Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 3 Building the Ranch

Joelson opened the building function on the system panel.

When he opened it, he was shocked when he saw the items inside.

Dragon Nest, building, altar, decorations…

To unlock and use them, one basically needed gold coins. Most of them were gray and could not be unlocked because the current Joelson did not have so many gold coins.

Only now did he know why the novice gift pack included 1,000 gold coins.

It turned out that it was used here to start the construction of the ranch. Otherwise, he would not know where to get 1,000 gold coins.

Finding the fire dragon nest was not too expensive. It only cost 100 gold coins, and he could still afford it.

He chose to buy it to unlock it.

In the next second, he felt a powerful force falling from the sky, and the lawn not far in front of him began to rumble.

The soil rolled, the lawn burned, and hot lava spewed up.

Not long after, everything came to an end, and a dragon nest that looked like a volcano appeared in front of him. The area was not too big, about a few hundred square meters.

Joelson slowly approached the dragon’s nest. A hot breath blew on his face, forcing him to stop.

Du Lu’s eyes instantly widened and lit up. He quickly flapped his wings and ran over. Walking around the dragon’s nest, he looked very excited.

For ordinary people, the hot environment was unbearable, but for Du Lu, who was a fire-elemental dragon, it was very comfortable.

If Joelson’s magic level was higher, he would be able to find that the fire magic elements in this area were very rich and active.

“Small Fire Dragon Nest: a suitable environment for fire dragons to grow. Growth Value + 1/day. can accommodate 500 gold coins per day.”

There was still room for upgrading this dragon nest. As long as he spent more gold coins to upgrade, when he upgraded to the central or even large dragon nest, these lava pools would turn into active volcanoes.

“Mission completed. Congratulations, host, you have obtained 5 experience points and 50 gold coins.”

There was another clatter, and a small pile of gold coins dropped. It was still 50 gold coins. Looking at the gold coins, Joelson was in a very good mood.

Du Lu played around in his new home for a while. When the novelty wore off, he ran back to Joelson and circled around him.

Joelson picked him up like he was holding a pet dog.

Du Lu also stuck out its tongue like a puppy, Licking Joelson’s face until it was full of hot saliva.

Joelson wiped the saliva off his face and asked Du Lu helplessly, “Du Lu, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

Du Lu actually understood what its master meant and nodded desperately.

Joelson thought for a moment. He could not find anything to feed it now. In the novels of his previous life, newborn dragons would chew off their own eggshells. Why not let them chew on their own eggshells to satisfy their hunger first.

Joelson carried Du Lu to the place where he broke the eggshell. The broken eggshell fragments were still lying on the ground.

Joelson picked up a small piece of the eggshell fragment and brought it to Du Lu’s mouth.

The little guy was really hungry. He swallowed the eggshell in one gulp and chewed it up. Those who didn’t know would think that Du Lu was eating a biscuit.

Joelson surrounded Du Lu and ate the eggshell piece by piece.

Seeing Du Lu eating so happily, Joelson was also curious about the taste of the eggshell. He broke off a piece and put it in his mouth and took a bite.

Du Lu saw his master put his eggshell fragments in his mouth and thought that his master wanted to snatch the food from him, so he cried out anxiously.

In the end, the eggshell fragments were too hard. Joelson could not bite them at all. Only the teeth of the dragon race could eat such hard eggshells.

Du Lu raised his head proudly.

After a while, Du Lu had eaten all the eggshell fragments.

On Du Lu’s status panel, his growth value suddenly increased by 1 point.

It seemed that dragon eggshells were the most suitable food for newborn dragons.

Du Lu had eaten his fill.

His eyelids slowly closed, and the “Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle” gradually stopped.

His fat body curled up into a ball, so sleepy that he had fallen asleep.

Joelson picked Du Lu up and sent him back to the dragon nest.

On the hot volcanic rock floor, Joelson felt a little hot when he walked on it with his shoes on. This was because this was his ranch. Otherwise, his shoes would have been set on fire when he walked on the volcanic rock, but to Du Lu, this place was like a hotbed.

Joelson watched Du Lu sleep like a baby. He felt that he was not like a rancher, but rather like a little fire dragon’s wet nurse.

“Main quest released.”

Joelson looked happy. The quest had come again.

“Cultivate a farmland and plant dragon-scale fruits.”

“Quest Reward: EXP * 5, gold coins * 50.”

Joelson found a small farmland in the construction panel, just like the previous time.

A mysterious power descended from the sky, and a fertile farmland was cultivated.

“Dragon scale fruit.”

Joelson found the seed of the dragon scale fruit in the system store. Just one seed was worth a hundred gold coins, which was the reward for completing two quests.

He couldn’t help but feel a little reluctant to part with it, but after reading the description of the dragon scale fruit’s attributes, he found that it was indeed worth a hundred gold coins.

“Dragon-scale fruit: one of the favorite fruits of the dragon clan. It has magical power and can help the dragon clan grow faster. After eating it, the dragon clan growth value + 10.”

It seemed that as long as Du Lu ate one, it could immediately advance to Tier 1.

Joelson directly chose to exchange for five at a time.

Then, he planted the seeds in the farmland.

Because the pasture had a bonus effect, the dragon-scale fruit only needed a short day to grow and mature

At this time, the accumulated experience points on Joelson’s body had reached 15 points.

Before the dragon-scale fruit matured, the system did not issue any other missions, so Joelson chose to return.

A white light flashed before his eyes.

The scene in front of him returned to his own room. Everything that had just happened seemed like a dream.

But Joelson knew that everything was real.

Joelson opened his right hand, and a gold coin suddenly appeared in his palm. The gold coin shone under the dim light of the candle, shining with a bright golden light.

The corner of Joelson’s mouth rose slightly, revealing a trace of a smile.

After obtaining the ranch, it was as if he had a huge portable space.

Just this alone was enough to make 99% of the magicians on the continent jealous to death.

Joelson clenched his hand, and the gold coin disappeared. It was very convenient.

Then, he thought for a moment and decided to choose to level up.

In an instant, in his perception, countless magic elements in the surrounding crazily surged toward him, almost forming a rainbow-colored vortex.

Among them, there were more red light spots representing fire magic elements than the others. Joelson guessed that it must be related to Du Lu.

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