Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 27 The Test for Geniuses

“Let me see!”

Shannon snatched the pages from Joelson’s hands and began to read seriously.

A minute later, she put down the notebook and said with a frown, “Lunatic?!”

“Lime, green truffles, obsidian crystals, bone powder of fifth-tier magical beasts…”

Shannon pointed at the end of the notebook and wrote a few words with a heavy pen. She sighed in disbelief, “And this, the blood of a pure-blooded dragon is simply too ridiculous!”

Joelson could not help but laugh. “Otherwise, how can it be called Dragon Blood Potion?”

Shannon frowned and said, “Even if there is no dragon blood, this potion formula is… Well, you should know about green truffle. It is only found in the Elven Forest in the far west, and it is very rare. It is usually used to make high-level potions.”

Shannon did not know how to describe the exaggeration and impracticality of this potion formula.

To her, this was just the imagination of some lunatic.

Who would be stupid enough to gather these materials to test whether it was real or fake?

Joelson really would.

Dragon’s blood potion, a permanent strengthening potion.

In the imagination of the creator of the potion formula, the dragon’s blood potion could strengthen the physical body of an ordinary knight to a level comparable to that of a dragon.

Moreover, it would inherit the ability to be partially immune to magic.

The whole process was painless and had no side effects. It could be called a divine potion!

Uh, the last sentence was also said by the creator of the formula in the notebook himself.

Joelson had already used the formula to carefully calculate the medicinal properties of various magic ingredients, and the result was the same.

It was indeed feasible.

The dragon blood potion formula was an extremely useless thing to others.

Because no one could get the blood of a purebred dragon, and even if they could, they wouldn’t use it on a formula that they didn’t know if it was real or not, and they couldn’t predict the success rate.

But it was different for Joelson.

Would he say that there was a purebred fire dragon in his ranch, waiting for him to use a lollipop to trick him into raising his butt and letting him bleed?

Joelson had decided to try.

Every increase in strength was a guarantee of his survival in this unknown world.

Perhaps, one day, his strong body could also be his trump card.

“Alright, Shannon.”

Joelson avoided this topic, packed his books and stood up.

“I should go to class. I heard that there will be a test today.”

Shannon curled his lips and said, “Is that a problem that you, Joelson Edward, should worry about?”

Joelson laughed and walked out of the Magic Potion Association’s door.

Along the way, Joelson was thinking about how to collect all kinds of ingredients in the potion formula.

Ordinary magic ingredients were fine, but rare ingredients like green truffles were not easy to buy.

It would be best if he could find a chamber of commerce and have their caravans help him bring them from all over the world.

When he returned to his class, almost everyone had arrived.

Today was the most important day of the month.

The end of the month test results were related to the credits.


The little fatty Morton waved at Joelson excitedly.

“Come, come over here.”

Morton had been trying his best to make friends with Joelson.

Joelson nodded and walked towards him.

But his gaze habitually searched through the crowd.

There was no familiar figure.

Juliana, didn’t come to school again?

Joelson frowned slightly. It had been three days since Juliana last went home.

She didn’t even show up for the monthly test. Could it be that something had happened?

“Everyone come to me in order to take the mental power and magic mastery tests”

The beautiful teacher, Elsa, was taking attendance with the roster.

“Morton Cumberland.”

Unfortunately, the little fatty became the first man to be hit.

Morton’s chubby face was pulled down immediately, and he became dejected.

“Cheer up, Mr Cumberland!”

Elsa’s stern voice sounded in his ears.

Morton immediately straightened his back.

The spiritual power test was similar to the entrance test, but the test equipment was more advanced.

It was no longer a crystal ball, but a long board filled with transparent crystal pieces.

Morton placed his hand on the crystal board and injected his spiritual power.

The dim transparent crystal pieces began to glow one by one.

Five, six, seven…

Morton used all his strength. His fat face was red, and he barely lit up half of the eighth crystal piece.

Morton raised his head to look at Elsa.

Elsa said expressionlessly, “Barely qualified.”


Morton let out a long breath and wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

He had finally passed the test.

But the second test was not that simple.

Teacher Elsa personally tested the students’ magic mastery ability.

To put it simply, it was a battle with Elsa!

However, Elsa would suppress her ability to a level corresponding to the students.


A crushing defeat!

Morton was beaten up by Teacher Elsa until he couldn’t stop screaming. His legs were running all over the field, and he didn’t have the slightest chance to fight back.

Seeing this, the other students’ faces were also pale, and their backs were drenched in a cold sweat. One had to know that Morton’s strength wasn’t low. If he was beaten up like this by Teacher Elsa, then the result of them going up wouldn’t be any better.

It was too terrifying. It was even more terrifying than killing pigs.


“Morton Cumberland will be deducted one credit.”

Morton’s expression was very miserable. He had a feeling that he did not want to live.

The students went up one by one to take the test.

Most of them could still pass the second test, as long as they could just about last a few rounds under Elsa’s hands, they would pass.

Joelson felt that this scene was very similar to the monthly test in his previous life. However, compared to the monthly test, the magic test was more direct and crueler.

“Joelson Edward.”

Finally, the name of Joelson was called.

Everyone’s eyes immediately focused on Joelson.

Anticipation, curiosity, and doubt.

There were countless rumors about Joelson, but only a few people had witnessed it with their own eyes.

Everyone wanted to know how strong he really was!

Now was the best chance!

With a calm expression, he walked up to the spiritual power measurement board.

He casually placed his hand on it.


The transparent crystal pieces shot up like crazy.

One by one, they lit up, making people feel as if their eyes could not keep up with them.


Someone unintentionally counted them out.

When they finished counting, everyone had shocked expressions on their faces.

“30… 38!”

“I didn’t count wrong, right?!”

“Damn it, is he a monster?”

“As expected of a super genius with dual super talent!”


All the students looked at Joelson with a look of admiration.

They finally knew how big the gap was between them and a true genius.

Thirty-eight degrees of spiritual power.

Close to level-four!

Joelson was already a level-three mage?!

And a level-three mage who was about to break through to level-four?!

It was like a dream.

Elsa also unconsciously opened her mouth wide and blinked her beautiful eyes.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, it was really hard to imagine that such a thing had really happened.

It was only a few days ago that Joelson broke through to level 2.


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