Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 18 Enhanced Spiritual Medicine

“Dragon’s saliva.”

The transparent saliva dripped into the test bottle and was mixed with all sorts of reagents that appeared extremely turbid. As the dragon’s saliva dripped into the bottle, a miraculous change occurred in an instant.

It emitted a little red light.

When Joelson added all the dragon’s saliva in his hand, the entire test bottle appeared to be a perfect light red color.

It was held in a crystal test bottle, and under the light, it looked like a clear and transparent ruby.


There was a look of joy in Joelson’s eyes.

After absorbing the experience of the first failure, he succeeded the second time. It had to be said that Joelson could also be considered a genius in pharmaceutics.

“Roar! Roar!”

Du Lu growled twice as if to say, “I played a part in this, okay!”

Joelson smiled and said to himself, “Let’s see what the finished product will look like with the Yalong saliva.”

Joelson was already very familiar with the process of making the potion.

The intermediate spirit potion made with Yalong saliva was also red in color.

However, upon careful observation, there was still a difference between the two.

Although the red color of an ordinary intermediate spirit potion was also very beautiful, it did not have any luster at all. It could not be compared to the spirit potion made with the saliva of a purebred dragon.

The intermediate spiritual potion made with Du Lu’s saliva emitted a faint red glow. It was still warm when held in one’s hand. This might have something to do with Du Lu being a fire-elemental dragon.

“What’s the difference in effect?”

Joelson planned to try it himself.

But he hesitated again.

Thinking of these two things, one was made with the saliva of an Asian dragon, and the other was made with Du Lu’s saliva, he felt a little disgusted.

“Sigh, I’ve been licked by du Lu so many times that I don’t even know how many times. Why do I still care about this?”

Joelson shook his head with a bitter smile. He first picked up the ordinary medicine and drank a small mouthful.

He entered meditation.

A few minutes later, Joelson opened his eyes.

“The efficiency of meditation has increased by about 20%. It’s much better than the basic medicine.”

Then, it was Du Lu’s bottle.

He drank it again and entered meditation.

Half a day later, Joelson suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes shining.

“I can’t believe it. The efficiency of meditation has increased by a whole 40%. Moreover, even the affinity of fire magic elements has increased by at least 30%!”

Joelson stared at the Du Lu version of the intermediate spiritual potion in his hand, his face full of surprise.

“This effect is so powerful. It can definitely be sold at a good price.”

According to what Joelson knew, the price of an intermediate spiritual potion on the market was around 800 to 1,000 gold coins, which was close to 100 times the price of an elementary spiritual potion.

The price of an advanced spiritual potion was even more expensive. At least 10,000 gold coins was the starting price, and it was not something that could be bought with money. Normally, it was not sold on the market and could only be found in the auction house.

“Return to the Dragon God Ranch.”

Joelson appeared on the floating island.

“Check my current personal attributes.”

Host: Joelson

Title: Dragon God Ranch owner

Class: Tier 3 Mage (66/200)

Dragon Clan: Fire Dragon (Du Lu)

Buildings: Small Fire Dragon Nest * 1, basic farm * 1

Items: gold coins * 1756

All of Joelson’s assets were 1756 gold coins, and upgrading the small dragon nest to a medium-sized dragon nest required 10,000 gold coins. There was a gap of more than 8,000 gold coins between the two.

“Ordinary intermediate spiritual potions are sold for 1,000 gold coins, but this strengthened version of mine has an effect comparable to a high-level one. Moreover, it also has the fire element affinity. No matter what, it should be sold for more than 5,000 gold coins.”

Based on this price, as long as Joelson could successfully sell the three bottles of spirit potion in his hands, he would be able to gather enough money to upgrade the dragon’s nest.

He also wanted to cultivate another piece of farmland or upgrade the current piece of farmland.

When Du Lu reached Tier 4, it needed more growth points. The dragon scale fruit gradually could not satisfy its appetite. It needed to unlock crops with better effects.

Moreover, Du Lu was a pure-bred dragon. It could not be a vegetarian all the time.

These were all places to spend money!

Thinking of this, Joelson sighed. Looking at the vast ranch, he thought to himself, “If I want to have a return, I have to invest first.”

“Young Master, are you going out?”

Leas carefully changed Joelson’s clothes and asked carefully.

Joelson looked at her strangely, then smiled.

Leas must have learned from Little Martin and started to call him Young Master. She looked more and more like a maid now.


Joelson grabbed Lies’ hand.

Leas was suddenly like a frightened rabbit. Her pretty face blushed, and she subconsciously wanted to pull her hand back.

But she soon found that Joelson had just put her hand down gently.

He tidied the knot on his collar.

“I’m going out to buy something.”

Joelson said calmly, “Do you have anything you want? I can buy it for you and bring it back.”

Leas shook her head and bit her lower lip gently. Suddenly, she said, “I.. . Can I go with you?”

Her clear sky-blue eyes were filled with anticipation and desire.

Joelson thought about it and understood.

Leas stayed in the house every day. He had classes during the day, and when he came back, he was busy reading or studying magic potions. He had no time to talk to her.

She was indeed lonely.

“I’ll take you next time. It’s not convenient this time.”

Joelson could not bear to reject Leas, but this time, he was going out to sell potions. It would be a little troublesome to bring Leas with him.


Leas lowered her small head, looking a little disappointed.

Joelson comforted her softly:

“Wait for me to find some time to accompany you to stroll around the capital’s markets and streets. To be honest, I really want to go out and play.”

“Yes, yes, Young Master.”

Leas nodded and suddenly felt that she was a little greedy.

As an elf who had been captured by humans, it was already very good that she had not become a slave of an ugly noble.

Moreover, whether it was food, clothes, and shelter, she was better than when she was in the Elf Forest. What was there to be dissatisfied about?

Most importantly, Young Master Joelson had never touched her…

Sometimes, Leas would be very grateful, and sometimes she would feel disappointed. Was it because she was too unattractive?

Joelson changed into a noble shirt, leather boots, and white trousers.

This was the most popular dress in the capital, highlighting Joelson’s slender and well-proportioned figure.

Paired with his handsome appearance and slightly curly red-brown short hair, he exuded an elegant and noble temperament.

Just like when he entered the academy, he showed his silver badge to the guards and successfully left the academy.

He stopped a carriage and handed it over with a gold coin. He said flatly, “Take me to the largest trading company in the capital.”

“Alright! Sit down, noble lord!”

The coachman received the gold coin. His eyebrows raised happily, and his attitude was very warm. After all, there were not many customers who would directly give him a gold coin.

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