Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 16 The Record of the Fastest Advancement

“I don’t think it’s that hard.”

Joelson closed the book and said to himself with some enlightenment.

“It seems that I have to buy the materials and try it myself.”

Joelson flipped through the few books that Elsa had lent him, but he focused on studying the preparation method of spiritual medicine. It was still very fast.

After all, no matter how many times he read the notes, it was still not as helpful as experimenting with them himself.

“As for magic materials, remember what Juliana said yesterday? You can exchange them with credits at the Truth Society.”

Joelson now had 24 unused credits, which he had since the second-grade. They should have belonged to the first-grade.

However, if he wanted to take out these credits, he still needed to pass the first-grade assessment test.

His spiritual power had reached the standard of a first-grade mage, and he was proficient in three second-grade spells.

Now that he had reached the standard, he only needed to ask Elsa for a certificate.

“With your current strength, you can even directly advance to the third grade.”

After watching the demonstration of all the Level-1 and level-2 spells, Elsa sighed weakly.

Elsa picked up the quill on the table, wrote a few lines on a yellowed piece of paper, and handed it to Joelson.

“Show this to the people of the Truth Society, and you can use your credits.”

“Thank you, Teacher Elsa.”

Joelson politely expressed his gratitude.

Elsa looked relieved. Joelson was the most outstanding student she had ever taught, and no other student could compare to him.

The Truth Society was located in the eastern-most part of the academy. It was an independent building with a golden scale as its symbol.

It represented absolute justice and fairness.

In this regard, Joelson only smiled. Absolute justice and fairness was impossible in his eyes.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

Upon entering the door, a red-haired girl quickly walked up to Joelson. She was wearing a red mage robe.

Joelson said, “I want to exchange my credits for magic materials.”

“Oh, I see.”

The girl nodded and said, “Please tell me your name.”

“Joelson Edward.”

“Joelson Edward.”

The red-haired girl repeated the name and checked the student file in her hand.

Suddenly, she raised her head abruptly and exclaimed, “Joelson Edward?! Are you that new student with double super talent?”

Joelson nodded calmly.

The girl’s exclamation attracted the gazes of the other students in the hall.

“Oh my God of Magic! It’s actually Joelson Edward! The most talented new student in the last hundred years! Finally, I see him in person!”

“He looks quite handsome. Hehe, I like his eyes.”

“Jennifer, go up and say hello to him!”

“Oh, please, I don’t like siblings.”

Everyone looked at Joelson in surprise and curiosity, making him feel a little uncomfortable

After all, not everyone liked to be looked at like a monkey.

“Can you hurry up?”

Joelson said calmly.

“Oh, okay.”

The red-haired girl quickly nodded and said, but her attention was still on Joelson. She read the information while secretly looking at him.

“The credits you currently have are… Oh, I’m sorry, you haven’t completed the first grade course, so you don’t have any credits to use for now.”

The girl’s face showed an embarrassed expression.

A burst of light laughter sounded around them.

“Haha, it seems that our super genius freshman doesn’t seem to understand the academy’s credit rules.”

“He probably thinks that credits are the same as his magic talent, that he was born with it.”

“Hehe, just because he has a bit of talent, does he think that he has special privileges?”

Someone said jealously.

Joelson pretended not to hear it and took out the letter that Elsa had given him and handed it to the red-haired girl.

“Please take a look at this.”

The red-haired girl took the letter suspiciously. The next moment, her eyes suddenly widened and she cried out in disbelief.

“Oh my God of Magic! You’ve already passed the first-grade assessment! No! You’ve even passed the second-grade assessment! This is simply unbelievable!”


A bunch of senior students who were prepared to watch Joelson make a fool of themselves froze on their faces, thinking that they had heard wrongly.

How was this possible?!

They rushed forward in disbelief and snatched the letter from the red-haired girl’s hand. But soon, their expressions became similar to that of the red-haired girl.

“Student Joelson Edward has already passed the first-grade and second-grade assessment. His results are excellent! This seems to be the proof that Teacher Elsa personally gave!”

“How is this possible!”

“Then, does that mean that he is already a Tier 2 mage?!”

“Oh, my God of Magic!”

Everyone’s faces were filled with shock, terror, and disbelief.

Looking at Joelson, it was as if they were looking at a humanoid monster.

“Sixteen years old. He has just entered the school for less than three days, and he has already become a Tier 2 Mage. This is simply a miracle of the god of Magic!”

Someone whispered with a terrified expression.


“I know!”

A girl with a tall and hot figure walked quickly towards Joelson with a bright and charming smile on her face. She stretched out her hand and said, “Junior Joelson, may I know you? My name is…”

Before the girl could finish her sentence, Joelson interrupted her impatiently, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.”

Then, he said to the red-haired girl, “Can you hurry up?!”

“Oh, okay, I’m sorry.”

The red-haired girl’s attitude suddenly became much more enthusiastic, and her movements also became much faster.

Only the girl named Jennifer stood by the side with an awkward expression, her hand still hovering in mid-air.

At this time, the way everyone looked at Joelson changed.

From the initial curiosity, teasing, to now, he was completely shocked, and even a little frightened.

Dual supreme talent!

Was this the strength that dual supreme talent represented?

To complete all the first and second-grade magic lessons in three days, an average person wouldn’t be able to do this even if they had started meditating before they were born.

How much time did the previous Super Genius Francis spend from Tier 1 to tier 2?

A whole year!

Moreover, Francis was the son of the Duke. When he entered the academy, he already had the strength of a tier 1 mage.

That result was already shocking enough but compared to this person in front of him, there was no room for comparison!

The record for the fastest advancement to Tier 2 mage in the history of the Tulip Academy was broken once again!

Everyone received a heavy blow.

“Hmm, Junior Joelson, the total credits you currently have are 48 points. What would you like to exchange for?”

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