Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 31 Dragon Shield

Du Lu tried to get up, but its injuries were too severe that it was difficult for it to even get up now.

Two large holes had been opened in its chest by the steel dragon, and there was even a bite on its neck.

The wounds on its body looked very terrifying, and one could even see the beating heart inside through the wounds.

Fortunately, the vitality of the dragon race was very tenacious, to begin with, and in addition, the Dragon God Arena had a 30% recovery rate.

Therefore, Du Lu’s life was not in danger now.

Joelson walked to Du Lu’s side and covered Du Lu’s head with his hand, looking directly into its eyes.

“Don’t be discouraged. One day, you will be able to defeat it, Du Lu!”

Du Lu let out a few low growls from the bottom of its throat as a response.

It stuck out its tongue and licked Joelson’s palm to express its intimacy.

“System, is there any way to quickly heal Du Lu’s injuries?”

Joelson asked the system.

“Dragon scale fruit, dragon scale flower, dragon fern grass…”

The system gave a series of notifications.

Joelson quickly harvested the dragon scale fruit and dragon scale flower that he had picked recently and fed them to Du Lu.

Du Lu opened its mouth and swallowed them one by one.

Joelson saw a few horrifying wounds on Du Lu’s body. With the dragon reeds and dragon scale fruits as well as the buff from the arena, they healed at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

Joelson opened Du Lu’s attribute panel.

He found that Du Lu’s growth value had only increased by a little, but the battle power displayed in the arena was slowly increasing. It seemed that the battle power did not depend entirely on the level of the giant dragon, but also on the battle experience.

When the wound had completely healed, Du Lu shook its wings and suddenly flew up into the sky.

It circled the sky, roaring continuously from its mouth, and violent flames spewed out from it.

Joelson could feel Du Lu’s body constantly rising, fiercely burning with a fighting spirit.

It wanted to fight another round!

At this time, Du Lu’s combat strength increased by 100 points, reaching 900 points.

When Du Lu’s battle intent reached its peak, a blurry red light burst out from its body, covering its entire body.

Looking at Du Lu’s body, it looked like it was wearing custom-made armor, very gorgeous.

Du Lu’s combat power instantly increased by 200 points.

“Congratulations, rancher, your fire dragon, Du Lu, has successfully comprehended an innate skill, the protective dragon shield!”

“Dragon Shield: physical damage reduction 20%, magic damage reduction 20%, can be upgraded.”

There was a hint of joy in Joelson’s eyes.

The defeat in this battle had greatly helped Du Lu’s growth. His combat power had increased by 300 points. Before the battle, Du Lu’s combat power was only a pitiful 800 points. After one battle, it had increased by almost half.

Sure enough, the battle was the best way to promote the growth of dragons.

Unfortunately, the Dragon God’s Arena could only be opened once a day. Otherwise, Du Lu could train in hell here.

Joelson played with Du Lu for a while, planted the new batch of dragon flowers, and then left the space of the ranch.

“Do you see Zi? That’s Joelson Edward!”

“He’s so handsome! I heard that he has become a tier 3 mage. Is that true?”

“That’s impossible, right? He’s still so young, but in another two years, I think he’ll definitely be fine!”

“Of course it’s true. We even witnessed him defeating Elsa in the actual combat assessment!”

“That’s incredible! You know him?”

“Yes, yes, we have a good relationship.”

“That’s great. Tell me about it.”

As Joelson walked on the main road of the academy, discussions could be heard around him.

Many first and second-year female students wearing blue mage robes surrounded him and discussed him. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and shyness.

Those students who were in the same class as Joelson had become the most popular people in the crowd. This was all because of him.

Casually throwing out the legend of “instantaneous level-3 magic” and “spiritual power close to level-4” could cause people to constantly exclaim.

It was really nice to be the center of a conversation. They were also gradually proud of being “his classmate” and “his good friend”, although the truth was that he might have only greeted him once.

Since the results of the last monthly assessment spread, Joelson Edward’s name once again caused quite a stir in the academy.

Now, Joelson was not only on the road to be watched, everywhere he went, everyone’s focus.

Moreover, because of his terrifying talent and strength, as well as his handsome and outstanding appearance, although not high but still considered to be a noble identity.

He became the most perfect prince charming in the hearts of many girls.

Every day, he received more than a dozen love letters. There were shy junior girls, and there were also enthusiastic and bold senior girls.

But now, he didn’t care about any of these.

Joelson’s brows were tightly furrowed, and his footsteps seemed to be very fast. He didn’t seem to be very happy.

He showed his student badge to the guard, and Joelson obtained the right to leave the academy.

The conversation with Elsa just now was still echoing in his mind.

“Something seems to have happened at Juliana’s house. She might need to take a leave of absence for a while.”

“Miss Elsa, do you know what it is?”

“I’m not sure. Juliana should be going back to accompany her sister. Sigh, Catherine Luca is really an amazing girl.”

“Wait! Miss Elsa, what did you say Juliana’s sister’s name was?”

“What’s wrong? Her name is Catherine Luca.”


Luca Chamber of Commerce.

Joelson repeated these two names repeatedly.

On the way to the capital, he had helped a caravan, and the steward of the caravan had told him with some pride.

They were affiliated with Luca Chamber of Commerce and had even given Leas to him.

To be honest, he hadn’t even noticed.

Juliana’s last name was Luca!

Catherine Lucca, Juliana Luca.

What a coincidence.

Anyway, Joelson was going to make a trip.

Juliana was the first friend he’d made since he’d entered the academy.

And the Luca caravan had been friends with him.

He wanted to go and take a look.

He randomly hired a carriage to go to Juliana’s home.

He had already gotten the address of Juliana’s mansion from Miss Elsa.

The carriage stopped in front of a quiet and luxurious house in the east of the capital.

Joelson paid for the carriage and rang the doorbell.

Soon, a middle-aged maid in a gray, linen dress walked out.

She looked at him up and down with a vigilant gaze.

“Sir, may I know who you are looking for?”

“My name is Joelson Edward.”

Joelson said politely, “I’m Juliana’s classmate. I’m here to visit her.”

The maid’s expression relaxed.

She nodded at Joelson.

“Please wait a moment.”

Not long after, Joelson saw a familiar figure hurriedly walk out of the room.

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