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Chapter 1456 - Chapter 1456 the grand finale of the cruise ship wedding 22

Chapter 1456: Chapter 1456 the grand finale of the cruise ship wedding 22

Author: DawnMachine Translation

As a son, Lu Mobai had grown up with hatred for his mother.

If they had not experienced so much, perhaps they would never have had such a peaceful day together. ​​

When Lu Mobai was adopted by Lu Hui, Shao Ling had been placed in a mental hospital by Lu Mobai for many years.

Because of Lu Mobai’s actions, Shao Ling also felt resentful and unhappy. …

However, after she met Mo Chen, she started a new life and had a new goal and future.

When she thought of the past, she suddenly felt that everything was like water passing by. Some mistakes were actually caused by herself. She couldn’t blame anyone else.

“Son… it’s mom who has let you down. ”

Her parents had lived their entire lives. The older they were, the harder it was to say the word ‘sorry’ .

However, they had personally said the word today.

This also proved that they had truly realized their own mistakes from the bottom of their hearts.

Lu Mobai and Yang Lanmu were already in the boat. Although Jin Jingsheng and Jin Jingrong felt that such an abnormal relationship was somewhat inappropriate, they had no way to say anything to these children now.

However, they still felt stifled in their hearts.

When Jin Jingrong saw Shao Ling, she was no longer any different from her usual self. Back then, it was just a dream. The person he truly loved was still Feng Shuyuan.

He was already very clear about this.

However, he had always had doubts about Lu Mobai.

“Shao Ling… Lu Mobai, is she really my child? ”

Shao Ling’s body trembled when she heard this, but she did not say anything.

Lu Mobai was also stunned. She did not expect Jin Jingrong to ask this question. Her originally calm face suddenly became filled with anger!

“Jin Jingrong! ”

“MOBAI! ” Shao Ling suddenly shouted. After she finished speaking, she covered her face and tears fell like rain. “Mommy is too ashamed to see you… Mobai, it’s Mommy who has let you down. All of this has nothing to do with these people. It’s all mommy’s fault… ”

Lu Mobai’s face was pale and she could barely stand. Yang Lan, who was beside her, held his arm.

“Mobai… … He’s not Jin Jingrong’s son. Even I don’t know who his father is All of this was fabricated by me. The DNA identification certificate that I took out back then was fake. I asked my classmates in the United States to fabricate it. Later on, although I was mentally unstable, I still had some connections and friends. After I connected with Lu Hui, Lu Hui had always thought that Mo Bai was Jin Jingrong’s son .. I felt that such a misunderstanding could take revenge on you, so I never opened my mouth to clarify it… … ..

“I don’t know how much impact my actions have had on you guys, nor do I know how much psychological pressure it will bring to Mo Bai… I really… ”

Shao Ling could not help but cry as she spoke.

“I’m sorry, Mo Bai, I’m sorry… ”

Lu Mobai’s Pale face was devoid of any color.

He stared blankly at Shao Ling in front of him. All of his emotions eventually turned into ice-cold indifference in his eyes.

“Uncle and aunt, I’ll go back to my room with Lu Mobai first. It’s time for Mo Bai to take his medicine. ”

Shao Ling wanted to say something else, but when she saw Lu Mobai’s unusual expression, she did not say anything in the end and nodded.

Shao Ling was invited by Mo Chen and stayed at home for a period of time. Later on, Lu Mobai’s condition improved, but she never wanted to see Shao Ling.

Shao Ling had no choice but to leave in the end.

However, there was still a good thing.

Lu Mobai’s identity was not Jin Jingrong’s son. In order to ensure the authenticity of this news, Jin Jingrong did a DNA test with Lu Mobai.

The result of the DNA test was just as Shao Ling had said.

On the second day after the results came out, Jin Jingrong and Feng Shuyuan discussed holding a wedding for Yang Lan and Lu Mobai.

Jin Di and Zuo Aiai also agreed very much, and then set a date.

Although Jin Jingrong didn’t say it, in fact, he treated Lu Mobai like his own child. Feng Shuyuan also said that the reason why Lu mobai encountered so much was largely because of Feng Shuyuan and Jin Jingrong… …

They had responsibilities and obligations, and they were responsible for his future.

Jin Di and Zuo Aiai didn’t have any objections.

Lu Mobai and Yang Lan’s wedding was originally meant to be grand according to Jin di and Zuo Aiai.

But in the end, Yang Lan rejected it.

Yang Lan said that since they were getting married anyway, she preferred to go to places with Lu Mobai and see some beautiful scenery. This would also be very helpful to Lu mobai’s illness.

Everyone respected their opinions.

The day before Lu Mobai and Yang Lan left, everyone gathered for a meal. Zuo Aiai and Jin di were worried about Lu Mobai’s condition, afraid that something would happen to them while they were traveling.

But Yang Lan only smiled and said that it was okay, they could handle it themselves.

In the end, Jin Di and Zuo Aiai sent them on the plane.

Yang Lan and Lu Mobai had been gone for three years. During these three years, they had not received any news at all, which almost made Zuo Aiai and Mo Chen anxious. Fortunately, they sent them a postcard every month.

On it was a picture of where they were now.

They saw their footsteps based on the postcard and were gradually relieved.

Three years later, Zuo Aiai received a postcard. This time, it was no longer a picture of the scenery.

Instead, it was a picture of Lu Mobai and Yang Lan. There was also a small baby in the picture. The baby had black skin and looked like an abandoned baby from Africa. Yang Lan wrote a sentence on the back of the picture.

We are very happy now.

Zuo Aiai showed the picture to Jin Jingrong and Shao Ling. Shao Ling held the picture and cried non-stop. However, there was a gratified smile in her eyes.

This might be the best ending.

Happiness was like a fish drinking water, knowing its own warmth and coldness.

Perhaps this was the happiness of Lu Mobai and Yang Lan.

Zuo Aiai thought so as she looked at Duan Xiaoxiao and Jin Yuanbao, who were playing around the house, and could not help but smile blissfully.

If she did the math, Ming Yu and Xingchen were already in the fourth grade… …

Time really flew by… …

The story would never end.

Just like love… …

Just like a miracle… …

In this world, love itself was a miracle, so was a new life.

May Your Life be filled with miracles, they will be like lighthouses, lighting up the fog of your journey.

At this point, END.

—— —

Something written at the end.

I am an imperfect person, in many times, when writing, life, will be deeply aware of their own as a writer, as a child, as a woman’s shortcomings.

Everyone likes the perfect, I am no exception, I hope I can do better, but many times will be self-defeating, but fortunately, with you to accompany this immature imperfect I came to today, came to the end of the book.

This book is over, but my writing will never be over. I wish I could be better with all of you, and I am very grateful to all of you who have pointed out the mistakes and mistakes of the plot.

In 2016, I have experienced a lot of things, it’s a long story, but at least I made it through.

In the future, I will also have to work harder.

Tonight, I will start to update “marry my little sweetheart: My Wife, rob a treasure. ” I will work harder.

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