A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 1026 - You Are A Mermaid, And Not An Octopus!

Chapter 1026 You Are A Mermaid, And Not An Octopus!

I will just send this month’s culinary review back to Rodu by mail. Since I can’t find any delicacy in Rodu that’d surprise me anymore, I might as well stay in Chaos City as Boss Mag may come up with new vegetarian dishes.

Derrick folded the two pages carefully and wrapped them with a layer of linoleum paper before putting them in a sealed bamboo tube. Then, he went out to find a courier to send it out.

A courier that utilized birds to send objects was not cheap, but to Derrick, it was still acceptable. After all, he could earn quite a hefty remuneration for his column every month.

I wonder how the readers would react to this culinary review after they read it? I am really anticipating the outcome. Derrick looked at a bird that flew out of the courier station after he came out with a smile on his face.

Should I go and eat eggplant with garlic sauce again tonight? Since there aren’t any other nice foods, I will continue eating eggplant with garlic sauce…

Eggplant with garlic sauce. It was indeed a dish with an amazing power.

“Big Brother, are we really going to find that guy and compete in roasting chicken with him?” Eugene asked Fabian as he let out the blood of a chicken in a courtyard in the north of the city.

“SInce we already acknowledged the challenge yesterday, we have to go. Otherwise, he would think we are afraid of him,” Fabian said smilingly.

“Who is afraid! We are definitely not afraid! Our skills were passed down from our ancestors, nobody in our tribe can make roast chicken better than us. Everyone who ate our roast chicken said it was good. He must be jealous of our good business, and thus he deliberately came to make trouble for us. We shall go to his restaurant to compete with him so he knows who is the king of roast chicken!” Eugene said proudly.

Fabian again reminded, “It’s only a competition. Do not create trouble later. We have finally settled down in Chaos City with a regular stall and a small courtyard. We’d better obey the rules here if you don’t want to go back and hunt again.”

“I know.” Eugene waved his hands nonchalantly and continued to dress the chicken.

This… is the new sea that Mr Mag built for me? Mag brought Gina to the room next to theirs after she woke up from her three-hour-long nap. She gazed at the two meters tall, three meters long, and two meters wide fish tank with excitement and gratitude in her eyes.

“This is where you will stay temporarily.” Mag was very satisfied with Gina’s expression.

“Thank you, Mr Mag.” Gina jumped up and hugged Mag, wrapping her legs around him uncontrollably again.

You are a mermaid, and not an octopus, alright? Mag pried the excited Gina off him with some effort as he complained in his heart.

Gina didn’t care about Mag’s feelings. She stripped her clothes off, climbed up the ladder, and leaped into the giant fish tank. She began swimming happily.

It should be described as a small swimming pool instead of a fish tank.

Mag stood at a side and watched Gina who was swimming like a fish through the glass. When compared with her awkward movements on land, she did indeed belong to the sea.

“Mr Mag, do you want to join me?” Gina waved at Mag as she lay upon the glass.

“I can’t withstand it, I can’t withstand it.” Mag shook his head and escaped.

Does Mr Mag dislike me? Gina watched Mag disappear at the door, feeling rather disappointed.

Nobody had told her what was love. Saving Lantisde was her only mission in her 18 years of life.

But she knew about reciprocation. Since Mr Mag had saved her and would be saving Lantisde in the future, she was willing to give everything to him.

Gina’s arrival did have some impact on the restaurant. Due to the language barrier, Mag didn’t let her get involved in the restaurant’s daily operations. Instead, he let her move about freely. However, Gina would help out with some simple tasks on her own accord.

She liked children and all kinds of aquatic products, and could alway get along very well with them despite the language barrier.

Mag was rather surprised by that as he looked at Gina, who was having fun playing with strings with Amy. That could be considered as a gift too.

However, the time that Gina could stay out of the fish tank was still three hours. She had to go back to the fish tank to rest whenever time was up. But, as her power recovered, her rest period got shorter. Sometimes she only needed to go back for a quick soak.

After a day of operations, Mag was the only one left in the kitchen alone late at night.

“The results of the Delicious Cuisine Rankings will be announced tomorrow. I wonder if I will get number one for every category?” Mag mumbled to himself as he applied mud onto a lotus leaf.

The system’s mission of conquering the rankings was a little ridiculous. The return of the Delicious Cuisine Rankings was to reshape credibility.

If Mamy Restaurant conquered every category of the rankings, that would look… like a lack of credibility.

Even though Mag felt that President Robert was a nice person, as the top decision maker, he would have to interfere and balance the rules of the game if a restaurant ranked first for every category. Otherwise, this ranking would look very awkward.

Mag had no control over the results whatsoever, but tomorrow came another issue that Mag had to solve as well.

Dueling with the roast chicken orc brothers hadn’t been his intention, but since the system had already issued the mission, he had no other choice but to accept.

If it was just about defeating them, Mag felt that he could make a better roast chicken than the orc brothers by simply tossing the chicken into the microwave oven.

However, the system had requested a perfect beggar’s chicken, and that was more demanding. He had used all his free time in the past three days to figure out how to make a scrumptious beggar’s chicken. He had already utilized the recipe and experience to the extreme, yet he kept failing.

After putting Amy to bed, Mag went downstairs quietly to make beggar’s chicken again.

The ingredients were provided by the system. That Three Yellow Chicken was reared by the system in the forest trolls’ holy land, Angolo Canyon, and the yellow mud was even obtained from the depth of 1000 meters beneath the Tatari Desert.

Tatari Desert was the vastest desert on Norland Continent. Its annual precipitation was close to zero. It was extremely dry, and even magic beasts couldn’t survive there. It was known as the Land of Death.

But nobody would expect that the mud that was hidden underneath the desert was even smoother than the Yixing pottery clay.

And the system actually provided Mag this mud, which was highly sought after by famous potters, as the wrapping mud for his beggar’s chicken.

Mag only had one comment for this: perfect.

The yellow mud was wrapped evenly around the lotus leaf. Then, Mag placed it carefully in the preheated oven.

The oven, which was improvised by the system, had shortened the baking time from four hours to half an hour.

Mag washed his hands and set an alarm before he sat down and waited quietly.

This was his last chance. If he had failed again, the time for this mission would be up, and that meant the mission had ended.


The alarm rang. Mag turned it off and walked toward the oven. He used a spade to retrieve the beggar’s chicken, whose outer casing was already fiery red from the oven.

Right at this moment, Gina appeared at the kitchen entrance as she rubbed her eyes, and perplexedly asked Mag, “What are you doing, Mr Mag?”

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