Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 20 Follow and Kill

The person who came was wearing a black mage robe with four golden patterns embroidered on it.

A fourth rank high mage?!

Joelson’s pupils contracted, but there was no change on his face.

He sensed that there were faint fire element magic elements active around him.

“Giles, come and try it.”

The store manager pointed at the spiritual potion on the table.

The cold-faced mage nodded slightly.

He picked up the potion, poured a little into his mouth, closed his eyes, and sat on the floor to meditate.

After a few minutes, he suddenly opened his eyes and said.

“The effect is not as good as the advanced spiritual potion, but my perception of the fire element has improved a lot!”

“How much has it improved?”

“At least 30%!”

The mage’s eyes were so bright that it was frightening.

The shopkeeper’s expression immediately changed, becoming warm and respectful.

“Excuse me, did you make this, Mr Edward?”

“What do you think?”

Joelson snorted coldly.

The shopkeeper immediately changed his words, “Master! No… how much does Master Edward want to sell it for?”

Joelson took a sip of the tea on the table and said slowly, “15,000 gold coins for each dose.”

The store manager’s expression changed instantly.

“That’s impossible!”

The faces of Little George and the mage beside him also twitched.

Joelson really dared to make a bid.

“At most 10,000 gold coins for each dose, and you have to provide us with at least five doses.”

“13,000 gold coins! And there’s only one dose. This kind of new material is very rare.”

Joelson’s attitude was very firm.

“Otherwise, I’ll go to another Chamber of Commerce.”

Joelson got up and was about to leave.

The store manager hurriedly got up and pulled him back, saying, “Okay, 13,000!”

The efficiency of meditation was comparable to high-level spirit drugs, and it had never been enhanced by affinity.

If this were to be put up for auction, it would be enough to drive many people crazy!

It would be very easy for the transaction price of 13,000 gold coins to increase by several times.

The store manager of the Snowflake Chamber of Commerce very readily paid 13,000 gold coins to Joelson. Joelson nodded in satisfaction.

“It’s a pleasure to work with you. If Master Edward has more next time…”

The store manager wanted to say a few more words to Joelson, but Joelson was already about to walk out of the store.

When Joelson’s back disappeared at the door.

The smile on the shopkeeper’s face instantly disappeared.


The mage who was testing the potion stepped forward.

“What are you planning?”

A cruel smile appeared on Giles’ face.

The shopkeeper’s eyes were cold. He nodded and said, “Together with Lucien, a fourth-rank mage and a fourth-rank knight should be enough to eat this fat sheep.”

The shopkeeper held the warm crystal potion bottle in his hand and said with a faint smile, “If we can get his potion formula, we’ll be rich.”

After leaving the shop, Joelon deliberately went around a few more circles.

He had planned to sell the remaining two bottles of potion in another shop, but he felt that a faint spiritual power was locked on him.

Joelson had expected such a situation.

“With 50% profit, it dares to take risks. For 100% profit, it dares to violate all rules and laws. With 300% profit, it dares to commit any crime, even risking the risk of being hanged.”

This was the nature of a businessman.

Joelson did not panic. Instead, he acted as if he did not notice and rushed out of the city.

“If he hides in a corner of the capital, it will be difficult for us. If we leave the city, hehe…”

In a dark corner, a muscular man grinned. His face was filled with ferocity and cruelty.

“What is the strength of the target?”

Giles, who was using his spiritual power to lock onto Joelsn’s figure, opened his eyes and said confidently, “His strength is not above level three. He might have some troublesome means, but as long as we hide in front of him and cooperate with him, he can’t escape!”

The burly man’s laughter grew louder and louder.

Joelson walked out of the city gate and deliberately walked toward a desolate and remote place.

When he reached a place where there were no people within a few miles, he stopped.

Mosien stood more than ten meters behind him.

“You found out too late, Master.”

Mosien said to Joelson with a smile.

A fireball smashed toward him.

Morsien’s face changed and he dodged it.

Just as he relaxed, the fireball suddenly exploded, and sparks flew all over Morsien’s body.

He screamed and rolled on the ground.

White combat aura flashed on his body and extinguished the flame.

However, there were scorched marks on his face and body, which made him look very miserable.

Joelson did not want to say anything more to him.

He threw out a few more exploding fireballs.

“How could it be so fast?!”

Morsien drew the knight’s greatsword from his waist in anger and anxiety. White combat aura covered the blade of the sword, and he hacked at the stone with his left hand.

When he saw that Joelson casually threw out a fireball, he cried out in horror, “Instant-cast magic?!”

Damn it!

Mosien was cursing Giles in his heart.

Not Stronger Than Tier 3?!

F*ck you, to be able to instantly cast a tier 2 spell, he must be at least a tier 4 or even tier 5 mage, okay?

“Giles! You Bastard, come out now! I can’t hold on much longer!”

Mosien shouted in anger.

Riding on dirt to face a mage, one close to the other long-range, was already at a disadvantage.

Especially when facing a mage who could cast spells instantaneously, the other party was simply a human-shaped cannon.

Giles, who was hiding in the dark, cursed in a low voice. He had actually made a mistake.

The other party was not some fat sheep. It was clearly a hungry wolf that was waiting for them to take the bait.

He quickly chanted a spell and also threw out four to five exploding fireballs.

Although they could not be cast instantaneously like Joelson, the power and number of fireballs were much stronger because of the strength of a tier 4 mage.

Joelon had no choice but to dodge.

He dodged the five fireballs, and the sparks were blocked by the magic shield outside his body.

Lucien and Giles cooperated very well. Taking this opportunity, he kicked hard on the ground and stabbed forward with the longsword in his hand, pouncing toward Joelson.

Seeing that Lucien was about to get close to Joelson, two rings of fire suddenly exploded and pushed him a few meters away

Joelson was breathing heavily.

It was still a bit difficult for him to fight against a fourth-rank knight and a fourth-rank mage alone.

The most obvious sign was that he did not have much magic power left. He kept casting spells instantaneously, and his spiritual power could not keep up with it.

A ferocious smile appeared on Giles’ face.

“He is not that strong. He only knows how to cast magic instantaneously.”

Lucien raised his long sword. His combat aura, which was like white fog, was pushed to the limit. He was ready for the next attack.

Joelson sighed and said to himself in a low voice, “You’re just bullying me because you have more people?!”

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