Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 12 Potions and Magic

Joelson strolled over.

He saw a huge book of magic and a stone wand floating in the air.

Similar to the unique sculptures found in all the universities in his previous life.

This was the symbol of the Tulip Academy of Magic.

The Book of Magic represented knowledge, the wand represented magic and the spiritual power that lifted them up in the air.

It represented the three great sources of power for a magician.

Joelson was shocked.

He could deeply feel what it meant to have knowledge.

Taking his eyes off the Book of Magic, Joelson’s eyes lit up again.

A woman appeared in his field of vision.

A very beautiful woman.

She had long sea-blue hair and skin as smooth and white as milk. Her cute tourmaline and cherry-red lips were a fascinating combination.

Even the loose mage’s black robe could not hide her sexy figure.

Compared to the elf girl, Leas, this woman had more of the intellectual beauty of a mature woman.

Joelson’s pupils suddenly constricted.

He saw that there were six golden patterns embroidered on the left chest of the woman’s Robe!

A sixth-tier magic conductor!

“Joelson Edward.”

The woman spoke, her voice was crisp and melodious like a nightingale’s call.

“I am your teacher. You can call me Teacher Elsa.”

Joelson came back to his senses.

“Hello, Teacher Elsa.”

Elsa nodded, her eyes showing some novelty and amazement.

It was really the first time for her to meet a student who had both extraordinary talents, except for the Dean.

“Although your talent is so good that it makes people jealous, I still have to remind you, Joelson. Talent is only a gift from the God of Magic, but the only thing that can determine your future achievements is yourself.”

“I understand.”

Joelson’s eyes were calm as he nodded.

Joelson’s humble attitude made Elsa very satisfied. She saw a rare calm in Joelson.

Elsa smiled.

“Then let’s go and meet your classmates. They are looking forward to meeting you.”

He followed Elsa into a very large room.

The floor was covered with a thick fur carpet, and there were a few long tables. On the tables, there were some bottles of different sizes.

More than a dozen young boys and girls in dark blue robes were staring at him. Their young faces were filled with surprise, curiosity, jealousy, envy, and other expressions.

“Are these my classmates from now on?” Joelson said in his heart.

“Welcome, new classmate.”

Elsa looked at Joelson with an encouraging gaze and said, “Introduce yourself to everyone.”

Joelson nodded and gave a standard mage salute to everyone. He said faintly, “Joelson Edward, nice to meet you all.”

Sporadic responses came from the audience.

Suddenly, a slightly sarcastic voice came out.

“You’re quite proud.”

As soon as he said this, there was a burst of laughter.

Joelson was expressionless.

If he knew that his talent had improved, he would not have used his full strength during the test.

He knew that if he was too outstanding, he would be envied. With the dazzling halo of a genius, he would definitely receive many malicious gazes.

Villains could be found everywhere.

Elsa frowned and said coldly, “Shut up, Ralph!”

Seeing someone in the crowd showing a jealous expression, Joelson secretly remembered this face.

“Joelson, you can go down first.”

Elsa gently pointed a seat to Joelson.

“This class is a magic potion class. You can sit in. After that, I will help you catch up with everyone’s learning progress as soon as possible.”

Joelson expressed his gratitude to Elsa and then walked into the crowd.

It was different from the classes in his previous life.

There were no tables and chairs in the Magic Academy classes.

Joelson could feel that everyone around him was looking at him curiously. No one was seriously attending the class.

Finally, someone could not hold it in anymore.

“Hello, newcomer.”

The one who spoke was a little fatty with freckles on his face. He extended a chubby hand to Joelson.

“My name is Morton Edgar. Let’s get to know each other.”

Joelson hesitated for a moment and nodded, but he did not shake his hand.

Morton looked at him and carefully lowered his voice, “I’m sorry, may I ask, are you a noble or a commoner?”

Joelson frowned slightly

“Is this important?”

“Of course. This determines that you will be accepted by that circle.” The little fatty Morton nodded seriously.

As expected, class divisions existed everywhere.

Joelson glanced at his surroundings. The people around him were eavesdropping seriously. Obviously, they were also very concerned about this problem.

“My Father is a Baron.”

Joelson told the truth. There was no need for him to lie.

Joelson’s answer caused a small commotion.

Joelson found that some people were a little far away from him, while others showed joy on their faces.

Although they were only the lowest barons, as long as they had a noble title, Joelson could be considered a noble.

Morton was very excited, and he became much closer to Joelson.

Morton was the son of a marquis.

“Mr Edgar!”

Morton wanted to say something to Joelson, but Teacher Elsa’s stern voice came over, and she called Morton’s surname seriously.

Morton shrunk his neck and immediately shut his mouth, not daring to continue speaking.

Joelson began to pay attention to the class.

The magic potion class was somewhat similar to the chemistry class in his previous life.

There were more than ten things in front of Elsa. The roots of an unknown plant, strange red liquid, shiny broken gems, and some other strange things that could not be recognized.

Joelson even saw the eyes of a cat and the eggs of a frog.

“Magical potioneering is a profound knowledge that is extremely important to every mage. Dean Harriet is a very outstanding master of magical potioneering.”

“Many magical potioneering are of great help to mages, such as spirit potions.”

“A bottle of the lowest grade spirit potion can increase the meditation efficiency of a mage from Tier 1 to tier 3 by 5% !”

There was a slight commotion in the crowd.

All the young people were pleasantly surprised.

Because meditation was the most important method for all mages to advance.

Increasing the meditation efficiency by 5% might not sound like much.

But, after a long period of accumulation, there was a 5% difference every day of the 365 days of the year. The difference was terrifying.

Moreover, this was only a low-grade spiritual potion. If it was an intermediate or high-grade one, how powerful would the effect be?

Joelson’s expression changed. He seemed to have grasped onto something.

“Who is willing to try to concoct a spiritual potion under my guidance?”

All the youths wanted to give it a try.

But a voice spoke first.

Joelson noticed that it was a blond youth with a cold face.

“Gerrard, it’s him again.”

“He’s a commoner. Of course, he has to seize every opportunity he can. hehehe.”

“I think he’s going to mess things up again. I really want to see him make a fool of himself immediately.”

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