Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 30 First Failure

“20,000 gold coins deducted.”

“Construction of the Dragon God Arena completed.”

“Congratulations to the rancher for obtaining a special building: The Dragon God Arena. Obtained 1,000 experience points, 5,000 gold coins.”

A nearly circular, bowl-like building suddenly sat in the middle of the field.

It was similar to the ancient Roman arena in his previous life, with a huge platform in the middle.

Around the side of the colosseum stood many marble columns that were dozens of meters tall. There were also countless dragon flags that whistled in the strong wind.

It gave people an ancient and boundless feeling.

“Dragon God Colosseum: the training ground for ancient giant dragons. Only the most courageous and powerful dragons can stand out from this cruel place.”

“Effect: dragon race’s fighting spirit + 30% , dragon race’s recovery ability + 30% .”

Du Lu’s attention was completely drawn to the arena.

There was also some confusion in the dragon’s eyes that were filled with curiosity.

Joelson climbed onto Du Lu’s back.

Du Lu flapped his wings and carried him into the arena.


In a trance, Joelson seemed to hear the roars of countless giant dragons echoing in his ears. Even his soul was shocked.

His eyes were filled with astonishment. Everything in the Dragon God Arena actually seemed to be real.

Du Lu clearly heard the dragon’s roar as well.


Du Lu raised his head and roared, his roar carrying a trace of majesty.

In this arena, countless remnants of the ancient dragon race’s battle will were summoning him.

His dragon blood began to boil, and the temperature on the surface of his body rose. It became incomparably hot, as if it was about to burn.

Joelson hurriedly jumped down from Du Lu’s body. There were spectator stands around the arena.

He found a seat and sat down.

Du Lu, who was soaring above the arena, seemed to have transformed into a dragon. It growled continuously and was filled with anxiety.

It flapped its wings rapidly and spat out flames from its mouth.

From its dragon eyes, Joelson saw an intense burning desire to fight.

Du Lu was eager to fight!

“Does the rancher allow the dragon clan to have their first battle?”

Joelson nodded. “Yes.”

“Matching the opponent’s giant dragon.”

“Ancient Dragon Soul Summoning.”

A golden light descended from the sky and shot onto one of the countless dragon flags beside the arena.

The golden light outlined a ferocious giant dragon on the dim gray dragon flag.

The dragon flag trembled.

The slumbering ancient dragon soul was slowly awakening.

Du Lu became even more excited as he continuously let out a dragon roar.

Battle was the instinct of a dragon!

The dragon flag floated in mid-air, emitting a strange light.

Following that, a huge dragon claw with a metallic luster extended out from the flag.

Then, it was the dragon’s head and body, until the entire dragon extended out from within.


The metallic dragon roared out, its violent aura sweeping through the entire area. A faint pressure even made Joelson, who was sitting by the side, feel heavy.

Ancient metal-type giant dragon: Steel Dragon

Strength level: tier 5

Combat Power: 2,300

Skills: steel body, berserk bite

A thought flashed through Joelson’s mind. His combat power could even be quantified?!

He hurriedly looked at Du Lu, and his heart sank. This battle was going to be very difficult to win.

Combat Power: 800

Both of them were tier 5, but why was there such a huge difference in strength?!

Was it because the opponent was an ancient, metal-type dragon?

Could it be that the ancient dragon race was stronger than the current dragon race?

It was likely that Du Lu and him had grown up in a greenhouse, and had never experienced a truly cruel battle. In the past, when the opponent was not strong enough, Du Lu had directly crushed them.

Joelson’s eyes could not help but reveal worry.

There was a huge difference between the two dragons. Du Lu would not be in danger, right.

The steel dragon’s body was more than twice the size of Du Lu’s.

The feeling that the two gave people was also completely different.

The steel dragon’s body was like cast steel. It looked like it was impossible to destroy. It was filled with power and a sense of oppression.

Its entire body shone with a metallic luster. Its claws and teeth were real steel blades. It gave people a terrifying feeling that it was impossible to defeat it.

In the past, Du Lu appeared very huge and mighty in front of the enemy. However, compared to the steel dragon, Du Lu was like a young dragon that had not fully developed yet.

Regardless of whether it was in terms of aura or body size, they were all inferior by more than one level. It was like a brave warrior and a child fighting in a duel.

Du Lu’s dragon eyes stared intently at the steel dragon. It did not dare to relax like before. It let out a low growl that was filled with vigilance.

It sensed a thick and dangerous aura from the other party. This was an enemy that was very difficult to deal with.

However, the arrogance that was branded in the dragon bloodline made it not retreat.

Even if it died in battle, it would still bite off a piece of meat from the other party’s body.


The two dragons roared at almost the same time and pounced on the other party.

The steel dragon flapped its huge steel wings, setting off a violent hurricane that swept up the yellow sand and rocks in the arena.

The giant tail that was like a steel pillar swept across, and Du Lu was sent flying in a single blow.

Du Lu roared in pain and rolled far away in the sky. It took him a lot of effort to stabilize his body.

Joelson noticed that the dragon scales on Du Lu’s chest were already showing signs of breaking with just one blow from the dragon tail.

The difference in strength was too great, and there was no way to fight.

Joelson shook his head helplessly, ready to end the battle at any time.

Du Lu had suffered a loss. It had learned wisely.

It clearly realized that it was a very stupid thing to fight with the steel dragon, which was known for its body strength.

Du Lu was a fire dragon. The strongest part of the fire dragon race was fire magic.

Du Lu pulled away from the steel dragon and spat out fireballs from its mouth.

It was much bigger than the tier 1 fireball spell that Joelson had cast.

However, it did not work on the steel dragon at all.

The metal dragons did not know magic, but their metal bodies were immune to most of the power of magic.

The steel dragon was completely enraged by Du Lu’s provocation and quickly pushed over.

Du Lu’s speed was also not as fast as it. Moreover, escape was not allowed in the gladiator arena.

Once they left the area of the gladiator arena, they would be considered to be afraid of battle, which was even more humiliating than defeat.

It was something the pride of the dragon race would never allow.

The steel dragon struck Du Lu’s body like a missile.

Its huge and sharp claws easily tore through Du Lu’s scales and pierced into its chest.

Blood flowed like a river.

Du Lu screamed.

Seeing this, Joelson felt his heartache and stood up abruptly from the stands.

The pain also aroused Du Lu’s ferocity. It opened its mouth and spewed out raging flames.

It formed a pillar of fire that poured down on the steel dragon’s head.

A minute later, Joelson calmly said, “We admit defeat.”

The steel dragon seemed to have received an order and let Du Lu go.

Du Lu fell heavily in the center of the arena. It did not even have the strength to support itself to fly.

The steel dragon growled and its body gradually became illusory. In the end, it turned into a golden light and flew back to the dragon flag.

The dragon flag was inserted back into its original position.

“Du lu du lu…”

Du Lu, who was lying on the ground and looking very miserable, widened his eyes and fixed his gaze on Joelson. There was grievance, unwillingness, pain, and an even more burning fighting spirit!

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