Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 25 The Experiment Was a Success

It could be seen from Dorothea’s notes.

After hundreds of experiments, she was actually doing one thing over and over again.

That was continuously adjusting the amount and ratio of the two types of mana core powder, water and fire. Other than that, nothing else changed.

“Is there something wrong?”

Shannon rushed to answer, “In theory, if the water and fire elements reached the right ratio, it would be able to maintain a perfect balance and achieve a state where water and fire exist together.”

“For example, a level-five spell that combines water and fire elements is many times more powerful than a single element spell.”

The others nodded their heads.

Although there were very few members of the Magic Potion Association, the people who stayed were all passionate about potioneering from the bottom of their hearts.

Those who had talent in magic were all geniuses that could not be found in ten thousand people. The students who could successfully enter the higher grades were the best among them.

Their understanding of magic and research in pharmaceutics was extremely solid.

“But have you ever thought about it?”

With the notebook in his hand, Joelson said indifferently, “This so-called perfect balance point doesn’t exist at all.”

“! ! !”

In an instant, everyone was stunned.

Joelson’s words were like a knock on their heads, instantly waking them up.

That’s right! What if this ratio doesn’t exist at all?

Then wouldn’t they have wasted all this time?!

“Impossible!” Shannon cried out, her pretty face flushed red. She wanted to refute but found that she could not find any reason to refute Joelson.

Everyone realized that they had gone to the extreme and overlooked this crucial point.

But they were unwilling to admit it.

It was equivalent to saying that the money and effort spent on the hundreds of experiments were all in vain.

“Water element and fire element are born with conflicting attributes. If there isn’t something in the middle to mediate, there is simply no way to achieve balance.”


Shannon said unwillingly, “How do you explain the level five water and fire dual element magic? They don’t have anything the kind of mediating substance that you mentioned.”

“Who says they don’t!?”

Joelson looked directly into Shannon’s eyes.

The confidence and certainty in his eyes made Shannon’s heart tremble a little, and she could not help but avoid his gaze.

“The medium to reconcile the water and fire dual-element spells is.”

Joelson said calmly, “Mental strength!”

“Without the control of a mage’s own mental strength, I’m afraid that the fire elemental cable and the water element would not be able to control the collision and go berserk at the first moment.”

“That’s right.”

Dorothea nodded in agreement and said, “This level-five spell requires a very high level of mind control of the caster. Moreover, it’s very easy to get injured due to the collision of water elements during practice.”

Dorothea smiled helplessly.

“Just like the scene when we failed every time before, a violent explosion.”

The way Dorothea looked at Joelson had completely changed. A strange light flashed as if she had gotten to know him once again.

The others looked at him in amazement.

Indeed, the way of thinking of geniuses was beyond their imagination.

None of them had thought of it. Only Joelson had noticed it at a glance.

For Joelson, it was too simple.

The so-called water and fire dual element attack magic potion was similar to the “liquid bombs” and “plastic bombs” on Earth in his previous life.

Two or more types of chemical liquids were mixed in proportion to make a simple but powerful bomb.

The most common one was nitroglycerin.

As long as there was a slight violent collision or a bit of open fire, a powerful explosion could be produced.

The water and fire magic elements in the magic world had a greater conflict and a greater power than the chemical reagents in his previous life.

“So, as long as we can find the right ingredients, it’s possible to succeed?”

Dorothea’s eyes lit up.

Joelson’s words opened up a new path for them to walk into a dead-end and make no progress in their magic experiment.

A new dawn.


Joelson nodded.

“Junior Joelson, do you have any good suggestions?”

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Joelson, their faces full of anticipation.

Joelson thought carefully for a while.

“I think we can try adding the frozen grass juice into it.”

Joelson was also a man who had finished reading the Encyclopedia of Magic Materials and the Basics of Magic Pharmaceutics, so he had a certain understanding of the magic materials in this world.

The frozen grass was a common magic material. Its effect was to freeze liquid. It was usually used as a healing potion to treat wounds.

“Frozen grass?”

Dorothea’s eyes lit up.

The others also looked as if they had thought of something.


Dorothea suddenly cried out in surprise.

“The frozen grass juice can transform water elements into more stable mutated ice elements. This way, the conflict with fire elements will be less intense. Hurry up and try it!”

Dorothea was very excited.

Dorothea was already very familiar with the configuration process. She had personally performed over a hundred experiments.

Because she was the strongest in the association, she could ensure that she would not be harmed in the possible explosion.

Dorothea pushed her magic shield to the maximum.

The Magic Shield that was as thick as an eggshell indicated that she was at least tier 4 and above.

Carefully adding the frozen grass juice, the red and blue liquid in the crystal bottle seemed to be boiling, and it was bubbling violently.

“Not good, it’s going to explode!”

The others were very familiar with this scene and subconsciously wanted to run away.

Shannon had already grabbed onto Joelson’s sleeve at the first moment, wanting to run out with him.


Dorothea had already thrown the test bottle out with her magic power.

It did not affect anyone.

Although she failed, Dorothea’s expression was even more excited.

“It really worked! The power of the explosion has decreased by a lot!”

Seeing hope, Dorothea’s enthusiasm grew even more.

After that, she failed three more times, but the power of each explosion gradually decreased.

By the fourth time.

After repeated calculations, the water and fire elemental crystal core powder and the frozen grass juice were added to the crystal test bottle.

The red and blue liquid flowed like a ribbon in the bright prism-shaped crystal bottle.

There was no explosion.

It worked!

Everyone’s faces were filled with uncontrollable excitement.

Shannon looked at Joelson in a daze, with hints of admiration and curiosity in his eyes.

Dorothea could not hide her excitement. She said to him excitedly, “This is your masterpiece, Joelson. Give it a name.”

Joelson was stunned for a moment. He thought for a moment and said with a smile, “How about we call it Song of Ice and Fire?”

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