana’s eyes suddenly dimmed. Her face was full of hesitation. From time to time, she looked behind Joelson. She wanted to say something but didn’t know whether to say it or not.


Catherine walked up and said helplessly, “Let me answer this question.”

“There are some things that I shouldn’t have told you. Recently, the Lucca Chamber of Commerce has been ostracized by a few chambers of commerce. They have suppressed our shops and poached our pharmacists and even our blacksmiths at high prices.”

A faint worry appeared on Catherine’s face, she took a deep breath and said, “They even sent people to assassinate me in secret. One of my loyal personal guards died under the Shadow Society’s poisonous blades two days ago in order to protect me. I was worried that they would attack Juliana, so I chose to let her come home.”


Juliana’s eyes were red as she stepped forward and gently hugged Catherine.

The two sisters leaned against each other, revealing a weak and helpless look that deeply touched Benson.

“Miss Catherine’s independent support of the Chamber of Commerce is admirable.”

A look of admiration appeared on Joelson’s face.


Catherine’s expression became even more pitiful.

“How about this.”

Joelson thought for a moment and said, “The Lucca Chamber of Commerce is in a difficult situation, so I don’t want these things. If I need them, I still have a few thousand gold coins in my hands. I can lend them all to Miss Catherine. It can be considered as a small contribution.”


Catherine was suddenly dumbfounded.

“Since I already know that Juliana is fine, then I won’t bother you anymore.”

Joelson stood up and said to Juliana, “I hope to see you at the academy as soon as possible.”


Juliana was a little reluctant.

Joelson said goodbye to the others.

Catherine sent Joelson out of the house in a daze until Juliana went upstairs. Only she and Benson were left in the hall.

Catherine was stunned.

“How could this be? It’s totally different from what we expected!”

Benson also said with a bitter smile, “I thought we could ask him to help us by taking the second miss home, attracting Lin Si’s visit, and befriending him through goodwill. I didn’t expect that.”

“Forget it.” Catherine rubbed her temples and said helplessly, “As Juliana’s classmate, what he can do is not bad. Let’s think of another way.”

Benson sighed and nodded slightly.

At this time, the maid walked up quickly and asked with a strange expression, “Miss, that Mr Edward is back. He wants to talk to you alone.”

Catherine suddenly got up from the chair and looked at Benson with confusion and shock.

“It seems that this magic genius is much smarter than we thought!”

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