Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 22 The Second Dragon Egg

“New main quest released.”

Hearing the system’s voice, Joelson was stunned.

“Please, rancher, upgrade the first dragon to tier 6 as soon as possible.”

“Quest reward: New attribute dragon egg * 1”

The second dragon egg.

A hint of joy appeared in Joelson’s eyes.

From baron to Tulip, he had become a super genius that shocked everyone.

It could be said that all of these advantages were brought about by Du Lu.

Without his talent sharing and experience points, it was impossible for Joelson’s strength to soar like a rocket.

With the powerful combat strength that he had shown in the few battles and the improvement in his talent, Joelson had completely experienced the benefits of having a huge dragon!

If he could obtain a second dragon…

His strength would immediately experience another huge increase.

“After two days, when Du Lu produces enough gold coins, we can consider cultivating another piece of farmland, or upgrading the elementary farmland to intermediate.”

Joelson made a decision in his heart.

“The history of the development of palace etiquette can be traced back to the ancient Potter dynasty 2,000 years ago.”

The instructor of the etiquette class spoke very passionately on stage, but most of the students below the stage did not seem to be in the mood for the etiquette class.

This scene made Joelson think of the school scene in his previous life, and he could not help but feel a little amused.

“Joelson, what are you laughing at?”

A low and melodious voice sounded in Joelson’s ear.

A cute girl with blue hair and green eyes, Juliana, was sitting next to Joelson.

The two of them had developed a good relationship. Sometimes, they would go to the library together. The other girls in the class were extremely jealous of Juliana’s good luck.

Not everyone could be friends with a super genius who had both extraordinary talents and had advanced to a second-tier mage within three days of entering the academy.

The news of Joelson’s advancement came from the Truth Society.

Originally, many people only knew of a new super genius, but this news made the entire academy remember a name.

Joelson Edward!

The last super genius who caused a sensation in the entire academy when he entered the academy, Francis, the son of the Duke.

His spiritual power talent and magic perception talent were both of the best of the best.

It was only after a year of silence that he started to shine and directly jumped to the third grade. He was now the Executive Director of the Truth Society.

What about Joelson?

He was more than ten times scarier than Francis.

“I’m wondering if it’s a waste of time for a mage to learn these things.”

Joelson casually replied to Juliana.

“A mage is the noblest profession on the continent. They are born nobles. Even if you don’t learn now, you still have to familiarize yourself with etiquette when you graduate and receive a title from the Empire.”

Joelson nodded.

It was not just the court etiquette. The Tulip Academy’s daily curriculum also included theology, politics, appreciation, and even horsemanship and basic martial arts.

The reason was that every student who graduated from the Tulip Academy was a reserve soldier of the Empire’s army. Once there was a war, mages would also have to go to the battlefield.

A healthy and strong body could make meditation more efficient.

This was what Dean Harriet Terrence said.

“Joelson, let’s go out and have some fun this afternoon. The capital is very big. I know many fun places.”

Morton, who was sitting on the other side of Joelson, was chatting with the others. He suddenly turned his head and winked at Joelson.

Joelson shook his head and said, “I’ve already left the academy once this week.”

“It’s okay!”

Morton advised, “You only need half a credit to exchange for a chance to go out.”

Joelson smiled. “I don’t have any credits anymore.”


Morton said in surprise, “Didn’t you already pass the first-grade exam? You have at least 24 credits that you can use freely.”

“In fact,” Joelson explained, “I have already used up all the credits of the second-grade.”

Morton’s mouth was wide open, and his face was full of surprise.

Damn! A genius was indeed a genius. Not only did he improve faster than others, he even spent the credits so quickly!

Wasn’t Joelson worried that he would not have enough credits to repeat the grade?

Morton suddenly sighed, feeling a little depressed.

He actually had the time to worry about a super genius. If he had nothing better to do, he should be more concerned about himself.

Morton wasn’t confident that he would be able to advance to a tier 2 mage by the end of the semester. If he didn’t want to be held back, he could only try his best to earn credits.

After the etiquette class, Juliana held the textbook in front of her chest, her beautiful green eyes looking straight at Joelson.

“Joelson, do you want to go to the library together?”

Joelson nodded.

The two of them walked on the avenue filled with fragrant leaves. Along the way, they often saw people whispering to them.

“Do you see that? That’s Joelson Edward, so handsome!”

“I heard that he’s only sixteen this year, but he’s already a second-tier magician. He’s amazing, he’s really a genius!”

“Is that his little girlfriend next to him?! Sigh, what a pity.”

Joelson sighed in his heart. He never thought that he would actually become the focus of everyone and become a famous figure in the school one day.

Tilting his head to look at Juliana, the little girl’s milk-like fair and smooth face was already red to the ears.

She had obviously heard the discussions of the others.


Joelson called out softly.

“Hmm. Ah?”

Juliana suddenly came back to her senses. Her expression was a little flustered. No one knew what she was thinking about just now.

“Do you know of any way to earn credits faster?”

Joelson had been worrying about this recently.

His strength had already reached the level of a third-grade mage, and he had almost learned a third-grade spell.

He could not stay in the second-grade for a whole year. He wanted to jump levels like Francis.

He wanted to enter the fourth grade ahead of time!

“A faster way…”

Juliana tilted her head and thought for a while, “You can join a few more associations, the Truth Society and the Magic Potion Association. With your name, Joelson Edward, they will definitely be willing to give you a position so that you can get a certain amount of credits every month.”


Juliana lowered her voice and said shyly, “You can also come to the library as a tutor like me. I know the librarian, Tang Man. As long as I tell him, he will definitely agree.”

Juliana really hoped that Joelson could choose the second option so that she could spend more time with him every day.

“The association…”

Joelson whispered and began to consider Juliana’s suggestion.

If he really wanted to join, the Magic Potion Association was a good choice.

But two credits per month was too little.

“Look, it’s Francis! Francis from the Truth Society’s Executive Department!”

Joelson’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a cry of surprise. He looked up and saw a group of people walking past him.

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