Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 24 President and Vice President

The corner of Joelson’s mouth twitched slightly. He suddenly regretted applying to join the Magic Potion Association. Were these people really reliable?

“Let’s go in and take a look!”

A group of people carried Joelson and strode into the association.

Joelson was surrounded by them. He always had the feeling that these people were afraid that he would run away.

Below his line of sight was a messy room.

The ground was littered with broken crystal shards, water stains, destroyed tables and chairs, and traces of flames.


The tomboy called out softly.


The sudden noise gave him a fright.

He saw a person sitting up suddenly amidst the pile of junk.


Everyone immediately surrounded him in surprise.

“That’s great! President, you’re not dead yet! You scared me to death!”

“What are you talking about, you bastard?!”

The tomboy took two punches on the top of her head. She hugged her head and shouted in a low voice, sticking out her tongue and not saying a word.

The president finally got up from the ground.

It was only then that Joelson noticed that the president of the Magic Potion Association was a girl.

She also had short hair and a dark face. Her purple mage robe, which symbolized that she was a senior, was tattered. Occasionally, one could see a few streaks of seductive white.

The president forced a helpless smile and said self-deprecatingly, “Aiya, I’ve failed again. I don’t even know how many times I’ve failed.”

“You can continue the experiment. As long as the people are fine, that’s good.”

The other members immediately comforted him.

“Who is this person?”

The president noticed that there was a lone person standing next to her, Joelson.

Everyone immediately started chattering excitedly, “President, it’s a newcomer! A newcomer has come to our association!”

“Yeah, and it’s even a handsome guy! Ahhh, how many years has it been since a handsome guy has appeared in the Magic Potion Association?!”

“Who said that? Am I not?”

“Get lost!”

The president suddenly looked like a different person.

With a light tap of her finger, a magical fluctuation was produced, and a stream of water appeared in the air, landing on her hand and face.

Someone tacitly handed her a clean white towel.

After cleaning the black dust on her face, a fair and beautiful face appeared in front of Joelson.

“Welcome, new member!”

The president smiled happily as she walked in front of him and stretched out her hand. “Dorothea! I am the President of the Magic Potion Association. Let’s get to know each other, junior.”

Joelson made a standard mage salute.

Dorothea withdrew her hand awkwardly and followed suit.

“Joelson Edward.”

“Oh, I see. So it’s Junior Joelson. Wait, what did you say your name was?”

Dorothea’s eyes instantly widened, not daring to imagine her own ears.

The rest of the people also trembled and ran up, staring straight at Joelson.

Joelson repeated it.

Instantly, everyone went crazy.

“Oh God of Magic, am I dreaming? Joelson Edward! Joelson Edward actually joined our association!”

“Let me see what the legendary super genius is like!”

“Today is a day that will go down in history!”

“It is also the day that our Magic Potion Association rises!”

Dorothea said excitedly, “The strongest super genius freshman this year has joined the Magic Potion Association. I want to see who dares to say that our association has declined!”

Dorothea waved her hand and said heroically, “I’ve decided to hold a dinner party tonight!”

Everyone cheered.

Soon, a weak voice sounded, “President, this month’s funds seem to have been used up…”


Dorothea looked embarrassed and said helplessly, “Then push it to next month.”

Joelson sighed in his heart. Could This be a comedy association?

The magic laboratory that would explode from time to time, the somewhat silly-looking president, and a group of members whose reactions were much slower than normal people…

Was it too late to withdraw now?

The people of the Magic Potion Association were very happy with Joelson’s arrival and introduced themselves one after another.

There were less than ten members of the association, most of whom were students in the fourth or fifth grade.

The tomboy’s beautiful lavender eyes were staring at Joelson. Her name was “Shannon”.

It was a neutral name similar to her appearance.

“I’m here for the credits.”

Joelson directly stated his purpose in joining the association.

“That’s not a problem. We can talk about the credits.”

Dorothea patted her chest, causing a fluctuation. She said with a proud expression, “Although our Magic Potion Association is poor, we have enough credits!”

“Are there any vacancies in the Magic Materials Department and the Magic Equipment Department?”

“No, President.”


Dorothea nodded and said directly, “Then Joelson will be the vice president of the Association! Does everyone have any objections?”


Why is it so hasty?

He became the vice president less than an hour after joining the association.

“No, no!”

Everyone raised their hands in agreement.

What kind of association was this? Joelson didn’t know what to say.

“The vice president gets two credits per month. Of course, if Junior Joelson is still not satisfied, the position of the president can also be discussed!”

Dorothea smiled and patted Joelson’s shoulder.

Once again, Joelson did not know what to say. He had only come to this association once, and he already did not know what to say a few times. However, in such an association, college life should not be boring.

The matter of Joelson joining the Magic Potion Association was thus settled.

Dorothea rummaged through the junk pile for a long time and found a silver badge engraved with the crystal test bottle logo for Joelson.

The badge of the Vice President.

It was similar to Joelson’s student badge, except that the picture of a tulip was engraved on the student badge.

“President, what kind of reagent experiment were you doing just now?”

Joelson could not help but ask curiously.

“Just call me Dorothea.”

Dorothea’s face showed a trace of worry. She sighed and said, “We are developing a new type of potion.”

Dorothea explained to Joelson.

It turned out that some member had a sudden idea to mix the water element mana core powder with the fire element mana core powder to create a powerful attack-type potion.

There were two types of magic potions; the status type and the attack type. The former included: Invisibility Potion, shape-changing potion, strength potion, and so on. The latter included: Miasma Potion, fainting potion, and sleeping potion.

“Can you show me the formula?”

Because he had concocted a spiritual potion before, Joelson naturally became interested in pharmaceutics.

“Oh, okay.”

Dorothea nodded.

Rather than saying that it was a formula, it was more like an experiment notebook, which was full of failed data records.

With a strange expression, Joelson couldn’t help but ask, “Haven’t you thought of adding another material?”

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